rawr a book of rhyms, absoulutly short stories,writing, and really fun quotes
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 25
love story


“Search the boat girls” dad called out. All the other enemy boats had been destroyed and had definitely sunk by now. The war had gone on for hours but we had won. My father has always been evil not to me or my evil sister who somehow got his genes and not me. I don’t like to brag on it but that was how life went.

                As I walked through the boat I held the tears in. there were puddles of blood and men who were still breathing but they clearly didn’t even have enough strength to pull a trigger on us. Then something slightly shocks the boat. I felt it under my feet. For one thing I knew it would not be my sister or my father. We all have a high metabolism.

                I went down to galley from we’re I was sure I felt the slight shock. As I reached the bottom there must have been twenty to thirty children. They all looked scared starved and terrified. I put one finger in front of my mouth gesturing for them to be silent. I was determined to free them because if the rest of my family got a hold of them they would be slaves and some of them looked younger than me.

                As I was making a plan I heard footsteps coming down the small case of stairs it were my older sister Brittney she had a moment of shock staring at the kids whose names would now either be slaves or orphans or both. As her moment of shock ended she yelled “jackpot”. Dad started running down the deck to the stairs. There goes my plan of getting them to safety.

                My dad stared in disbelief. “Way to go Ashley” my dad said. He stared some more. “Wow” he said not looking away from the other kids.finaly he started speaking again “since you found them you can choose two personal slaves the rest are everyone’s.”

I carefully studied each face as I moved my eyes down the row I locked eyes with one boy, who I’m guessing is my age or a year older, in his arms was a little baby girl. Without thinking I said “I will take those two” pointing to where they were sitting.

My dad looked at me with a strong stare. A negative look polluted threw out his face. He stuttered as he said “a baby”. I gave him the eyes that meant yes. Now with strength in his voice he said “dump the baby over board and choose someone else.” The boy looked absolutely in pain. It must be his sister.

As my response I said “no” in a strong very backtalk way.

                My dad looked away and then in his strong voice he said “everybody get up. My dad has always used his strong voice, showing everyone that he is in charge. Everyone got up and they started to make line to go to the deck. As dad went up the stairs the boy cocked his head towards me and lip mouthed thank you.                                                                                                                     

                We made our way through the water to shore, walked through the grassy fields, and entered a forest. There was a small path we had made. Our house was ways out in the forest were only coyotes and deer were diner and we would never be able to trade when the trade route came through. We survived on our limbs out here but with many enslaved people we were good and every few years we would send a slave up to trade but not very often did they come back because of wicked pirates.

                There it was as we arrived at the house dad told everyone to sit down I sat down only because I was tired not because my father said so. As soon as everyone sat down my dad began on his speech “listen up you are now our workers and girls will cook clean and anything along that line and they will also assist any child under the age seven to do laundry. The men however will hunt with me. Also let me just say that you will use manners and you do not ever question this family’s authority.” he said

                I then gestured for the young boy that I had chose earlier to come with me.  The boy and the young baby who looked like she was only a few months of age walked over to me. “Hello” I whispered as we walked away to my cabin. Our land was nice. We had a big house in the center that had dads room and a dining room and there were two small houses that were very much like cabins one was for me and one for my sister.

                “Your name is Ashley mine is Jeremy and she is Isabella” Jeremy said stuttering throughout the whole sentence.

 “this is mine” I said when I opened the door. He walked in. “you can sit on the bed I will be back in a couple of minutes”

 I walked to the main house, went down the stairs, and walked into the basement. On the side was a small white wooden crib that I had when I was little. I grabbed the crib and a couple of blankets so that Jeremy and Isabella would not be cold.

                I made my way back into my small cabin placing the crib down and a thin blanket inside it. A smile lit up Jeremy’s face as he put the baby in the crib. When she was out of his hands he shacked his arm. Now that the baby was out of his hands he hugged me. I knew he was thankful I helped save his sisters life. Then I said “I will be right back and I went to dad’s room getting a old but clean shirt and pants set. I went back to my room and I handed them to him so he could were them until his close were washed.

                He then sat down on the carpet I observed him. He had a beautiful tan. Dark brown hair that looked light and not heavy. He had big blue eyes that were sweet and could do the perfect puppy dog face. He had a slight smile that did not show his bright white teeth. He was tall and in shape.

                I had observed him but now it was time for the questions “what do you like to eat” I said.

 “I like fruit and vegetables and I’m afraid I might starve because I’m a vegetarian and I would probably faint if I killed a animal so once again thank you for your help now I won’t have to faint” we both laughed even though I knew it wasn’t very funny.

”I could never see an animal killed I can’t even skin them” I say

“I know what you mean” he said in a meaningful way.

“The first time I tried to skin one I threw up and that made the end to that career” this time the joke was funny and we both enjoyed laughing at my own self embarrassment.

                “How old are you” he asked quickly before I could ask him.

“I’m seventeen years old, and you are “I answered well I asked him.

“I’m eighteen years old”  well for now I was glad I chose him since he was close to my age and he was good looking and I got to look after a baby how cool is that.

                Ok so it turned out the part about raising a baby was not so cool I figured this out after a night of a baby crying and neither I nor Jeremy could sleep.   The baby went to sleep when the sun started to rise and there was no point of trying to sleep now.

                Later that evening I went to sleep early.  Jeremy insisted it was his fault the baby would not sleep. He convinced me to go to sleep while he had the baby, and would finish up the small amount of chores I had left. When I fell asleep I drifted away not caring about my tumble growling or anything else in the world.

                Something shoved me and reluctantly my eyes quickly figured open with my glance I knew it was dark and way too early to be woken up. I decided to wake up when I heard a slight giggle. Jeremy was sitting at the end of the bed, with the sleeping baby in his hands, letting small giggles slip out of his mouth.

“What” I asked hoping I didn’t say his name when I was sleeping.

 Jeremy giggled again and said “you snore” I give him a look.

I then say “how immature”. I then put my head underneath the pillow, even though I knew I could not sleep knowing that he was watching.

                In a couple of long minutes I gave up pretending I was asleep. When I moved the pillow off my head I could see Isabella still sleeping “can I hold her” I gently whisper.  He nods and carefully hands her to me. This was how I spent my morning. I would have loved to hold her longer but I needed to eat or my growling stomach would wake her.

                Jeremy and I went out on a walk to gather fruit. Isabella was still asleep so we left her to rest. We found blueberries first and they were beautiful and would be wonderful to eat. Then we found raspberries but neither of us liked them they were to bitter so we did not waste are time to pick them. Along the trail we found a magical sparkling dangling necklace that had the letter A on it. Jeremy picked it up observed it and then told me to turn around so he could put it on me. I turned around lifted my hair and waited for him to put it on. The necklace was cold to my skin at first but then after I got use to the necklace it felt relaxing and special and somehow for some reason or another  I remembered it from somewhere.

                After we got back I asked Jeremy if he had ever seen the necklace before and he suddenly yelled no and stormed out the door following the same trail that they had used earlier. At first I started running but then he ran. I soon gave up. I knew that Jeremy could definitely outrun me.

                Jeremy didn’t come back and I sent two of the kids to look for him they came back a hour or two later with no news. They asked me why he ran off and I explained the situation. They thought about it and then asked to see the necklace. They said that they had seen it before but did not know were from. I then sent three other kids off they also came back with no news.

                There I was sitting in my room sulking wondering what I had said or what offended him. Isabella was still here and you could see it in her eyes she wanted Jeremy to be holding her not me. I fell asleep sulking with still no news of where he was.

The next morning I woke up early and went out to search for him. I had walked miles before I heard him say “you shot her”.

 I did not know what was going on. Was he delusional?

“What” I asked very curious about what this was about.

“Your dad and sister were shooting guns but not you, you were crying but then your dads made you shoot one and in that shoot you killed both my mom and dad. That is the necklace my dad gave my mom as a wedding proposal because he was to pore to pay for a nice looking ring.”

 I was shocked had I killed someone well two people and were my scared tears that visible. Jeremy stuttered and cried well mumbling there gone. I sat on the ground where he was sitting and leaned over and hugged him well over and over again I said “I’m truly sorry”

                The thing I kept pondering was why I saw that necklace before did I see it on him or…I don’t know. I also kept pondering why he gave the necklace to me I mean it was what represented love between his parents I mean his father gave it to his mother and he gave it to me…I was lost in my own confusion.

                That night when I fell asleep I didn’t have dreams I had nightmares of him seeing his parents die because of me. It was my entire fault that he only has a necklace left. I saw blood filing the boat and it sinking and everyone dying because of me and he should be scared but I’m terrified that I’m going down with that ship.

                I woke up screaming his name saying help me I didn’t mean it no don’t hurt me. Jeremy was laying beside me saying I won’t hurt you I promise and I know you didn’t mean to I won’t hurt you. he comforted me in his words and the way he said them I knew that they were true. it was very dark and I was tired and sleepy. I fell back asleep as he told me relax and clear your mind of faults. This advice worked slept good the rest of the time.

                When I woke up he had a picnic basket in his hands. He was dressed and he told me to hurry.  I got dressed as fast as I could. We were on the beach soon.

“What’s this about” I asked curiously.

 ”I’m going to tell you one thing about me and then you have to tell me everything about you, ok.” He explained

“Ok “I said.

“It’s my birthday today” at these words I mumble

“You beat me by two days” but I wasn’t quite enough because he said “well then I’m wishing you a delighted early birthday”

                For the rest of the time he asked me everything from do you like your hair color to have you ever met your mom. I was embarrassed to say it but my father killed my mom several years ago because she tried to take us away from him. I try to remember everything I can about her. “Well I guess I’m lucky my parents loved each other” Jeremy said with gratitude

                That night I stayed up late think of and about my life. In the middle of the night I heard Jeremy start to snore and I thought it would be fun to wake him up giggling and saying you snore but he was sleeping so peacefully it convinced me not to wake him. When morning finally came and he woke up I told him “you’re lucky you sleep so peacefully or I would have had to wake you up giggling and say you snore” he laughed at the thought and after a moment he said how immature in a girl voice trying to mimic me from earlier experiences.

                The day was cold and wet and not a good time to go outside. Today I reminded him tomorrow is my birthday and don’t forget.

                He said “what” and I reminded him that it was my birthday, again. He then said “what’s a birthday” trying to be funny and partway succeeding.

                I woke up alarmed by him singing happy birthday with a pancake in his hand that was decorated like a cake and had a single lit candle. He told me to make a wish and I wished for one thing only and I just wanted to try it. Later we went to the beach again. He asked me what I wished for which isn’t strange .I would not tell him.

When we were watching the sunset together he looked at me turning his head and are lips met and had a small kiss which wasn’t weird at all. After a moment he pulled his head back studying my face making sure it was ok. With relief the silence was broke and he said “was that what you wished for?”

 it was what I wished for but I wouldn’t totally admit it so I just said “maybe” and letting my bright teeth shine and smiled letting him know that yes he had fulfilled my wish.

When I got back I did a rare visit in my sister’s cabin which was normally and is now a dump. When I walked in she said “happy birthday”

 I say “thank you” and I start to walk out of the cabin but she says

“How was the hot date on the beach” I turn around and give her a look

how did you know “I ask low but stern.

“well…he said he would try it and I can’t miss my little sisters first kiss “she said loudly

“keep your voice low nobody needs to know he’s the first boy I’ve kissed true or not.”

When I got in the cabin I look at him and say you told her and he lets out a small smile, hoping for my approval.” it’s okay, I’m not mad I promise” I say. “I’m tired I’m going to sleep “I say jumping on to my bed then he leans in and kisses me on the cheek

“goodnight” he lays down on his bed and he to quickly closes his eyes, waiting for a nice break called sleeping dreams.

The next day I decided to take a walk to look for some good wood that Jeremy could use to create a small diaper table. I found lots of wood and gave it to Jeremy when I got back. He took the pile of wood and went off handing it to another boy who probably could make the small table.

Then later I went to dinner there was a lot of meat. Dad had a good hunting season. Jeremy looked disgusted at the meal. After we said our blessings Jeremy grabbed two rolls and walked away from the small table. Dad looked at me and said “why did he not eat the meat” I said “he’s a vegetarian” dad looked at me with a shocked face and mumbled “what a waist” just loud enough so everyone could hear him.

When I was in the room he said “those were awesome rolls. Who made them?” I blushed at his comment

“I get my cooking skills from my mom “I said

“you remember how to make food like your mom?”He asked.

“My sister loves hunting and I didn’t so mom filled my head with recipe knowing that my sister would never care.”I say with a joyful spark in my voice.

 “I’m glad we know each other, and can talk about are dead mothers.” He says.

I then nod my head as a agreement that I’m thankful for each other.

The next day a boy came to our cabin and said “here you go”. In his arms was a diaper table for Isabella. I thanked him. The table was nice and had real craftsmanship. When I put it down I discovered that it was nice and sturdy. Jeremy came in a couple minutes later and observed it.”I love it” was his exact words.”I do to. It blends well.”I commented.

For the rest of the day we moved the furniture around in my cabin till it was perfect. On one corner was Isabella’s private space. On another corner was my bed. a couple feet away from my bed was Jeremy’s bed. The room looked nice and sophisticated.

During dinner we had no meat so Jeremy sat with us the whole time. Jeremy sat by me. Across the table was dad. Dad kept giving Jeremy looks, and no nice ones. They were coldhearted looks that mad shivers run down your body making your mind spin in till you felt dizzy.

That night when we were in my room Jeremy said “your dad does not like me”

 I said”nonsense” even though I knew Jeremy’s statement was true.

“Don’t pretend! Did you see the eyes he was giving me at diner?”He said.

I sighed, and said “yes, I did” we both stopped speaking. The conversation was uncomfortable. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night the baby was screaming, and so was Jeremy. What was going on? I ran outside in a hurry. Dad was outside trying to take Isabella and throw her in the water. Dad was screaming your both just a waste. He knocked Jeremy down to his feet as he yelped I screamed stop it. At my voice the commotion all the sudden stopped. They both looked over to me. Even though it was dark I could see all the blood coming from both of them. I ran over taking Isabella and dropping to my feet hanging on to Jeremy hoping that he was okay. “Don’t hurt him daddy please don’t” I begged and pleaded well still holding on to Jeremy.

Dad looked at me. As I turned my head he smacked me across my face and said go inside.

I screamed “no” in his face even though he could easily take me out.dad knocked me to the ground twisting my ankle and I let out a scream. Jeremy dove he scooped me and the baby up in his arms running away to the cabin.

Dad screamed at me “you’ll be sorry young lady “

Without thinking I said “what are you going to kill us like you killed mom, because I love him and I will leave eventually.”

Dad started crying at the thought of him killing mom he had a guilty conscience.               

We were inside the cabin and we were both on the bed. He sat up and you could see the pain in his eyes but all he said was “you said you loved me” and a huge smile toke over his face and he reveled his shiny white teeth.

 I smiled back and said”it’s true”. As I observed around I saw blood was all over the sheets as on his face from a bloody nose. The sheets would need washing.

Then he asked “may I take a look at your foot. As he touched it I screamed. At my reaction he knew that I had a broken ankle.

I fell asleep. My foot hearted badly and sleeping helped ease the pain a little. When I woke up in the morning Jeremy was clean and he had bandaged his few soars. “I went to the ocean” he said. “It was probably the best thing I could do because the water cleaned off the blood and the salt cleaned out the germs your soars have.” He said.

“How do you know this,” I asked interested?

”I want to be a doctor when I grow up “he said as he watched my ankle. He was very concerned that it might get swollen.

When we walked out for breakfast I had my arm around him and he was supporting most of my weight. At the sight of us a young girl pulled out my chair to help. Once I had sat down I said”thank you honey “to the girl. My sister came out and looked at us. I was about to explain what happened but she said “I heard it all “and that shut me up. We waited for a long time to eat because dad had not come out yet. Finally we started to eat but dad never showed up.

I went in dad’s room with Jeremy still helping me stand.dad was sitting up crying on the bed. I sat down beside him.

”I didn’t mean to kill your mom and I’m sorry I hurt you but I love you. I’m sorry but I know that no one is good enough for you you’re a good girl and I love you. it was just me and dad now because Jeremy had left the room and promised to return later. “I don’t think that boy is good enough for you especially him. I don’t like him sweetie. Please understand and listen to me. He is your slave. He’s not suitable for a husband.

Without thinking I started hoping away saying nonsense daddy nonsense. As I opened the door I saw Jeremy who had been eavesdropping. Tears filled his eyes and he ran out the door and to the forest. I cried and kept hopping. Brittney came to my rescue and helped me to the cabin. She promised she would send the three oldest and fastest boys after him.

Soon afterwards two boys had each one of Jeremy’s arms. Jeremy pulled and struggled trying to escape from the two boys strong grasp. I told the boys to let him go and Jeremy was let go. Then he sat down on my bed beside me saying sorry he ran off and I had forgiven him. After that he asked if he could see my necklace. I gave it to him. He then said you’ll get it back.

I fell asleep easily. I had a very bad head ack. When I woke up everyone was around me my sister, Jeremy, dad, Isabella, and the slaves.

”what’s wrong” I asked.

”you’ve been sleeping for three whole days and nobody could wake you up.”Jeremy said. I wonder what was wrong. My head felt way better, my ankle felt better, and I was very hungry. When everyone knew that I was okay they all cleared out of the room except for Jeremy and Isabella.

In Jeremy’s hands was a hot cup of tea. I tasted it and it tasted delicious so I slurped the whole thing down in two gulps my all time best record.

“Who made it” I asked hopping that there was more left.

”I did, it’s my mom’s secret recipe” Jeremy said while blushing.

”More please” I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

”ok” he said”I’ll be right back”. He came back with two glasses this time. I assumed one for him and one for me, I was right. I drank this glass slowly letting the warmth sink in, letting me enjoy the flavor more.

I stayed in bed the whole day lying awake letting my ankle heel. I did this everyday for a month or so. Finally I was able to walk again. it was beginning to get cold outside. I knew winter was coming. I decided I would take a walk and store up as many berries as I could. As a safety precaution Jeremy came just in case my ankle got tired. The raspberries that neither of us liked were still there we picked them all just in case we would need them. Besides the raspberry bush anything that we got were small and not many. On the way home from the walk my foot was not tired but Jeremy insisted on carrying me. By the time we got home dinner was ready and everyone was waiting on us

When I sat down I asked them” why did you wait it could have been hours.”

 Brittney responded by saying “we heard you two laughing so we knew you were on your way home.”

Jeremy then said” that joke, that was like a hour ago. You could hear us?”

 I then had to admit ”I’ve always laughed kind of loud”

Dinner was good and even though there was meat Jeremy decided he would stay. Jeremy and I promised we would make dinner tomorrow me with my special rolls and his secret recipe of tea. Between me and him tomorrow’s meal would be just right for any vegetarian. We also decided we would make a small dissert cake with all the berries that we had and that would sum up the meal.

Tonight was one of those nights that the baby wouldn’t go to sleep. On this rare occasion we stayed up till sunrise. Had to feed the baby twice and change the diaper three times. Luckily Jeremy was enough of a man to change the stink baby foul odor spreading diapers.

In the morning it was windy and cold. It was not a day to go outside. The only time we went out was to fix a meal which luckily we finished before it started raining. Everyone gathered in the main house and ate. Everyone complemented us on our spectacular meal that was environment friendly.

That evening everyone played a game in which somebody provides a visual or acted clue for a word or phrase, for others to guess called charades. Then we all read books and made jokes. Everybody enjoyed each other company.

The baby was tired from getting no rest last night so Jeremy and I slept in peace. We woke up late and to our surprise the baby was still enjoying its long hours of sleep. We decided that we would go for a walk on the beach because the sun was shining brightly. When we were on the beach we found a nice tall tree that had coconuts. We grabbed as many as we could and then headed for home because we both had some chores to be done.

At home we cleaned my room and fed our cat, which we had got many years ago, named Beaver because its two front teeth were huge. After we finished we ate dinner once again without meat. The reason the whole family had not been eating meat is because we had to store food for winter which was already well on its way. By the wind we knew that a cold front was coming threw

After a week had passed it was Christmas. i made everyone a pillow with their name on it. Once everybody opened all their gifts I opened mine. My dad gave me a book. My sister gave me a homemade bookmark. Jeremy insisted on giving me my present during dinner. Dinner was a feast we had everything to eat. I enjoyed myself on the sweet strawberries that we had saved from all the walks we took. The strawberries were good but the coconut milk was the best.

Jeremy was sitting beside me when he suddenly kneeled on the ground. Then he pulled a necklace out of his pocket. The same necklace I had before. It was the same necklace that was used as a proposal gift between his parents.

“Will you” he stuttered and then stopped for a breath

“marry me, because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and you’re the greatest girl I’ve ever met” sweat was pouring down his face now, as he waited for an answer.

“Yes “I screamed with joy. Everyone clapped their hands and we kissed.

“You’re my fiancé” he whispered into my ear and he pulled his head back letting his white teeth show threw his smile.

“Your hair looks beautiful” Brittney said. I was now in my white wedding dress that Britney had made for me. I was happy in a hour I would no longer be Miss. Ashley I would be Mrs. smith, wife of Jeremy smith, sister in law of Isabella smith. I felt great. As I walked out with flowers in my hand everyone was singing the classical tune here comes the bride. Jeremy’s wearing a suit that once was dads. Brittney’s already standing up there with Isabella in her hands.

When I reach the front me and Jeremy join hands as dad reads off something from a book and finally the time comes when we both say I do then we kiss and I’m so excited I scream out my name is Ashley smith. Jeremy and I walk down the aisle together this time. Then we go into the cabin. We kiss one more time. Then we take some time to breathe.

We come out once more as they finish the dinner table. The feast was marvelous and do Jeremy’s request we have no meat. Then we have coconut cake and coconut milk. Later we give all the baby stuff to Brittney. Since there was nowhere to go for a honeymoon Brittney suggested that she would take the baby and we would have a week off from babysitting Isabella.

Before it was dark we went to the beach, watching the sunrise.

“This was where we had our first kiss” I remind him

“like I would forget” he says we kiss again and exchange I love you back and forth, falling asleep as the sun slowly went down and darkness filled the sky.



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