Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 27
Chapter 27

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A high pitched scream woke me up that morning. Knowing it was Lucy, I threw my pillow at her, across the room. I was glad we were friends again. She would have never let me sung the song I was going to sing today if we were still enemies.

I moaned, rolling to the other side of my bed, closing my eyes once again as I felt my pillow thrown back at me.

"Get up Anna! It may be Saturday, but the showcase is today,"

My eyes shot open, "The showcase! I totally forgot!"

I ran to the bathroom in complete humiliation. How could I forget that the showcase was today? It was our last weekend here before Winter Break. This showcase could set my future. It had to be perfect.

"I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!" I hollered, as I ran to the auditorium doors.

The same lady who enrolled me after Adam's anger nodded at my prescence, opening the door. "Glad you could make it," She smiled. She probably never meant it, and was just being nice, but it still meant alot to me.

"Thanks," I said, pushing past her apologetically.

I rushed to the back of the stage. Like any backstage, there were mirrors everywhere with a place to sit down and do your hair, and stage make-up. Most girls were doing that right now. I didn't like bringing my things for that though. For all I knew, what if someone stole my stuff?

A few girls lingered near the curtains, right next to stage. I gave a quick peek. I could clearly see Candice sitting down with Lucy in the front row. They were friends officially too. I smiled at the sight. My two besties. Then Adam blocked the view. He sat right across from where I stood. I was pretty much standing right in front of him.

What was he doing here? Wasn't he part of the show too?

He smiled at my face. "Hi," He flirts.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be over there with the boys?" I asked, pointing to the other side of the stage. It was the backstage area just for the boys. No boys on our side, no girls on theirs. Even.

He shook his head, "The lady wanted me to be comfortable because I'm famous," He grinned.

Why was this kid so abnoxious? Could he even remember her name? Of course she'd gve him good treatment! This kid was so full of himself!

"You!" I heard a voice behind me. I turned to look at them.

"Get off stage," They hissed.

I quickly ran off, trying to hide my blushing. I heard Adam snicker behind.

Rolling my eyes, I sat down in front of a mirror, fixing my curls.

"Hello everybody!" I heard a voice boom through the speakers. I looked up startled. Someone was already on stage... The show was starting! This was it.

The crowd cheered. It sounded far away, and really faded-out. Everything in me was beating hard. What was I supposed to do? If me and Adam were still dating, I knew that this would've been the perfect time to ask him for advice. My first time performing... in an actual crowd.

I could barely hear my own breathing...

I was already nervous enough.


"Please welcome on stage-"

It was a random person. But it still made me nervous. As time went on, the more people went on stage and sang. My anxiety was growing bigger, and I couldn't swallow it anymore. Most of the performers were boring. It made me wonder if I was going to be boring. I wanted to be spectacular. I had to be amazing if I wanted this to be my career.

And finally, they were getting near my turn. But before they did...

"Please welcome on stage, John Schultz!"

The crowd cheered echoey for what-seemed the millionth time again. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. How- What- This didn't make any sense! How could John get an enrollment in the showcase? He doesn't even go here!

"Thank you," John said, entering the stage, as he took away the microphone from the host.

He gave one glance at the side, staring straight at me. It had to be me. If I didn't think it was for me, I think there would be something mentally wrong. That's how sure I was.

"I'll be singing 'She Will Be Loved.'" John said, giving one more last look at me. Obviously this song was for me. He kept staring at me for positive evidence. At least make it look like it's for someone else. I could already imagine Adam's smooth smile. Showing off all confidence, and no worries. He had no competition.

And that's when the music started, clearing off a few thoughts of mine. But it brought new ones in.

"Beauty queen of only eighteen

She had some trouble with herself." He sang strongly.

I furrowed my eyebrows at that. He must've choosed this song for a reason. I had some trouble with myself? The only trouble I had was you! You're the one who told me we had nothing in this relationship, and you try running back! I could imagine Adam smiling even brighter at this. His song... Bad message... This song is not the best for trying to get me back...

"He was always there to help her

She always belonged to someone else." He continued.

Now he's done it! You? As in the one always helping? You have got to be kidding! You have never helped! And Adam? We fell for eachother! It wasn't like I took him to make you jealous and rub it in his face!

"I drove for miles and miles

And wound up at your door

I've had you so many times but somehow

I want more."

My face and heart softened at those lyrics. That was sweet.

"I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain,"

I smiled at the thought of him waiting for me in the pouring rain. He would really do that?

"Look for the girl with the broken smile,"

Broken? I wasn't broken anymore... I was officially healed!

That bastard...

"Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved

She will be loved."

I felt anger tense up in me. Yah, I will be loved.

Just not by you...

"Tap on my window knock on my door

I want to make you feel beautiful."

Yeah right.

"I know I tend to get so insecure

It doesn't matter anymore."

He blinked a quick look over at me. He looked out of breath. I rolled my eyes. Why did John have to act like such a kid sometimes?

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies

It's compromise that moves us along, yeah

My heart is full and my door's always open

You can come anytime you want."

If that was true, we wouldn't be here...

"I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

And she will be loved."

I felt a little bit bad. I should give him a chance. Why was I being so negative?

I couldn't stop though. I still felt that my face was solid rock, like I had no mercy.

"I know where you hide

Alone in your car

Know all of the things that make you who you are,"He looked at me singing this, making quick chills run up my spine.

I look down, trying to get rid of my heated cheeks.

"I know that goodbye means nothing at all

Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls."

I solemnly smiled at that. He still had the heart of my best friend.

"Tap on my window knock on my door

I want to make you feel beautiful!"

We both locked eyes at that moment and smiled. I haven't felt this connected with him in a long time.

He then looked back at the crowd and continued. He still turned to stare at me a few times.

"I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain

Look for the girl with the broken smile

Ask her if she wants to stay awhile

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

And she will be loved

And she will be loved."

I jumped startled as I heard women in the back sing along. Back-up?

"Please don't try so hard to say goodbye

Please don't try so hard to say goodbye"


I don't mind spending everyday

Out on your corner in the pouring rain."

"Try so hard to say goodbye." He looked up at the ceiling at the powering lights above him. He looked up in regret, like he was apologizing to something... someone...

He finally turned to look at me, my insides feeling warm.

The crowd roared immediately, standing up to applaud. I walked closer to the entrance of the stage, watching from behind the curtains. I could see John clearly on stage, begging the man for one more song. He probably knew I wasn't convinced yet. He was determined. I liked that.

"Let me sing one more song please!" He begged. I rolled my eyes. He looked like a child right now. I was not interested in children. Adam could tell as well. I was watching him right now. His face is priceless!

"Come on Mr.," Adam began, trying to help John sarcastically.

Knowing Adam was up to something, John turned. "What do you want?" He says harshly.

"I was just thinking you should do one more song. You deserve an extra chance to get back at Anna. Especially since I get to sing 3 or more songs," He grins in victory.

He was right. Because Adam was famous, he was able to sing alot more songs than any of us.

"Alright," The host began, "Enough out of you two," John glares at Adam as the host continues, "I'll let the kid sing. What do you want to sing next boy?" He asks putting emphasis on boy which makes me laugh.

"Payphone," John says, whispering something in the host's ear. The host stands still, listening to John. Finally John takes a step back, and the host is still, but nods.

"Yeah," Was all I could hear.

"Alright everyone," The host says again, "Here's John Schultz, with Payphone,"

I sighed, crossing my arms. This song better not be for me. I was just glad I wasn't singing with him.

"I'm at a pay phone tryin' to call home, all of my change I spent on you." He looked at me, looking already tired and out of breath. He looked at me knowing me, like I would want to go up on stage.

"Where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two," He paused, making out one last look at me.

"Yeah, I," He smirked, "I know it's hard to remember," He sang again, a confident smile streaming down his face, "the people we used to be. It's even harder to picture that you're not here next to me," He sang, holding out his hand for me to take.

What, was all I could think. What was he doing? I was not going on stage to sing! It wasn't even my turn! This is not even the song I picked out! Was this legal? That's when I realized that was what John whispered to the host for.

That little...

"You say it's too late to make it but is it too late to try," He sang again, pulling me into the stage light. It burned against my face as I tried to blink. It was making me blind but I tried to look special. How could I enjoy this when I felt so angry in the inside?

He looked at me genuinely, breaking off our glued hands and continued singing, "And in that time that you wasted, all of our bridges burned down," He paused again taking another deep breath. But when he looked back at me again, this time he looked determined.

"I've wasted my nights, you turned out the lights," His face softened a bit as he sang, "now I'm paralyzed, still stuck in that time," Nevermind, I thought, he's still being harsh. "when we called it love, but even the sun sets in paradise!" He grinned.

I didn't know exactly what to think now. What was I supposed to do? Sing along?

That's when he closed up in on me. "I'm at a pay phone tryin' to call home, all of my change I spent on you," He stopped singing happily, his face now focused on worrying.

"Where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two," His eyebrows ceased perfectly over his blue eyes that I once loved.

"If happy ever afters did exist," He sang, grabbing my wrists and holding them under his chin, "I would still be holding you like this! All those fairy tales are full of it," He sang sorrowfully shaking his head, letting my hands drop.

I shook my head too. This was not right. He couldn't be blaming himself like this, thinking our relationship would be perfect. I had no idea I'd meet Adam, and neither did he.

"One more f*ing love song I'll be sick," He clenched his stomach for an crowd effect. It really did make him look sick.

"Oh," He sang once more like he was moaning in pain.

I shook my head again. I couldn't take this anymore. He missed me so bad to moan in fake pain...? It made me angry. Real couples moped in real pain. Real couples moped in cancer pain! This wasn't nice! If he wanted me to sing, I'll sing! It's not hard to convince someone.

I grabbed the microphone from him, and turned to face the crowd. I didn't want to look at John and his gaping expression.

"You turned your back on tomorrow 'cause you forgot yesterday," I sang, turning back to look at John. The lyrics Adam wrote here reminded me of how John broke up with me, but threw our relationship away by saying 'all we had were a fling.'

"I gave you my love to borrow, but you just gave it away!" My anger took over by then, "You can't expect me to be fine, I don't expect you to care!"

John's face softened from there and he interrupted me, singing again, "I know I said it before, but all of our bridges burned down! I've wasted my nights," He started again.

I decided to join him, "you turned out the lights, now I'm paralyzed," I rolled my tongue on this, remembering our good times together. His kisses... I missed.

But I continued, hearing him join too, "still stuck in that time, when we called it love, but even the sun sets in paradise!" My smile disappeared when I realized nothing can be perfect.

I started but stopped when he got close to me again."I'm at a pay phone tryin' to call home, all of my change I spent on you,"

"Where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two," I sang, trying to get away from him, facing the crowd. I could see Adam smiling in the front row. I looked away from him, nervous to be in such clear sight.

"If happy ever afters did exist, I would still be holding you like this," My eyes trailed off to Adam.

And I couldn't help but be so-out-of-breath by the way he staring at me as well. Was that the flirty eye? I blushed, remembering the times we were together. Why was everyone making this decision so much harder? I thought I already picked who I wanted!

"And all those fairy tales are full of it!" I sang as strongly as I could, remembering when Lucy told me Adam cheated on me. "One more f*ing love song I'll be sick!" I felt sick all the sudden. Why was I singing a love song? "Now I'm at a pay phone..." I finished hoarsely.

"Man f*k that shit!" John spat from behind me. I turned abruptly, shocked to even hear him say that! Where happened to my John? He was always so happy?

Is he... rapping?

Adam wouldn't stop laughing himself in the crowd. He loved our performance so much, he thought it was amusing! That was bursting my steam too...

"I'll be out spending all this money while you're sittin' round wondering why it wasn't you who came up from nothin'! Made it from the bottom now when you see me I'm stuntin', and all of my cars start with a push of a button. Telling me I changed since I blew up or whatever you call it. Switch the number to my phone so you never could call it. Don't need my name on my shirt, you can tell that I'm ballin. Swish, what a shame could of got picked! Had a really good game but you missed your last shot, so you talk about who you see at the top or what you could of saw but sad to say it's over for! Phantom pulled up valet open doors. Wished I'd go away got what you was lookin for. Now it's me who they want so you can go and take that little piece of shit with you," He rapped. He was good, but knowing these words actually meant something to him hurt me. Then he gave a slight nod, and I turned. He was talking about Adam.

He knew I choosed him for now.

I could still change my mind though, I thought. I mean, yeah, I choosed Adam for now on that walk. But it wasn't final. He still had a chance to change it. And I could tell he wasn't giving that a chance. And if I were him, I wouldn't either. Adam is a much better singer. ...No offense John.

"Yeah," He mouthed breathlessly, so I decided to help him finish.

"I'm at a pay phone tryin' to call home, all of my change I spent on you! Where have the times gone, baby it's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two! If happy ever afters did exist, I would still be holding you like this! And all these fairy tales are full of shit. Yeah, one more fucking love song we'll be sick. Now I'm at a pay phone..." I sang looking solemnly at John.

There was nothing else to say. ...Or sing in this case.

"Nice job kids!" The host came on stage to applaud us live. The crowd applauded more by then as well.

The host kindedly shooed us away from the stage on opposite directions. We had to because girls and boys were supposed to be seperated backstage. But I knew afterwards that we needed to talk. ...Big time!

I continued to stare at John from the curtains still wordless. I couldn't say anything. The stage was seperating us, and I knew I had to wait. I may not even be able to talk to him at all. It scares me to be honest.

"Next is Adam Levine, from our very own Maroon 5, singing Tickets!"

Of course Adam would sing that. ...At a show... where tickets are.

"Thank you sir," Adam says in gratitude, hopping on stage from the front row. I rolled my eyes. Why were guys like him so immature? He used to be so caring when we were dating... Now he's just some abnoxious jerk.

"Tickets..." He grinned in joy. He looked at me, giving an on-casting wink.

I rolled my eyes in reply, trying to keep my smile away as the music starts playing. I couldn't help but smile when he sang. It made the room feel alive.

At least it did. ...Before I knew why he choosed this song.

"She's got tickets to her own show but nobody who wants to go-oh-oh-oh."

I gasped. Was he talking about the performance me and John just had?

"And I'm stuck sitting in the front row,

I'm singing along like there's no tomorrow."

I was completely disgusted and mortified. Not only because he was singing about me, but because he was pretty much saying I was a bad singer. I think. I am still not exactly clear on what his songs are about... I hope I have the right message in my song.

"It's funny how you say that you made it on your own,

When you haven't worked for anyone your daddy didn't know,"

Look who's talking...

You're the boy who works under the same roof as his uncle.

"You say you got a job, but I don't know what you do,"

Because I don't have a job, I thought.

"Such a fu-fu-fu*king snob that you'll never know the truth"

Excuse me?

"Perfect on the outside, but nothing at the core,"

I have alot in my core, I thought, almost making myself laugh from how wrong it sounded.

"It's easy to forget when you show up at my door," That's when I watch him turn to look at me.

Oh gosh... He is singing to me.

"Stop messing with my mind, cause you'll never have my heart,

But your perfect little body makes me fall apart,"

I laughed watching him do a little dance, shaking his hips for an crowd effect. Good, then my hips are doing their job!

"your perfect little body makes me fall apart!"

That was like the one line I have to admit, I probably enjoyed.

"She's got tickets to her own show but nobody who wants go"

I shook my head disapprovingly at that line.

"And I'm stuck sitting in the front row,

I'm singing along like there's no tomorrow"

I shook my head again. My stomach ached at that one line.

"La la la la la la la laaaaaa" He imitated. I rolled my eyes.

"I know you wanna stay,"

No I don't.

"but I think that you should go,"

I should.

"Cause you got nothing to say, you just sit there on your phone"

I barely use my phone...

Why are guys so bad at expressing their feelings in song? John was terrible with his picks, and now Adam is too. And these are his own songs!

If Adam was trying to sing a song that represented our relationship, this was not it. This was more of a fling. This would go better with me and John. What if I never listened to Adam closely? What if all he wanted was a fling too?

Then I should really get out of here.

"I try not to give in, but temptation has me lost,

So I will do my best to get you all." He shook his head at me in an odd way that made me want to laugh. It was not attractive.

"Perfect on the outside, but nothing at the core,

It's easy to forget when you show up at my door."

Did he mean that in a good way? I smiled in a goofy way. Really alike to his smirk I imagined.

"Stop messing with my mind, cause you'll never have my heart,"

I frowned.

"But your perfect little body makes me fall apart, your perfect little body makes me fall apart,"

I smiled at my favorite part.

"She's got tickets to her own show but nobody who wants to go

And I'm stuck sitting in the front row

I'm singing along like there's no tomorrow,"

Ok, you sung that enough now...

"La la la la la la la laaaaaa" He imitated again, making my anger grow stronger.

Then an annoying background to make my anger come out more...

Just great, I thought.

"La la la la la la la laaaaaa

La la la la la la la laaaaaa"

With a long pause, I sighed. It was finally over.


I frowned. I was so sick of this song!!! If there was a store full of Adam Levine, I'd trash it! I'd trash his house right now if I wanted to! Ugh! He made me so... ticked! Anger cannot describe me! What I am feeling is much worst.

"She's got tickets to her own show but nobody who wants to go..."

That was it...

"And I'm stuck sitting in the front row,

I'm singing along like there's no tomorrow!

She's got tickets to her own show but nobody who wants to go,"

And there was the crowd. ...Overloaded with weird gestures, and creepy smiles.

"And I'm stuck sitting in the front row

I'm singing along like there's no tomorrow,

La la la la la la la laaaaaa"

I frowned at the crowd. Even they were singing along!

"La la la la la la la laaaaaa"

Finally the song was over! Adam was already turned at me, a great smirk on his face. I felt my shoulders slump, knowing it was his victory. He sure got lucky. But I knew I still had my chance. I shook my head undefeatedly. Adam should've known this was coming. When I got mad or jealous, I really got mad. I couldn't help but be so angry watching Adam win. Not only that, but I was letting him!

I closed my lips tightly, as if holding my anger inside. I probably was hiding it all in, but like I would care.

I stormed on stage, grabbing the microphone from him, facing the audience. I ignored his face which I knew held a confused look. I wasn't going to explain. I wanted him to be confused. I was bewildered at him for what he just did. He was going to pay!

I turned to look for the host. He was probably on the boy's side, watching me get my anger on. This must've been like a show for everyone to watch. My anger... Adam's smirk... I actually grinned at that thought. I didn't mind giving these people a show. In fact, it was better than revenge.

The host was standing right where I thought he'd be. He gave me a confused look, probably the same as Adam's. The host was not even on stage. He was standing off to the side, and I could barely see him because of the shining purple lights that reflected off his glasses. The host didn't even say a 'nice job' to Adam yet. Not like I would let the host, Adam didn't even deserve to perform.

"Can I change my song?" I asked, loud enough for the host to hear.

He nodded soundlessly, giving me a thumbs up. He even ran to me on stage, letting me whisper the song name I would sing.

"What are you going to sing?" Adam asked, sounding beg-like, as if now he would want to know because he would be worried of what I would want to do for revenge.

I smiled, ignoring his question as I watched the host walk away, putting in my song.

"You'll see," I whispered, gently shooing Adam off the stage as well.

Because the host wasn't there to push Adam off, Adam went to the girl's side of the backstage. But he didn't go too far. He stood right next to the stage in sight. If he went any further, there would've been girls screaming. Not because there was a boy in their dressing room, but because it was Adam.

I felt the lights blind my eyes for a moment. But as my eye-sight got used to it, the music began.

Let revenge begin, I think...

I start out by walking out to the front, giving everyone a show without a thought of hesitation. "Baby it's not alright!"

I turn to the side continuing my walk as I tried to look cool, "The second that you turn your back, he'll be outta sight,"

I eyed the audience strongly at this one, remembering the pain I lived with when Adam had cheated on me. "Baby he'll break your heart, the second that you spend the day apart,"

"How could you do it?" I sang to Adam in a form of a question, turning to look at him backstage. I could clearly see him.

"Oh, how could you walk away, from everything we made?" I sang again, still looking at him, remembering our good times together.

"How could you do it?" I asked, singing one last time towards Adam. I turned, now focusing to the crowd.

"Oh, you better watch yourself, I think that guy's insane!" I sang, pointing to the side where Adam stood.

"He's in it just to win it, don't trust him for a minute!" I sang, still pondering of how he cheated on me. I walked around girly for an crowd effect like how Adam did with his dancing.

"It's like a cheap thriller," I froze in front of the crowd, "He's such a man-killer!" I quickly spat. It was like holding a bottle of disgust. It was glued to my fingers, and for a moment I couldn't get away.

I shook my hips again for a wild effect. But then...

I froze. From that point on, I realized you can't get away from your bottle of disgust. It somehow always manages to come back up. And it reappears right at the time when you don't want it the most, like now. Adam came.

"Baby she'll eat you alive," He sings as he pulls onto the stage, stepping up next to me. I could feel his breath on me as he sang, but I didn't do anything. I was so sick at the anger inside of me, I didn't know what to do with it anymore. He was so close, and I could just see it. The biggest smirk on his face.

"As soon as she smells your blood in the water! You better run to survive," He sang in imitation as he fake-ran. He probably held a big smile, but I wasn't looking. I was trying to look away even if he was walking circles around me. He was walking cooly, the same way I was before he was on stage.

"Before she makes you her latest slaughter!" He sings to the crowd, finally looking to me. This time I face him, and give him the biggest glare I could. He was ruining my song! I wanted to kill him! And I didn't care if I had anger issues!

"How could you do it?" I sang back to him in a form of a question. To me, I was asking why? Why did he cheat on me with such a brat like Lucy? He could've had done so much better if it wasn't me. I wasn't trying to brag on how amazing I was but he was a superstar. And yet, he choosed her.

"Oh, just come back to me! Baby I'm begging please," He said like he was begging for my forgiveness.

Yeah right, I thought. So I just continued...

"How could you do it?" I sung again.

"Oh, she knows I love you still! You're just her latest kill," He sings, answering my question. I didn't know who 'she' was, but I just hoped it wasn't Lucy.

"He's in it just to win it! Don't trust him for a minute!" I sang, leaning into the crowd like I was giving a warning.

"Its like a cheap thriller, She's such a lady killer!" He said, glaring straight into my eyes. It was like he just looked through them without seeing a soul in them. A heart... or a person.

We walked off in opposite directions. To normal performers, this break would've been a perfect opportunity to dance. Luckily, I'm not a dancer or a regular performer. And I guess neither was Adam...

As I ponder into my thoughts, completely forgetting about the performance, I feel someone's nail grind into my skin. Turning my head up, it's Adam. He spins us off again.

"She's in it just to win it, don't trust her for a minute!" He grins at me, forming a big smirk.

I form mine too, "It's like a cheap thriller, he's such a man-killer!"

I feel a frown happening in the air. Knowing it was Adam's, I pushed the thought away. He was probably glaring at me now.

"He's in it just to win it, don't trust him for a minute!" I sang to the crowd, flashing a quick smile at Adam. Maybe I won!

"It's like a cheap thriller, she's such a ladykiller!" He shot back, already staring me down.

My face fell. I completely lost the war. This war between us, over battling for forgiveness or not, I knew it was ridiculous, but I wanted it to go on. Probably because I could guarantee the fact in the end that we will be together. But I can't take it anymore. I feel like it'll never end. I wonder when we will stop, and just kiss again. Because now I just feel like we're in the battlefield Jordin Sparks was singing. Love did feel like a battlefield, and it sucked.

I watched Adam grin a smile that annoyed me to my core, which Adam thought I did not have.

I didn't know what to do. The crowd wasn't even clapping. Some of them sat there, with their mouths gaping open while others sat there motionlessly. They looked bored! The whole point of this was to give them a show! I failed like always.

All those times when Angela told me 'You're ugly' or 'No one likes you' or the worst- 'You're pointless!'... It was all true. I was a loser! I didn't even want John anymore! ...Too bad it took me this long to realize it.

I run off the stage, giving the microphone to Adam. I imagined myself as a model falling on stage, and running off. That's how pathetic I imagined myself to be. I probably was that pathetic. Why didn't my mom ever tell me I was pathetic? We could've saved so much trouble!

I continued running until I was out of breath, and out of the auditorium. I was nervous to let anyone see, and I was thirsty. Although I shouldn't be nervous, the whole school already saw my patheticness. Might as well let the whole world see.

I shouldn't hide it. All my closest friends here saw. Candice, Lucy, John... I wonder what they were thinking... Probably laughing along with the crowd. Their best friend was an absolute freak. They'd be laughing underneath the sparkling red lights without a care in the world if she saw or knew.

Adam's probably laughing too. He probably even started a talk show. Grabbed his microphone, not knowing what to say but once he gets the courage, let's out a calming, reassuring laugh. Wasn't that funny, he would ask the crowd. And of course they would all laugh. Knowing how Adam was a celebrity, of course everyone would laugh. Knowing the city, nothing was different. Everyone was just mean.

Taylor Swift, when I grow up I won't be in a big city, like you say. I'll be in a small town farm, where I'm glad to be. But you are right about one thing...

All people are is mean.

And a liar.

...And pathetic?

Nah, their lonely...

I'm the pathetic one.

Look at me! I'm not even in the auditorium! I don't even know if I should go backstage. Thinking they all would laugh. I was stumped, wondering on what I should do.

I looked up from where I was on the ground. I was perched against the bottom of a golden wall of the school. Fliers were posted on a build board above me, and as I got up, I almost thought I would knock it over. And I almost did.

A fat man with a large mop swept the floor, next to the big trash can. Focusing on his music in the headphones, he never noticed me. He whispered some lyrics I recognized, but I wasn't all-too-familiar with it. He looked calm and it went along the quiet lobby. His skin was dark as midnight, and so were his clothes. It read Janitor on his top that was full of pockets.

He continued sweeping, not having a care in the world. It was like ball dancing. Instead of guiding his partner, he was guiding his mop. And yet, it looked pretty cool. I smiled at how he was being himself, not caring if I saw him, or how pathetic he looked.

Why did I care so much of how I looked?

"Well," An echoey voice says. It sounds distant and far. But yet, close.

I take a few steps from where I stood, watching quietly so I don't interfere with the janitor's dancing. He was pretty good.

The large doors to the auditorium stand tall and tower over me from where I stand. There are small holes where you can see through, but barely. I look through anyways, hoping I'd see something. I can't but I can hear the distant voice much better now.

"...That was interesting," It says, sounding so much closer. It sounded like a man. The host to be exact. Which meant Adam never said anything. He never laughed or gave a long speech of how pathetic I was. He probably stood helplessly instead. Which was worst because it meant some of the audience was laughing. He never stood up for me.

"Can I sing one more song?" Adam asks, his voice still quiet. He was probably too scared to speak, thinking I'd come out of my shadows, and grab a pocket knife. I might as well...

"Sure," The host says, sounding like he has given up. I wouldn't had blame him. All of this in one night, and people still wanted to sing? Just give others what they want, so we can go home. I was on top of that. I wanted to forget today.

I stood still at my same place, next to the two creeping holes, trying to listen. I really felt like a creep. Especially since now the fat guy actually sees me. I can feel his prescence and his eyes staring through me. Yet I don't turn or say hi. I don't want to talk, and lucky me, he doesn't push it. He stares at me intensely for a moment, the music probably still blasting in his ears. But after a while, I don't feel his eyes anymore. Instead, I hear the trash's wheels, rolling farther away from me, and his humming of the song he was listening to.

I smiled. He really didn't care on what others thought! I wish I could be like that...

"I'll sing," I heard Adam through the door. I quickly held my biggest will to crash the door open and run to him, and instead stood there waiting for his next words.

"I'll sing 'Give Me A Reason,'" I gasped in shock. All the thoughts in my head were anger and betrayal. Much bigger now since that was the song I was going to sing. Adam knew it too because he heard me say it in front of that old lady he signed me up for the showcase.

I felt my eyebrows furrow, deciphering if I should go in or not. I was still holding in my will to stomp through these doors I was hiding from, and walk to Adam, and strongly punch his face or guts. The host or security guards would probably drag me away. But even if they did, that still wouldn't stop me from barging in his dorm. Adam was not getting any mercy from me. Not today, I thought.

I finally decided to go in. There should be no big deal if I go in. Besides all the imaginary guards in my head, running to get me out of here from further humiliation and crowd laughter. I wouldn't blame them. I was a mess. But everything inside of me was telling me to go inside and sing your heart out. I didn't mind singing another song with Adam. He might've been trying to apologize for all I knew. Why else would he pick this song? He knew I was going to sing it. It was like he knew I would still be listening, and he would want me to go back in of course. I missed Adam. The last song we sang was full of hatred and dying-to-get-away-from-eachother, but we never sung a love ballad together. I wanted to do that. Today was my first love ballad with John as well. Adam might've laughed at that, and he probably will with this too but I didn't care. This song described how I felt and how I wanted to save our relationship. It was going to require some 'work' for me to do probably, but I could live with it. As much as I wanted to stay behind these doors, I knew some time I would have to break free.

With that, I pressed hard against the door. It made a noise loud enough for alot of the auditorium to hear. And of course, like in every classroom, every single body turns to look at me. Suddenly I start to feel my palms sweat, my head ache, and my legs wobble. My stomach was clenched with fear, and I was thirsty. I kept my eyes away from the stage but I continued to walk there. Adam would definitely be surprised, but not as much as the crowd. He knew my instincts and what they wanted.

I walked further down through the aisle of the seats, hearing the music more clearer. Every step I took, I felt more eyes on me. I felt them stay on me as well. No one would forget what just happened. I couldn't just run off. Tonight was supposed to be perfect. Adam may have ruined that, but there's still a chance for us. I'm not just giving up so easily.

The more I felt shining lights on me, the more nervous I felt. Each breath I took was as shallow and quick as my feet. I wanted to run up the stage into Adam's arms. I wanted this crowd who were making me feel uneasy go away. I wanted to run to the shining red velvet steps, and into Adam's fresh cologne. But as soon as his eyes hit mine, the biggest light had its toll one me. And the music began.

It started with a pretty melody on the piano. It was slow, and mournful, yet beautiful in so many ways. The way the pianist moved his head along with his fingers had a simple touch of elegance. It reminded me how the janitor moved along with his broom. The pianist was a girl. Maybe I could hook those two up.

I rolled my eyes. Here I was worrying about how the crowd would think of me as I came through, and how Adam would feel towards me. But then the next minute I'm meddling between a pianist and janitor. It can't get any worse than that.

I looked at Adam, into his mesmerizing eyes. I didn't have a microphone, but his outwise gaze told me to sing now. I wanted his microphone, but I held the will in, singing the first few words. "Right from the start, You were a thief-You stole my heart, And I your willing victim..."

I continued to walk, still holding onto Adam's gaze.

"I let you see the parts of me, That weren't all that pretty..."

Not really, I thought.

"And with every touch you fixed them."

Kind of...

"Now you've been talking in your sleep! Oh oh... Things you never say to me! Oh oh... Tell me that you've had enough!"

I stopped walking and stood still for my next line. I was still in the crowd, but I was much closer to Adam now. Our gaze was held tight. This time, stronger than ever.

"Of our love! Our love..."

I sighed, taking another deep breath. I still had to walk further to get to the stage. It was like walking a mile. But I guess I didn't mind. Wouldn't you walk a mile for a celebrity? I was sick of being mad at him. Now I just wanted him holding me.

"Just give me a reason,

Just a little bit's enough,

Just a second we're not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again!" I sang feeling how bad I wanted him right now, and this fight of ours right now, we'll get over it. Yet, I have no idea if that's how Adam feels.

"It's in the stars,

It's been written in the scars on our hearts," I sang, tapping my heart for emphasis.

"We're not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again!" I sang, stopping where I now stood. I was finally in front of the stage. I didn't feel like walking anymore. So I just stood there. Why should I do all the work? Men had to do some too. I could feel the brightest lights on me even if I wasn't on stage yet. To be honest, I felt less lights on stage. Which was kind of peculiar. Suspicious.

"I'm sorry I don't understand,

Where all of this is coming from," Adam finally sings, stepping down from the stage. I was guessing he read my thoughts again. It's funny how friends catch on.

"I thought that we were fine," Adam's face looked genuine... sincere. Like he really meant the words.

"Oh we had everything," I quietly sang for the background.

"Your head is running wild again,

My dear we still have everythin'," I smiled at that solemnly. Maybe he still wanted an 'us' too.

"And it's all in your mind!" He sang, a cease next to his dazzling eyes.

"Yeah but this is happenin'," I said imagining a serious face on myself.

"You've been havin' real bad dreams! Oh oh,

You used to lie so close to me! Oh oh..." He sang again. I smiled slyly at how true these lyrics were for us. P!nk had a nice touch in her songs I always liked.

"There's nothing more than empty sheets!" I sang strongly along with Adam, "Between our love, our love..."

"Oh," Adam sang, starting us off again.

"Our love! Our love!" I sang strongly with him again. His voice sounded low, yet manly. It still lit up the room.

This time when he went up the stage, I followed him. Making sure I didn't embarass myself this time, I went up the steps carefully. I imagined going back on stage as an beauty queen. We all have to face our fears.

"Just give me a reason,

Just a little bit's enough!

Just a second we're not broken just bent,

And we can learn to love again!" We both sang as we stepped next to eachother on stage.

"I never stopped," Adam sings looking at me in the eyes, "You're still written in the scars on my heart!"

"You're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again!" I sang as I start to realize why we are really broken.

He cheated on me, I just remembered.
Should I really forgive him?

"Oh tear ducts and rust," I sang trying to be clear on the lyrics. I had a hard time here.

"I'll fix it for us," Adam sings solemnly.

"We're collecting dust, But our love's enough!" I sang a bit more sternly.

"You're holding it in," He sings just as easily.

"You're pouring a drink," I sang, scared my voice would crack.

"No nothing is as bad as it seems!" He sang a little bit more out of his range. I could tell he was nervous.

And as much as I wanted to run now, thinking my voice would crack, I knew it was too late. This needed to be done.

"We'll come clean!" I sang high, as strongly as I could. Some of the crowd even whistled. I could breathe again. I swear my voice was going to break.

We both looked at eachother deeply, grabbing eachother's hands. For some reason, I think these are one of those moments where I'll just remember.

"Just give me a reason," I smiled, "Just a little bit's enough!"

I turned to him, my smile breaking, "Just a second we're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again!"

"It's in the stars. It's been written in the scars on our hearts!" Adam sings.

"That we're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again!" We sang together with a smile on both our faces.

"Just give me a reason, Just a little bit's enough. Just a second we're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again. It's in the stars. It's been written in the scars on our hearts. That we're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again!" We sang together one last time, the smile still on our faces.

"Oh, we can learn to love again. Oh, we can learn to love again " I sang high, still trying to catch my breath. I tried to relax, but knowing I had to sing it one last time didn't help.

"Oh oh, that we're not broken just bent, And we can learn to love again!" I sang a bit more quieter, ending the song magnificently.

The songs last few piano notes were now hitting, ending the gracious tune that described my problem with Adam so well. Like the beginning, it was slow and pretty like rose petals. It was precious. And then... it stopped.

The problem with now was that there was nothing else to say. We didn't know what to say. And I could tell that Adam didn't know what to say either. I could see it in his eyes. He's worried. It's sweet that he worries about me now. I just wonder why he never did before. And if he did, he never seemed to show it...

So here I stood, with my hand full of sweat, holding Adam's. I'm surprised he hasn't complained of it yet. All my previous boyfriends usually complained about it. Especially John, if that's who you're thinking.

The auditorium was dead quiet. But after a few seconds of silence, they all stand up and applause. A standing ovation! That was good! Even the judges stood up! Candice says that barely ever happens. Not even to the seniors at the school. So if it happened to me, that was big. I smiled at the thought of having tonight perfect. It will only be perfect though if I have Adam by the end. I missed him.

There were shouts and whistles, and people shouting me and Adam's names. Unfortunately I didn't feel comfortable with all this. If this was what fame felt like, it felt great but I still get nervous. I faint under pressure. And I could feel it. My head was getting dizzy. I felt sick, or not good. I needed a safe place to fall.

I let go of Adam's hand. ...Or at least I tried. Our hands were glued. He wasn't letting go of me anytime. Which I understood. I missed him too. But at this minute, it's the best to let go.

"Adam," I whisper. No one else can hear me because the crowd is way too busy clapping and chatting amongst themselves. "Yeah?"

"I can't do this... I feel dizzy-" That's when it happened. I felt darkness closing in on me. I was feeling my eyelids flutter. My life was ending. But I could still hear.

Two arms grabbed both of mine, lifting me from the stage. The crowd was falling silent, watching what was happening to me probably. 'Oh look at that! The crazy girl who runs off stage is now fainting!' ...Worst night of my life. But then I can hear the host's voice and Adam's.

"Oh shoot! This is all my fault," Adam says, "I should've noticed!"

The host completely ignores Adam, and I feel something in my hands. "Drink this," I hear him say.

I fiddle with the cap, and open it. I don't care what it is, I just follow the man's instructions. Swallowing it is refreshing, and my head already feels ten times better. My vision is still messed up though. But as I continued drinking it, the better I got. My vision was now dark and orange, alot better. And I could hear Adam sighing in relief.

Once my vision was better, the host was gone and Adam was sitting next to me. He was bent down on his knees, holding my hand tightly. He looked at me, a worried expression on his face.

"Do you feel better?"

I nodded, feeling the warmth of his comfort. Where was Candice or Ruby? Didn't anyone else care?

"Just keep drinking. It'll make you feel better," Adam says reassuringly, rubbing my back comfortingly.

"Thanks," I say, taking a few more sips before I start talking again. "What is this anyways?" I ask, refering to the drink.

Adam laughs mockingly, "Did you forget what water tastes like?"

I smiled at his comment. I never thought I would to be honest...

"I got one more surprise for you, but to see it, you have to promise you won't faint."

I smiled apologetically, "I promise,"

Adam then smiles with a sparkle in his eyes that I only see once a while. It happens at special times like these.

I watch him run to the stage. The lights are still bright and the crowd is talking loudly, forgetting about the show. I was guessing I was the new talk now. I wondered if they canceled other acts because of us. The show was coming to an end.

Watching the host shake his head as a no to something, I knew something was up. "Please," I watch Adam beg, "One more song!"

I rolled my eyes. Adam...

"Fine!" The host says angrily. "But don't come running to me when that girl faints or runs off the stage again!"

I knew it! People were talking about me! Then that's when I realized... I'm popular! That's what I wanted to be since I got here.

...Not as fun as I thought.

Adam grabs his guitar on the other side of backstage. I watch him drag a short stool to the center of the stage. He looked so cute with his little guitar right now. Sitting down in the center, he turned himself away. He wasn't facing the audience. He was facing me.

"This is for you Anna," He says genuinely at me in the eye. I smiled, feeling his warmth of comfort again. It was like he never left, and he was still sitting next to me.

With that, I could hear the crowd gushing sounds that made me breathless. "Awww," I could hear, or "That's so cute!" I could feel my cheeks already heated though. I must've started blushing on stage and not have noticed it... I bit my lip, trying to make it go away. When it didn't, I gave up.

"I asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen..."

Ok... Was he trying to get us back together, or ruin us?

"She left before I had the chance to say... Oh,

The words that would mend the things that were broken..."

What words? Was this an apology?

"But now it's far too late, she's gone away,"

I'm still here! I want us to be together! It's your fault for cheating on me...

"Every night you cry yourself to sleep,

Thinking: 'Why does this happen to me?

Why does every moment have to be so hard?'"

Aww. See this is why I want to be with you again. I miss you too Adam. Wow, that sounds cheesy...

"Hard to believe that-It's not over tonight!

Just give me one more chance to make it right!

I may not make it through the night,

I won't go home without you," I smiled at that. Adam Levine begging a farm girl for forgiveness. Who wouldn't like that? This is what I always wanted, and to be honest, I was starting to think I should forgive him. And that we should date again. I missed Adam, and by this, he missed me too. But what if he does this again? What if he breaks my heart?

"The taste of your breath, I'll never get over...

The noises that she made kept me awake, Oh," He sings, as he looks at me.

"The weight of things that remained unspoken,

Built up so much it crushed us everyday," He sings as he looked down to his guitar.

When he looks back at me, he smiles and continues, "Every night you cry yourself to sleep,

Thinking: 'Why does this happen to me?

Why does every moment have to be so hard?'

Hard to believe that," He sings more seriously as he puts his guitar down, and gets up from the stool.

My eyes try to focus on what he's doing. But then I know.

"It's not over tonight," He grins, walking closer to where I'm sitting.

"Just give me one more chance to make it right!" He sings, holding out his hand. He was so dang cute!

"I may not make it through the night,

I won't go home without you!" He sings as he pulls me up. He starts dragging me out to the center of the stage. But he doesn't make me face the audience. Just his amazing face is all I can see. And I'm fine with that.

"It's not over tonight!

Just give me one more chance to make it right!" He sings like he's really begging. He holds my hands under his chin, the way John did.

"I may not make it through the night,

I won't go home without you!" It was like Adam really mean it. And he wasn't leaving this school without me. I was happy about that, but yet in a way, I want him to let go. Don't be so desperate.

"Of all the things I felt but never really shown...

Perhaps the worst is that I ever let you go!"

My face softened. Did he really mean that?

"I should not ever let you go, oh! oh! oh!" He sings, sounding true and genuine.

"It's not over tonight!

Just give me one more chance to make it right!" I nodded with a smile. Yes, yes, I'll take you back. It was sudden but I made up my mind. I know now who I want.

Adam was taken aback. First he showed confusion, yet a big smile props on his face and it shows real excitement. I want to laugh at the sight, but the song isn't over.

"I may not make it through the night,

I won't go home without you!

It's not over tonight

Just give me one more chance to make it right

I may not make it through the night

I won't go home without you!" He smiles the biggest I've ever seen.

"And I won't go home without you!

And I won't go home without you!

And I won't go home without you!" He sings in repetition, finally stopping.

The music playing in the background finally ends, but me and Adam stay where we are as the crowd applauds one more time. I finally think this day is coming to one solid end. He looked at me like this was right, and for the first time, I knew it was. He waited for my next words. But I could only find one.

"Yes," I say. It was loud enough for most of the auditorium.

And with that screams fell, cannons boomed, and confetti fell. It was wonderful! I had my own personal fairy tale.

"I organized it," Adam smirked, pulling me into a giant-bear hug. I pushed him away for a second, spotting a small frown. But I didn't see it for long as I pulled him back for a kiss. Our kiss felt the same-long and sweet. Although this time it felt better because I haven't kissed him in a while now. It feels like ten years.

"Thank you!" Adam said. I assumed it was for forgiving him. "I won't ever let you down again!"

"Trust me, I know," I smiled to myself, trying to push down the negative thoughts that kept bubbling inside of me.

He's gonna cheat on you again!

But for the first time, I realize this is what I want. And maybe I will be happy.

Maybe I will get my happily ever after...


Hey everyone! Ugh, finally im done writing this chapter. I feel like it's my best writing, and I thought it would never end. That's the big musical part for you all! Yes, yes, I know its very long. The longest chapter I've ever wrote.

Lol, personally when I was rereading this during editing, I said aw a couple times myself xD. Im such a hopeless romantic.

I thought this chapter would be six pages... It's probably twelve. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more...

So... Adam and Anna are finally back together!!!! :D
You fans better be happy!!! xD ;D

And what about John you ask?

Hold on everyone! This story isn't over yet. Just a few more chapters left! :D


Plz comment, rate, read, vote, and fan!

Thanks!!! :D



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