Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 26
Chapter 26

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Finally the bell rang, releasing us for lunch. I finally had enough time to sign up for the winter showcase. I couldn't have been more glad. It was the last day for sign ups, and I needed to hurry so that I could get a good song.

There were large tables near the checkout area on the cafeteria. It was against a granite wall and it held a sign that read clearly the title of "Sign-ups for the Winter Showcase!"

I couldn't believe winter break was coming already. Everything went by so fast.

"Last day! Last day to sign up!" A young lady shouted, looking so joyful and cheery.

"So it's not too late?" I smiled, knowing what the answer would be.

"Of course not" She said, wearing a genuine smile that reached her eyes.

"Ok," I halfheartedly smiled, "When is it? What day? What time?"

The lady looked up, handing me a clean blue piece of paper. "Saturday at 1 P.M. It'll probably be an all-day performance,"

I nodded, making sure everything she said to me was clear in my head.

"What song would you like to sing the most? The most songs people can sing are two. But famous people who come here, like Adam Levine from Maroon 5, can sing up to 4 songs. They can even do duets!" She exclaimed with a bright smile. She then suddenly looked at me with a squint in her eyes, like she was trying to figure out something.

"Have you heard of Adam Levine?"

I knew far too much of him.

But yeah...

I simply nodded. I wasn't giving this lady any information.

"Oh! Look at that! He decides to come at the same time!" She exclaimed once again, her bright appearance now focusing on Adam.

I rolled my eyes, trying to control my irritation.

I focused back on the lady, trying to hurry up. I wouldn't want to get caught even standing by Adam. It would be too awkward.

"I want to sing 'Give Me A Reason by P!nk, and-"

"Good choice of song," Adam clearly interrupted.

I nearly choked on my own spit. Why was he talking to me? I thought he was mad!

"Tickets, and-"

"Ok," I harshly interrupted, not caring what Adam thought, "You have zero rights, to come into our conversation, and butt in. Who do you think you are!?"

"He's Adam Levine," The lady said gushing over the 'superstar'.

Gosh, why was this lady so irritating!?

"Well I'm sorry sweetie, I just want to tell the lady what I'm singing."Adam said sarcastically on the sorry.

"Well you could at least be nice about it and not interrupt," I said, watching Adam roll his eyes. "I wanted to get out of here faster, ya' know? I guess we can't always get what we want. You should know that, you are a superstar," I smirked watching Adam clench his fist.

I won.

"What's wrong with me? What did I do?" He asked innocently using the puppy dog face.

"You ruined everything! I can tell you that..." I said wandering off from my words.

Adam's eyes were cold and harsh as he stared down at me.

Seeing the tension between us, the lady broke the silence. "Anna? Is that your name?"

"Yeah," I said, annoyance clear in my voice.

"How about I sign up Mr. Handsome because you're grumpy. But don't worry, there's a receptionist over there," She said, pointing across the room.

Words could not describe my anger right now. I felt my face burn red with steam as I clenched my fists. I could tell Adam was trying to hold back his laughter. Did the lady just call him handsome...?

"Thank you Ms," Adam said like a gentleman.

"I do not have anger issues!" I carelessly threw at the lady.

The lady shrugged, like she didn't have a care in the world. Fine! Screw yourself up with a cheater...

I felt my anger tense more, walking to the other side of the cafeteria where the other sign-up was. It made me angry Adam just had to barge in. I was so close to leaving! Then he had to be so rude. The lady saying I had anger issues, and how she choosed the 'superstar' over me, just made me angrier. I officially hated men. If you think I'm a man-hater then you're absolutely right.

Wow. I do have anger issues...

"Hi," The lady said, looking much less entertained than the other lady. They both looked similar... Very alike. Were they sisters?

"Hi," I began, hating how I had to sign up again. "I'm Anna, and I'll be singing 'Give Me A Reason' and-"


Ooh! A cliffhanger! Don't you all love those ?? ;D

Want to know what Anna will sing? Find out next chapter!!

Now, I know these last chapters have been slow, but the next one is going to be a bit longer. (I'm hoping six pages) There'll be singing, drama in the lyrics, and I'll also try explaining their thoughts. I want to have a photo and a video for the next chapter, so I'm waiting til I'm bck on my laptop!

And it's perfect because tomorrow I'm leaving from Chicago. I'll be able to probably post another chapter by tomorrow night! If not, it'll be the next night. But that would only be if I'm held in an airport. (hate that.) So sorry if this has been boring!!!

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