Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 25
Chapter 25

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Apologizing to Lucy went fine. I thought like Adam she'd be mad. She wasn't. I told her I was over the whole 'one kiss Adam thing' but asked her about telling my farm secret. So pretty much I told her the secret. But I was glad I told her. She admitted the truth, telling me that she overheard me and Candice talk. Which was exactly what I had suspected. To get Adam upset about John, she had to tell him what she overheard. She pretty much told me everything that happened.

After I left with John, Adam was extremely angry asking for beer bottles and was already getting drunk. Lucy never said he was flirtatious. She actually said when he was drunk, he was forgetful which was why he kissed her. Her plan was never to kiss him. Her plan was to tell him my secret. She then told my secret once she sat down, and Adam didn't even know what she was talking about. He kissed her and Lucy asked if he remembered me. He never answered because he probably remembered there. Lucy then left. I believed her story. Lucy didn't come back as late as most cheaters would.

It was just one kiss. It made me feel worst. Adam was one of those 'forgetful' ones when their drunk. He must've forgot about me and kissed Lucy. A part of me now felt bad because now I knew he never meant it. None of them meant it. Lucy's plan backfired, and went way too far South. I was glad we forgave eachother. We were now friends again, and I was happy for the first time. I could now finally admit I was regaining my life back.

I hurried up putting on a cute blouse. Mom bought it for me a year ago, and it still had fit nicely. I was hoping Candice would like it. She told me to dress fancy. I don't know why. Is she giving me an interview or something?

"There you are!" Candice gasped, seeing me as I came into the school.

The hallways were all empty. I knew Candice called me to come to school early, but I thought at least a few people would be here already.

"Candice, what's the big emergency? You called me like ten times last night just to say you want me to meet you here."

Candice smiled at me, her eyes glowing amazingly. "I broke up with Devon."

"I know. Steven asked you out?"

"Yeah!" She exclaimed, "How did you know?"

"Long story," I summarized, not wanting to explain how Steven thought I actually liked him. It was too much for Candice. She just broke up with Devon. He's probably heartbroken.

"Devon was so happy when I broke up with him. I'm glad I broke up with him. He was such a- ...Nevermind," She muttered.

I grinned. I wanted to laugh, but quickly hid it. I had no idea Devon was so rough on Candice.

"Well I'm glad you had your happy ever after," I said, sensing jealousy in my voice.

Candice grinned bigger, "That's why you're here."

I felt my eybrows furrow, as my blood raised in confusion.

"It's time for your happily ever after," She smiled genuinely.

"B-But, I don't even have options," I stuttered.

Candice snorted. "Two boys never said they stopped loving you. Adam's only mad because you lied. John isn't mad at all! The whole thing is stupid! Who would lie about a farm? Seriously! Can't we just skip to the part where you and Adam kiss again?"

I felt like someone just punched me in the gut. What Candice said, hurt. A little...

Candice's face softened. Probably because my face looked hurt. I was always so sensitive.

"I'm so-so sorry," She repeated.

I brushed it off, letting it go behind me. I wasn't that kind of person to hold a grudge. I didnt really learn that until my fight with Adam. I wanted to go past it, delete it from my mind, but I can't. It's a part of me now that I can't erase.

I just didn't see me and Adam being together again. It was kind of like with John. I didn't see us having a fling again, so I went to Cortine's and met Adam. Then John has to come back acting like a love sick puppy.

And it all went down from there...

"It's ok. ...I just feel like I'm being pressured. Everyone wants something from me," I explained.

Candice nodded, understanding how I felt. She put her hand on my back rubbing it in circles reassuringly.

"Well what do you want?"

"A taco," I grinned.

Candice laughed. "No, like... What do you want as in which guy? Or career?"

I smiled slyly, "I don't know. Tell me what I should do!"

Candice shrugged. "Follow your heart. See where it leads to. Oh, and the Winter showcase sign-ups are today, so hurry!"

I nodded. I wanted to go to the showcase. Maybe sing too, it sounded fun.

"Candice, how do I follow my heart?"

"Take a walk," Candice smirked. "That usually helps me,"

And with that Candice walks away, disappearing as she leaves the school. I wondered why she left though. I mean, school started in about thirty minutes. And yeah, I'm an early riser.

Take a walk, huh?

I forcefully walked to the giant glass doors, pushing my legs to go near it. Pushing it, I glance outside at the sunny sky. My New York sky.

I looked at the rope in the playground. I wondered why they even had a playground here. It's not like we get recess.

The rope was thick... Safe. Unlike the rope Adam had on his date. The rope here reminded me of John. We always had a blast rope swinging. It was our brotherly and sisterly thing to do.

I gasped in shock, realizing what Candice meant.

Let your heart choose.


No, it couldn't be! I didn't want th-



I think I know who I finally want!



Who do you think Anna decided???


Or Adam?

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