Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 24
Chapter 24

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The rest of the day was horrible. People kept looking at me in a new weirdly way, probably spreading more gossip about me and Adam. I hated rumors. They were just another thing to create drama. Another thing I hated. I didn't mean to create any, but I couldn't help being suspicious towards Candice. She told Adam I'm guessing. How else would he had figure it out?

I crumpled up some papers, throwing them into the recycling bin like Mrs. Robin had instructed us to. Candice was in that class, and with every spare minute I had, I would turn to glare at her. She deserved it. Secrets were secrets.

"Anna!" I heard her shout after class as I tried jamming things into my bag faster.

I rolled my eyes, taking a step to walk off. She stood right in front of me though, blocking my walkway. I couldn't go anywhere.

"Leave me alone," I said with a sigh, taking a step past her.

"What happened? What did I do?" There was confusion in her voice, like she had no idea what was going on. But I knew she knew. I never knew Candice, my first best friend, would tell me a lie straight to my face.

I sighed. I knew I had to tell her sometime, otherwise there was no way we'd be friends again, or if she'd be willing to take a chance. If I was going to tell her later even after forty years, I might as well tell her now.

"Why did you tell Adam my secret?" My face was serious. I was not letting her take me down. I was taken down too many times. I should've never let Adam out of my sight, letting Lucy take him away. None of this would never had happened, andmy pain would be healed. We would be together like nothing ever happened. But God does everything for a reason, doesn't he?

Her eyes furrowed in confusion. Something in my head was telling me I was going too far. I didn't want to cause any more drama, not anymore. I already caused enough for letting Adam's mistake get to me, and Lucy's hormones get to me as well. At least I think it's hormones... Who would do that to you on purpose? Candice didn't even seem to know what I was talking about. I could tell she was trying hard to think, but nothing came out. It was like a big rock was stabled in her head, and wouldn't let go.

"What?" She asked like a few girls in my science. The girls in my science were mean and cruel. They were always meaning to cause drama, and every other day they would be in some sort of fight. The next day they would be all lovey-dovey with eachother like nothing ever happened. I cringed as I remembered the way they spoke to me. It was so sweet and soft, it turned creepy. They were popular, and never seemed to care for others. The only time they cared for me was when I spilled water in the art classroom. But I heard them laugh as they left.

"My secret?" I asked in confusion, still asking if she remembered. It was obvious she probably wouldn't know, but I gave it a try anyways.

"Oh!" Candice breathed, finally realizing what I've been talking about. I swallowed, trying to calm my nerves as I thought of the drama that she could bring.

Instead she was extremely calmed, and I thought my head would explode with all my tension of anger I never had before.

"You mean about your farm?"

"Well obviously," I said a little bit harshly. As soon as I let that spit out, I quickly regretted. My eyebrows furrowed in worry and I could see the pain in Candice's eyes. But I only saw her wince. Like she was upset, but she knew that I was only angry and that I didn't mean it.

"No," She finally said, breaking the silence and shaking her head, "I didn't say it to anyone. I never spoke of it... or even thought about it since you told me..." She said with a shiver. "Are you cold?"

I knew she was only trying to take my mind off the tension, but honestly this made me have more tension. I was so angry I could rip the head off someone like they were a vampire. ...Not that I would hurt Candice's fragile body. She was my friend and much too delicate to break.

She was trying to jump into a different conversation, but it only made me angrier. It made me feel like she was trying to hide something. But by her voice, I didn't think she was hiding anything.

Our voices were now silent in the classroom. Now we could only hear the teacher type and our heavy breathing from yelling at eachother. It hurts to be mad at someone.

"You sure?" I asked, just to make sure she was being honest. I didn't care if she lied. I just wanted the honest truth.

"Yes," Candice replied which broke off the silence.

"Then who did?" I asked, hearing the fear and pain in my own voice. I had no idea who could've heard me and Candice talk about my secret. It was before Candice's date with Devon. No one was there and it was just us girls talking. Then Lucy came at the exact same time Devon came which really surprised me. It was like Lucy knew how the whole day would plan... The only person there besides me and Candice was...

My brain stopped. And I could tell Candice's body stopped too. We both knew the answers, the conclusion just never came to us. I hope in the end of all this, I can just be happy. I didn't want to be living under a shell forever.

"Lucy," Candice breathed as I nodded. I knew it! It had to be Lucy. She must've told Adam at the party, when she was trying to get him knocked out.

I shook my head. I was forgiving Lucy today. I was tired of putting up with her crap. I was ignoring her and I'm still finding out things she did to me. Was she really even sorry? She may look guilty then, but what about now? She didn't even tell me she knew! She even promised me that going o the dance was all she heard. Was that the reason why she did this? To have revenge on me for my lie?

"I'm going to find her," I huffed harshly, bumping into Candice as I walked out, not even bothering too apologize. It didn't matter. Candice knew I didn't mean it.

"Anna!" I heard her shout. I stopped and turn, waiting for her last words.

"I came here in the first place to give you this," She says, handing me a golden-orange sheet. It looked old and wrinkled like it was used as a rag. But I took it anyways.

"What is it?"

"The Winter Showcase of course!" She replied with a bright smile.

I wanted Candice to knock out the smile right now. Candice knew I am new to this school. What the heck is this? I am obviously confused, and she won't tell me.

"The Winter Showcase is the show anyone here at Cortine's can join. Adam will be there..."

I rolled my eyes.

"-And anyone who wins can go on an actual tour maybe and even win scholarships," She grinned.

I grinned back. Candice knew me so well. I told her about how 'sophisticated' my mom was, and how she told me she would never pay for me a college. I would have to work hard, get a scholarship, and pay on my own. As soon as high school started, I pretty much counted myself 'on my own'.

"Ugh," I go, "Fine! You got me..."

Candice laughed brightly, looking never more happy in her life.

"Be at the sign-up sheets tomorrow!"

"What if Adam's there?"

Candice shrugged, "Guess we'll have to wait and see!"


I turned around, watching Steven coming from the corner. He knew alot about Lucy. Lucy told me they've been friends forever, which surprised me because now he and Candice are dating. Funny how life can turn out, right? Me dating Adam... Levine...? ...It made me laugh a little. I just still couldn't get over the fact that Lucy had a good best friend.

"Steven!" I shouted, running towards him as he came closer to me. We stopped walking once we reached his locker.

"Oh hey Anna," Steven greeted like a gentleman.

"Hey, have you seen Lucy?" I asked in a hurry, still looking around. I didn't know why, but today I felt at rush.

"Um... No, why?" Steven asked politely, turning away from his locker.

I turned, looking straight into his eyes. "I have important things to talk to her about! I have to forgive her, make her understand, and-"

I felt Steven's grip on my shoulder as he interrupted, "It's ok. Relax! I noticed ever since you've been regaining your friends like Candice, you've also been under stress.

I nodded, surprised he even noticed.

"I think she's at her dorm though..." Steven continued, without even leaving me space to reply.

"Thanks Steven-" I began, but was interrupted again.

"Oh, and one more thing! Before you go..." He said, clearing his throat. I sighed, taking a deep breath. Was he going to ask me out? Because I knew Candice had a crush on him...

"I'm falling for Candice," He continued.

I took a breath in relief. Steven probably had no idea how thankful I was right there! He probably just saved me a month filled of drama. And that would've been hard, especially since this week was finals, and next week was Winter Break. I could already feel the sense of excitement for it in the halls!

"That's good!" I interrupted.

"-And I want you to know..." He continued, "That I don't like you anymore."

I smirked at his comment. It was like this whole time, he thought I was into him. I never was into him, and I wanted to fire back so I could win. But that would just cause more drama. So I let it go and just nodded. Besides, I didn't want to make him feel bad.

Steven helplessly smiled simpathetically and nodded, putting a hand on my shoulder. It almost even looked like sarcasm, but he fell for it.

Poor sucker.

"Ok?" Steven asked.

I nodded, giving the slightest smile I could. "Don't worry, we have a deal,"

He smiled and siad goodbye to me and I watched him walk away. I didn't know what sign of mine lead him on. I barely talked to that kid, and that kiss at he party was only from the game. I wondered if that only made Adam angrier.

Candice's P.O.V

There was Devon. Not that far away, maybe a few feet ahead to the locker right in front of mine. I was so nervous. My palms were shaking, and my spit was piling high, but I knew today was the day where I had to get this done. I was strong, and I believed in myself. I am not some sad girl who wakes up gloomy everyday like Anna has been doing lately. I know I could be bitter and wrong at times, especially when I was drunk but I had to tell him what I did with Steven. I felt terrible, none-of-the-less, but I was falling for Steven. I could feel it. I had to tell Devon before he figured it out and it was too late.

My feet trembled as I walked up to Devon. He was holding out his progress report. That wasn't good. His eyes were furrowed in anger, and I knew why. Devon always got bad grades. Their never really good, and me and him usually had a tantrum over the phone about it. That was the best part of breaking up with- never having to have that tantrum ever again. Why would I say that...? That's so rude!

"Ugh," Devon groaned, handing me the sheet. I grabbed it, taking a look. This time, it wasn't that bad. Solid b's! I usually got a's, but that was a big thing for Devon. He always gets solid d's.

"Nice job! I told you working hard can pay off!" I smiled.

"No Candice," He slurred with his teeth clenched, "I'm slacking! I should be getting solid d's!"

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Didn't he always want that?

"Don't you and your parents want that?"

"My parents... but not me,"

"So you're mad either way with your grades?"

"Ugh," He menaced, throwing his head back in the middle of a wince. "You're so stupid Candice!" He said, ripping the sheet out of my head.

How could I date this freak? If anything, I was glad I was breaking up with him now. Now, he'll be begging me for mercy as I run to ask out Steven. There was no way I was dating this jerk for one more day. How can you be mad with a b?

"I'm breaking up with you Devon," I said, taking control in my own hands.

"Why?" He asked. I could hear the confusion and pain in his voice. Like he just witnessed a murder of someone he knew forever.

"Look at us," I explained, "We live in two different worlds. I loved dating you... a bad boy. But I found out I don't like boys who are too bad," I winced, "I also like guys who can be gentle. I want both. You're just mad all the time. Maybe you can find the 'one' in the future. But that girl isn't me," I said, realizing I was starting to smile. I thought Devon would be broken. I thought he would drop down, and beg me for forgiveness. But I was wrong. He just smirked.

We weren't right for eachother.

He shrugged. "Good luck finding anyone better than me..."

I smiled at the way he was taking this. I didn't like seeing boys cry over me. I watched him walk away as he continue to rant on about how I was going to miss him.

"Sucks to be you..." He concluded, finally turning around to leave. I swear I saw steam come out of his nose. And if his glare could kill me, I'd be dead by now.

"Luckily... I got someone else to keep me company" I thought, watching Steven walk closer to me. I grinned as I ran across the hall, and jumped into his arms. He caught me holding me tightly. He spinned me around in excitement as he dropped me back on the ground with a perfect landing.

"Candice! Do you want to go out with me?" He asked. It was sudden. Way too sudden... At least wait a few seconds after we say hey. Yet, I loved it.

I loved him.


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