Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 23
Chapter 23

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I flinched as I started to study. It was my first time studying at the dorm since I came here. I was always used to studying at the library. Not only for if I needed help, so I wouldn't get to ask Lucy. I was still ignoring her. Lately I needed no help with homework, and I thought it would be ok if I studied at my dorm. Sadly I didn't get this. This was the first time I didn't get my homework as much to ask someone for help. The only person besides me in the room was Lucy. She was my only option.

Oh brother. I did not want to speak to her. The last time we spoke, she got jealous of me, made out with Candice's crush, and kissed my boyfriend. Some kind of friend she was... Why would I want to forgive that?

But as I thought more, the more I realized she was the only one I could talk to. I had no other choice. And this class had a strict teacher, it was either talk to ruby or fail. Gosh, this class is hard.

"Can you help me?" I asked, not wanting to speak.

She turned to me wearing a shocked expression, like I just killed ten children. "You-...You're speaking to me." She stuttered.

I rolled my eyes continuing, I did not feel like explaining right now. "I just need help on this," My voice was serious with no hint of a smile. I could be a grunch sometimes...

"Ok," She said, grabbing my homework sheet, not caring about hers as she moved it aside.

A hush fell over us as she looked through the book. Her finger was passing through random numbers that we learned from other lessons, and she was taking a while trying to figure it out. I was really close to giving up. What was the point? I wasn't talking to this girl anymore.

Once I reached the paper, Ruby shouts.

She goes, "Wait! I got it! Add 3, subtract and borrow the 7, and same change change this negative." She paused to turn to me with a satisfied look on her face. "Do you get it?" She asked. A smile breaking on her face.

I didn't get it. I wanted to get an A on this, but I didn't want to talk to Lucy more. It was either say yes and get a c, or say no and get an A with more explanation. I really needed an A. I promised my mom I'd do better before winter break. I only had two more weeks. Two more weeks of endless torture!

"Can you explain it to me one more time?" I decided to ask. I knew it was a bad idea though. She would think I was forgiving her or something, and I wasn't. In fact, I would rather apologize to Adam. I grimaced in the thought of us hugging. I shook it off, focusing back to my homework.

"Sure," She smiled. Lucy acted like she didn't have a care in the world. Like nothing was wrong between us, and there never was. I was surprised at how much she was recovering. How much did I recover...?

After she helped me with homework, I learned more about forgiveness. It was so hard to forgive someone and to let your feelings go when all you want to do is to be mad at them. She looked like she totally forgot everything that happened. Hello? You're the girl who kissed my boyfriend?

I knew it was random, but it made me come to a conclusion. I needed to forgive one more person I was mad at. It was either Lucy or Adam. It was a hard decision. But, like I said earlier, I would forgive Adam any day. Probably because he never wanted them to kiss like Lucy did. That's what really made me hurt the most.

I feel like half of the hole in my stomach is healed. I still have the other half to heal. And for that to happen, the first person I would go to is Adam. I never knew how I would get these feelings of courage. It came naturally to John too. I think what you need is time. You need time to get over your feelings. Once you can admit it to yourself, then you can start regaining your life.

The hole in my stomach began during the time when everyone was ignoring me. Everyone would give me weird looks, smuggling giggles, or just weird faces. I would look back and say what, figuring it was about me, like I knew it was. They would yell back we're not talking to you and laugh. They would look at me like I was the most idiotic freak and they had no idea what to do with you. Like they were disappointed you came in their life... No one would look at me. Not even Candice at that time, and I thought she was my best friend. But that's the deal with forgiveness and healing. Your past follows wherever you go, it's a part of you.

But now, I am going to apologize to one more person. Adam.

My alarm woke me up the next morning, telling me it was another stupid day of pointless school. Knowing that it was one of the last days before the weekend though, may me get up. The sun was shining way too bright and I felt like I was going blind. I couldn't open my eyes like they were glued, and my throat was as dry as an elephant. How do grown-ups wake up like this every morning?

Lucy offered me to walk with her this morning to school. I guess she assumed we were friends already. But it was very clear to me that I didn't want to be her friend again. Why would I become friends again with a horrible person who kissed my boyfriend? Lucy was working for Satin. I, unlike her, I believe, am working for the heavens. Yes, I would be much boss that way.

I turned down the offer. I told her as much as I would love to walk with her, today wasn't the time. It was true, I wasn't in the mood. But it was a lie because that wasn't the problem. It's just I didn't really count us as 'friends' yet. Like I said, it's one of the things I need time for. And like I said, I wasn't in any plan to become friends again with her... At least for now.

On the other hand, I wanted to apologize to Adam. I felt terrible for not forgiving him, and I knew today was the only day to do so. Like Zac Efron said in HSM, it's now or never.

"Adam!" I yelled across the hallway. I dashed uderneath someone's arm, and ran between two other random people. I looked at Adam.

He looked startled seeing me. He was quiet, and I was positive he had no idea what to say next because neither did I. This was his dream probably. For me to come running back and saying I was sorry to him. So he better be happy. Because I missed him so much, and that is the only reason why I'm here. Not to continue our relationship, but our friendship. I hate when friendships get awry.

"Anna," Adam said in a surprised tone. His eyes were wide with joy and excitement. He wanted to know what I was going to say, and I didn't know if he would like it or not. "How are you?" He asked, trying to continue our lousy conversation.

"Hey," I began, focusing on his hazel eyes. It was so good to be near them again.

"I'm doing good," I continued, moving lazily through our conversation, "I wanted to say that I forgive you,"

Adam looked at me, a frown on his face. Did I disappoint him? Was he upset about something else? Was he confused? Obviously I could tell he was upset about something and I wanted to know.

"What?" He asked like we were whispering across the room. Except the way he said it was louder. And that's when I realized he was confused.

"I'm forgiving you for cheating on me, and-"

"Seriously?" He interrupted, throwing his arms around my waist, twirling me around in a circle. It told me he missed me. He quickly leaned in and pecked me on the lips.

"Oh my gosh Anna! Thank you! I know I made a huge mistake, I do and I'm really sorry, and I know I can fix this, I really can. Overall, I'm just glad this relationship can go on. Cheating on you with Lucy was the biggest mistake I've ever made. Can you forgive me?" He asked, already on one knee, grabbing my hand like he was pleading me to say yes.

I stood there frozen like ice unable to move. He jumped to a conclusion too fast. I wanted to be his friend not in a relationship again. That kiss tasted sweet and bubbly like always, it knocked my courage and bravery down. And now he's begging for forgiveness with those amazing eyes. How could someone say no to that? Let me correct myself-how can I say no to that?

I swallowed my spit slowly, getting nervous. People were starting to stare, and some were even coming to watch. We were the romance couple of a presentation, we were role models. We should be demonstrating a happy love couple. Even Adam's words sounded like a speech. But demonstrating a cute couple was not what was happening. I wish it was happening... but it wasn't.

My heart pounded nervously as I looked into Adam's intense hazel eyes. I wondered if he could feel my heart punding harder than ever as he held my hand. I wondered if he felt the intensity between our eyes. I wondered if he meant what he really said. I wondered if he wanted to kiss me again. I wondered-

"Anna?" His voice was lost and confused. There was a hint of hurt and sadness in it too.

I blinked away from my thoughts, focusing back on Adam. Others around us were now confused talking amongst eachother, muttering.

"Adam," I began, trying to figure out what I should say next. "I never came here to give our relationship a second chance,"

Adam raised an eyebrow, still confused as I continued. "I came here for our friendship,"

Adam looked at me. He had no words.

He was quiet now like I was. Frozen like a statue. He probably thought how he was so stupid for kissing me like that, and bending down on one knee like this, telling me all that crap about how this was his biggest mistake. I still felt bad though. I couldn't deny that.

"Why continue our friendship? We never really had any," Adam said like nothing was wrong as he stood up from his knees.

"Well I thought we did, and if we don't we can make a friendship...?" I asked, lost in thought.

This was hopeless. Adam was a man with no senses, but could get any girl he ever wanted. A friendship was probably the furthest thing from his mind.

Adam paused still in thought. He was grabbing stuff out of his locker. His pencils, a book, and a folder when he finally looked back at me.

"Why are you forgiving me?"

I sighed taking a deep breath, repeating the sentence I learned about forgiveness. "If I follow my heart everything can change. It can be either a good change or a bad change, and it involves you... and me becoming friends again." I smiled halfheartedly.

Adam stifled a laugh, "If I say yes, can you tell me the truth on the next question I'm going to ask?"

I smirked. Why would he ask me a question and would need me to tell the truth? Don't I tell him everything? But, I didn't care. It seemed like an easy deal. He agrees to something I want him to do, and I answer a question he wants to ask. Why couldn't he just say yes like a regular person?

"Yes," I replied, my tone bringing annoyance.

"Great!" He grinned.

I couldn't help but grin back. It was an effect all boys had on me. Adam, John, Ted... who was another guy from the farm... They all had that effect on me. They were also good friends. And to me, with friends, if they laugh, I laugh. They cry, I cry. It was just what I called a 'usual' to a friendship.

"Now," Adam continued, "To my question..."

"Mhmm...." I slightly nodded, telling him to go on.

Adam slightly cleared his throat. His voice was already clear and thick. I didn't know why he was clearing it. But then he started to whisper.

It was all mumbles. That's all I heard. It sounded like, "Are ya fran pomb?" He asked it so fast, it was hard to understand.

"What?" I asked, leaning my ear in for the question.

"I said," Adam said in a regular tone, clearing his throat again. He leaned his thick lips to my ear again. But I had a feeling this may be the last time he does that. "Are you from a farm?"

I froze. My heart stopped beating. My eyes stopped blinking. I didn't hear a sound. It was lke I was far away in an optimistic land. My eyes were on Adam's but his were looking at me. They look frightened like they knew what I was going to say, or what I should say. My feet were glued to the ground as I stood there like ice. This was my ground, and my freezer. When I was frozen, it was where I belonged.

My eyes widened. I was so worried! He just told me how this was the biggest mistake in his life! What if I told him I was from a farm, and he didn't feel that way anymore? He was a popstar. It was very normal for him probably. What if he already told half the school, without even my answer yet? Were people still watching us? And most importantly, how did he figure it out?

Adam focused on me. His amazing hazel eyes were hypnotizing me again, and they were so intense, it made my heart melt. ...Like always. "Anna?" He asked, touching my arm, and starting to snap me out of it.

I staggered back and blinked. Adam was really close to me now and his christmas oreo breath was all over me. It wasn't at all like the alcohol in his breath at the party. This one was so sweet, minty, and chocolate all at the same time. But in a way, it just smelled like bad breath. I hope he was sleeping better.

"Yeah?" I said finally snapping out of it. I cleared my throat quickly afterwards, my voice didn't sound right.

He gave me a look asking if I was alright, but his amazing voice asked something else.

"Are you?" He asked, trying to get my final answer.

I had no idea what to say. If I said yes, there was no way he'll like me back again because of how I lied to him. He'll probably tell the others, and the rumor would spread like wildfire. The only person I ever told this to was Candice. Did she tell Adam?

I sighed. I had to tell him the truth. His gaze was demanding the truth like how my mom was when she asked if I was ditching. I told way too many lies. I lied to John, mom, Adam, Candice, and Ruby. Maybe they all deserved my forgiveness. I made some mistakes too.

"Yes," I breathed out, trying to maintain my ability to faint. I had to tell Adam the truth. I could no longer hide it. "I am from a farm."

Adam held his gaze on me for a few seconds, staying quiet. His eyes were widely intense in disbelief. He stood there not knowing what to say. He even looked around, trying to find a distraction. I knew that wasn't good... I knew he would do this. He's probably regretting everything he said. He'll probably say that to me next. I could just imagine it already.

He'll say it like how Edward did in 'New Moon.' "Forget all that I said," He'll begin, his voice intensed but hushed, "This is the last time you'll ever see me. I can't believe I came here, and found you," He'll say, saying the word 'you' in disgust. I winced, trying to forget that picture.

It was not what he said.

Instead he looked back at me, his eyes having such a pain, I almost thought he'd cry. I never seen a boy cry. Not even John when he begged for me. With Adam, it was real.

"Why did you lie?" He spat quietly his eyes a little bit angered towards me, but still intense.

"I knew no one would like me if I told the truth. I wouldn't had any friends. I wouldn't had gotten you to go out with me! And-"

"It doesn't matter!" Adam spat, "Everyone will hate you more now that you lied! I can't believe you based our relationship on a lie! Do you remember that was one of the first questions I asked? No wonder why you were so bizzarre whenever I talked about my uncle! I should've known!"

"Yes you should've," I said, "Do you remember tightening my Flo's dress?" I almost yelled, feeling people glance at us.

Adam's next words were hushed. But he still stared at me with shock and disbelief. "That was you?"

He looked me up and down, still trying to figure out if it was really me or not. His eyes kept getting wider with every look he took at me.

I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration, and felt my face get softer. "Can you forgive me?"

Adam looked at me like I was the most idiotic person on Earth. It was like if someone just asked 'What is Christmas?'

"Why should I forgive you?" His voice sounded harsh, and sounded like some jerk who told me I was ugly in the fifth grade. I was ugly in the fifth grade, but a person didn't have to be so rude about it.

"Because it could bring a good thing to our future!" I said quickly getting frustrated. My hands shook all over as I got more nervous. Why was Adam acting this way?

"You know what can bring a good thing to our future?" He asked like this was all crap, and none of it was true. I could tell sarcasm was coming soon.


"Me not forgiving you!" He half-shouted, rubbing his hands through his thick hair. His voice turned into anger unlike his question. He had a carefree smile, that showed love. But now his face was all serious, and it made my heart churn.

"I just came here to tell you that I forgave you for what you did, and that I needed to choose," I lowered my voice.

Adam furrowed his eyebrows in anger. His cheeks were getting puffy from how angry he was, and he was clenching his fists. His face was getting redder by the minute.

"Choose between what?" He bellowed, his voice thick and harsh.

I swallowed, feeling a lump in my throat. How could someone go from being mad, to the other person being mad...? It was messed up! I couldn't stand this anger from Adam. If this was how he was mad every day, how would I be able to live with that? Now Adam was mad at me right after I forgiven him. And there was nothing I could do about it. The sweet old Adam was gone...

"You and John," I breathed out, watching his face fall. I couldn't stand to look at the hurt in his eyes. It was painful in my stomach, and it caused emptiness in my soul. I wondered if he felt it too. It made me want to cry.

He snorted, trying to cover the pain on his face that I could easily see. "Choose John, see if I care,"

My heart dropped. I thought I really felt a pound. It was like Adam was standing before me telling me he never liked me like John did. The worst part was that it was right after he told me cheating on me was the biggest mistake. I felt water in my eyes. Trying to hide it, I bit my cheek. Telling me this was not over. We would be together soon. I wanted to tell myself that, and that it was just his turn to be mad at me. But I still wasn't so sure.

"You can go now Anna," He said harshly, rubbing his cute temple on his forehead. He turned back to his locker, turning his back on me. I didn't move. I just stayed where I was, in hope he'd say more.

He sighed as he slammed his locker. I let out a small gasp as I watched him walk away. How could he be so mad? I felt myself pout. I needed Adam. I wanted us to be togethe- ...What? No! I wanted us to be friends again. ...Just friends.

My pout never went away. It was just always there... I was still a little bit mad of how he cheated on me, but I forgave him.

Why couldn't he just forgive me...?

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