Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 22
Chapter 22

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This chapter I think will probably be short. After hearing Candice's words, she is now learning to forgive. Will she forgive Adam eventually? We'll see!
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My legs grew weaker as I walked through the same hallway the next day. Candice was finally talking to me. Lucy got used to me ignoring her, and Adam hasn't spoken to me in four weeks. It was still hard for me to get over it. And I wasn't sure if Adam was either. His hair looked even more greasy than the last time I saw him, and his eyes were looking like they were going to turn white. But I still wasn't sure if he felt guilty enough...

Today was the day I was going back to the lunchroom. I knew for the year I must've failed lunch though because for the past three weeks, I've been sitting alone in an abandoned classroom. A place where no one could find me as I ate my lunch. It was unbelievable how kids spread so much rumors these days. But there was no way I could be the top rumor still.

I entered the lunchroom. Most seats were empty, but some kids were still sitting. Most kids were by the checkout counter. I looked around, no one was paying attention to me. A girl who made fun of me two weeks ago was on her phone, and a guy who hated me since I started dating Adam was on his 'Kindle Fire', reading.

I sighed in relief, feeling no more robotic eyes on me. That was the last thing I remembered from this lunchroom, and it scared me to death. It made me not want to come back.

In the corner of one table, I could feel one set of eyes on me. And you know who it is... Adam.

He stares at me from the corner of the room as I stood in the place where I entered, looking like a goon as I waited for Candice. I was praying desperately in my head to make her say, "Over here," Or something, but it was too late.

Adam was still staring at me. It wasn't a glare, like I thought he would do if he was mad. It was just a regular stare. Creepy it was, but knowing he still liked me was really cute.

I looked at him back. His dirty t-shirt he had been wearing the last few days had dirt all over. It was like he never took care of himself anymore. I wonder what happened... Was it the guilt doing this to him? Was Candice right?

"Anna." Candice rushed over, leading me to her table, "I saved a spot for you,"

"Thanks," I said, "Where's Devon?"

"He's taking it harsh," Candice said sorrowfully. I could hear the pain and guilt from her as she spoke. It looked like her eyes were going to fill with tears as well. Being her best friend, it made me want to cry.

"Ooh," I quietly cooed in a toneless way.

Candice nodded looking guilty.

"Have you decided about Adam?" She asks, looking straight at Adam.

I turned, our eyes meeting, almost like we were actually face-to-face. "I don't know," I began, "I'm still thinking about it. ...But, his eyes do look guilty,"

"Oh trust me honey, he is," Candice laughed, almost choking on her food as she turned back to me. I got to admit. The way she said 'honey' was definitely funny. I just wasn't in the mood to laugh today. But then again, I'd probably never want to laugh again.

After lunch, I lost all feeling again. Ever since I found out the truth about Adam, I've been going numb at random or pointless times. Usually it happened whenever I saw Adam. Sometimes I wondered if Candice's kiss with Steven, was as passionate as Lucy and Adam's kiss. I was so close to actually asking Lucy that. I had to stop myself before I knew that was a really bad idea.

I had to think about it!

"Hey Anna," I heard a voice say.

No one, not one person has talked to me in weeks. I was an official loner with Candice gone. All kids stared at me like I was some freak everyday. It never got better. The worst part was the lunchroom. Sitting alone than with Candice or Adam... I was so thankful to finding that room. But thanks to Candice, ever since yesterday, I started regaining friends.

In front of me was John. He was like Candice. I didn't want to lose him.

"John," I smiled, wrapping my delicate arms around his neck in a second. I felt his arms wrap around my back. It made me want to smile bigger. I felt a blush creeping on my lips, but quickly pushed it away.

"Are you still mad at me? We never got a chance to finish the conversation we had when I first came. You spazzed out on me, and went crazy! Then you started not showing up again. At first I thought you were ditching like the farm, but obviously you're here,"

I slowly felt a smile spread on my lips. I had no idea to how much he cared. Maybe 5 percent, but I never thought more.

"You started ignoring everyone, and, and-"

"John," I said slowly, watching his eye meet mine.

"I'm not mad at you. At least... not anymore," I said, feeling my smile increase.

"I don't get it. I hurted you. ...Why are you forgiving me?"

I smiled and nodded. The way his eyes were sparkling right now was hard to make me look away or not to smile. ...And to resist.

"Why?" He asked. His voice had a tint of surprise. But his tone/mood also showed he was excited and happy about this. And between Adam and John, who would be happy about this? I could only see John smiling to this. If this was Adam, he'd want more.

"If I follow my heart by accepting your apology, everything can change. It can be either a good or a bad change. Let's hope this change is good. I hope it ends where you can forgive yourself, and we can both move on. But... it could be another 'good' change." I said with a smile.

I didn't know how he could react like. Horror? Happiness? Or would he freeze, and run with sadness?

"What do you mean?" He asked slowly. His voice sounded weak and scared. But mostly confused.

"There is a chance for us John. There will always be, but right now... I don't know. I have to see if fate will change us. If it doesn't, we're friends forever. And if we never find out, we know it's a no. It's why we both have to move on. ...Just in case." I said, wincing worriedly. I was scared to know what he would say next. I was scared for what he would say in every sentence. Anything could happen right now. He could refuse and demand to be with me... He could even kiss me if he wanted to! Like Adam would care if he saw...

"So... you're telling me to move on?"

John wasn't understanding. Adam liked me, John loved me. I liked John, but loved Adam. Steven had a crush on me, but I knew he was moving on to Candice. It made me happy because this way I knew he was out of the picture.

But John wasn't realizing my main point. There may be a chance for us someday, but there isn't now because there is so much going on. I have a decision to make. And by Candice's mistake, so does she. ...And maybe Adam too.

"No John, I'm telling you maybe,"

John's face turned hard. Reality hit him. His face turned paler as he realized what I was saying. I explained it one more time to make the message clear.

"I have a big decision to make John,"

There it was! Did you like Chapter 22? Sorry of how short it was! She forgave John! Sorry if that was none of your wishes. But could you imagine hating your first best friend all of the sudden? A friend of mine went through that and I felt bad. I had to make these two make up. In addition, they're so cute together!!!! :D

But anyways, that was the next chapter. What did yall think?

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The next chapter is a little longer but still short. We'll see if it includes Adam... XD A surprise!!!


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