Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 21
Chapter 21

Hey everyone! How are you all? I'm doing good, in hopes for that tomorrow we don't have school cuz of the snow. PRAY!!! lol. Anyways, I really hoped you liked the last chapter. Adam cheated on Anna. So now u wonder... what happens next???

Well, in this chapter, Anna is already starting to let go. Once you go through many heartbreaks, wouldn't you just get used to them? Seriously, don't hold a grudge! Lol, I'm talking too much. Also, the theme is introduced. So yeah... Anna and Adam are in here and so is Anna and Candice. Have you figured out Candice's secret??

Thanks for the reads and comments!! They are highly appreciated! Thanks for the new goals, and some new fans and the votes. Thanks!


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During the next week I completely ignored Lucy. I shut her off and everything! Whenever she spoke, I kind of just blocked it out. When I hummed, her voice got even more distant. I felt bad in my heart, but my gut was telling me I was doing good. I was being strong and she deserved it. I didn't really know if she did deserve it or not, she looked really helpless. But then again, so did Adam.

I haven't read the book 'Dark Moons' book in weeks. I guess time flies fast when you're dating someone and having fun. I was too asleep to realize how Adam was the dirty cheater. I read Dark Moons when I was trying to get over John. For some reason, telling myself he was a dirty cheater actually made me feel better. Now I'm doing the same to Adam and it feels good too.

Adam was a big star. He was my boyfriend too, but not anymore. I don't know why I ever thought he ever cared about me. He never did, and probably never will. He was a pop star. Why would a pop star ever look at a boring old person like me? It would've never worked. Could you imagine what would happen if he found out I was from a farm?

As the next bell rang for second period, I rushed out of Lucy and Candice's classroom quickly, avoiding people's eyes on me. Rumors were still going around because of Adam and John's fight. It was the biggest thing in school. I wasn't going to talk to Lucy, like I said earlier. Right now I wasn't ready, and Candice? We haven't talked in two weeks. She refused to let me help her with her hangover and I still wondered why. She refuses to tell me. I wonder if it has something to do with Adam...

Why did drama have to happen always to me since I went to Cortine's? Couldn't it happen to someone else? Why was it always me?

I turned my locker's knob again, the same combination repeating in my head. It popped open and I poured my things in quickly like a waterfall. I grabbed some other notebooks, slamming the locker, and was about to leave. But then there was Adam.

"Hey," He replied calmly, not looking me in the eyes, turning away.

He didn't look any different. Not bad, but not really good either. His thick black hair looked a lot more greasier than usual. His eyes looked dead tired like he was exhausted, and his fingernails looked chewed from maybe guilt...?

"What do you want?" I asked, my voice turning serious. I was guessing he knew Lucy told me. But from what Adam was saying, I realized he didn't even know yet that I knew what happened.

"I don't think we should see eachother anymore-" He began, his voice thick and clear.

"Yeah-" I began, agreeing.

I wanted to go on, but Adam interrupted.

"It's just not working out, Anna. I want our relationship to work, I really do. But with John being back, Ruby being jealous, and you ignoring me... it's not going to work, and I know you'll say you weren't ignoring me, but let me explain. It's-"

"Not me and you?" I asked, interrupting, wanting to know if that's what he was going to say.

There was no answer. That was what he was going to say? That line was so cheesy! It was from every movie with a breakup I've ever watched!

"Save it Adam," I began pausing. I quickly licked my lips from how dried they were and continued, "I know you cheated on me. Lucy told me, and now I'm not talking to you or her. Were you really going to lie about it?" I asked in disbelief.

"Anna, I am so sorr...-" Adam continued, ignoring my question. I slowly interrupted.

"I trusted you! And after I told you about John..." I said... I shook my head in disappointment.

"Like I said," He continued, "I'm sorry,"

"Sorry doesn't work in this situation," I said without hesitating, which was true. These were those times that you could do nothing on. You have to let it pass no matter how much the pain gets to you.

I turned, and started to walk away, my back to Adam. Not only was I not forgiving him, I had to go to class. I did not want him to come running back. ...No matter how much it was killing me.


It was killing me! All day I had to walk around, knowing for sure he really did cheat on me. Lucy saying it was one thing, but Adam telling me it was true was another... Why couldn't he just lie to me? That would make things so much better! Words could not describe how I felt.

It was killing me to sit alone at lunch with everyone's eye on me as I drank my milk. It was horrible seeing Lucy and Candice laugh with their friends. Candice was forgetting me, and I can feel it. I didn't want to accept Adam's apology because in that case, he would want to be back with me. It would be easier for me to say yes too. I'd watch him throw away his food, and lick his fingers and smile like always. I usually sat by him at lunch, but now I had no one. I haven't realized all the friends I had. I should've been thankful for what I had.

I stood up. Everyone's voices fell silent, and all their heads turned to me. It was like watching automatic robots with human eyes. It was creepy.

I focused my head out of the lunch room, asking a teacher for permission to go to the bathroom. I was carrying food, but I don't even think he noticed or cared. He just looked away from a friend, nodded at me, and turned back to the lady who was talking again.

I turned to look at the students. I watched their heads immediately turn back to their food or friends. The room filled with loud talking, whispers, and laughters again. It reminded me of being wiith Adam. My eyes filled with tears as I walked out of the room in a steady pace. I didn't want people to notice I was crying.

I left the cafeteria, heading for the stairs. I jolted down, holding onto the rail that probably held millions of germs for the past ten years when the school was first made. I ran into a dead end that held a little area that didn't even look like it was being used.

It was abandoned. There was an empty one classroom next to it with no seats, and not even a whiteboard. Just a desk that was really dusty.

I turned on the light, letting the room blink to life. I look around the room. There was really nothing. Besides a desk with no computer, and a light, one book shelf at the end. I looked at the empty room for a while. I could come down here to eat lunch sometimes. Besides, it looked way too abandoned.

I headed in, setting my tray of lunch on the empty desk. Grabbing my fork, I digged in. The lunch was disgusting. An ugly meat and saggy potatoes were in front of me. The carrots weren't even cooked the way they promised. Raw. Some people like raw carrots, but yuck. I couldn't stand them.

I ate alone for the rest of the week. I would just slowly take my time and walk to my locker, making sure I was one of the last few people in the hallway. Then I'd run downstairs into the abandoned room where I now ate my lunch. It's been a while since I have talked to Candice. And there was no way I was talking to Adam or Lucy either. I was still holding my grudge against them.

"Anna," I heard as I was about to open the classroom door to the abandoned room.

I looked around for the person who called for me. First behind me. No one. Then around me. ...No one. It was a fail. I finally looked up from where I was. I was in the center between all the staircases. Peering down on top of the stairs was Candice. I was shocked she even came here to talk to me. But mostly I wondered how she came here or found me.

"How did you find me?" I asked curiously, repeating my thoughts.

"Oh, easy. I just followed you down here. I haven't seen you at lunch lately. I thought you left. But you were here... the whole time. Funny how no one knew about this room. I've been here since last year, and-"

"Candice," I sighed, interrupting her. She stopped, turning her head to face me. She was now right next to me which was incredibly fast how she came down the stairs.

There was a slight pause as I waited for her to answer. She didn't, so I just continued, "You haven't talked to me in weeks. What is the real reason why you're here?"

Candice's face fell.

"Anna, I'm worried about you. Look at you! You're eating lunch down here in the dark alone in an abandoned classroom. Don't you want to sit with you're friends?" She asked.

"What friends?" I asked.

"Ad-," She paused, her face breaking, "Is the rumor true?" She asks.

I shrugged, "The rumor of Adam cheating? Yeah..."

Candice gasped, rushing to hug me.

"I am so sorry! I'm your best friend here! I should've been here to help you, but instead I pushed you away," Her voice was cracking, and I could tell she was going to break into tears. She must've felt so bad.

"I'm so sorry Anna, please forgive me," She begged.

I laughed. The way she was acting was just how I acted when I forgot John's birthday. John was a sweetheart, telling me not to worry, and to give him two presents next year. I still remembered. I think I should be the same way about Candice. John helped me when I let him down, the least I could do was do the same for Candice.

"Anna," I began calmly, "Don't worry about it,"

"Huh?" She asked.

"How can you be so nice to me? After all, I just let you down,"

"I'm forgiving you. I want to be your friend Candice, and if I follow my heart everything can change. It could be either a good change or a bad change,"

Candice smiled, and quickly said, "Ya' know, for someone who just lost all of their friends, I think you're doing ok,"

I smiled back and nodded. Thanks to her, right now, I was actually feeling better for the first time in weeks.

"I'm so sorry for ignoring you," She apologized, reaching me for a hug. I took the offer, grabbing onto her arms. We kept apologizing to eachother. But once we let go, silence took over.

I looked through her. She was wearing a regular blue t-shirt that day with a pink scarf and pink boots. She always had good fashion at school.

"There's something else I need to tell you," Candice began, her voice shaking.

Oh gosh, I knew this wouldn't be good. How come there is so much drama? Just what I need! As soon as I can get a friend back! Seriously? I was expecting the worst to come now.

But it wasn't worst. It was much simpler to deal with.

"Adam cheating on you isn't the rumor..."

"It's something about me," I added quietly in a mutter.

"It has something to do with your best friend. That's why I told you to leave me alone. Not only there's a rumor of Adam, but there's a rumor of me. ...I wanted to cause you less pain, and obviously, that's not working," She said, looking at me up and down.

"What's the rumor?"

"Besides you and Adam breaking up, so you can go to John?"

I nodded.

She swallowed nervously, I could see the lump in her throat. That's how nervous she was.

"I feel worse hearing Adam cheat on you, because after you hear what I did, you're going to be so much angrier,"

"The rumor was that I cheated on Devon Whip,"

My heart dropped. How could someone spread a rumor like that? This was getting out of hand! This was our drama, and the whole school was getting involved! And two cheats between all my friends? That couldn't be! It had to be not true...

"Is it... true?"

Candice sighed in guilt.

I gasped. How could she? I mean-

"I feel terrible!" Candice breathed in a panic, interrupting my thoughts. "I still can't believe I actually cheated on him. He was so cute, and one of the populars. It was just one kiss! One! And Adam told me with Lucy it was one kiss too. We feel the same way! Terrible! Please Anna, believe me and how I regret this!-"

"I do," I sighed, interrupting.

"Then hear me out," She said pausing, "How I feel about Devon I realize is nothing. And I should've realized that before. If I tell him, you know how I would feel, right? Steven is the one I kissed. The one who likes you. And I know you're going to freak out, but don't. The truth is, when I kissed him... I felt sparks," She said, describing his kiss.

I smiled when I heard her say that. If she wanted to be with Steven, I was happy for her. If she liked him, and he liked her, maybe they belonged with eachother. She could have Steven. Why did I care? Yes, he had a crush on me, but I never had a crush on him back.

"He told me yesterday he still liked me, and I should be with him. I want to say yes, but I don't want to hurt Devon. I already cheated on him, and just the fact how he didn't believe the rumor made me feel worse. What should I do?" She asked, her eyes focusing on mine.

"Do you like Steven or Devon?" I asked carefully.

"Steven. Steven definitely!" Candice said, her eyes widening.

"Steven it is. Talk to Devon, tell him he just ...wasn't the one,"

"Ok," Candice sighed, "And since we're on the same subject, you need your closure too,"

My eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

"Let me speak," She began. I sighed. This was going to take a while.

"Adam feels terrible. He had never felt so bad like this before. He thinks now you think he'd probably do that to you because he's a star, well guess what? He said that he misses you incredibly. He feels so guilty, he says he hasn't been able to sleep for the past month. The past month!"

...That would explain his dead eyes in November...

"You have to forgive him!" Candice concluded.

I sighed, rolling my eyes. Adam broke my heart. Why should I give him a second chance?

"Adam broke my heart. Why should I give him a second chance?"

Candice sighed looking into my brown eyes. I decided not to wear my blue contacts today.

"Because... like you said, if you follow your heart, everything can change. It can be either a good change or a bad change. Either way, your forgiving made the pain go away for both of us. Not only will this help you let go, but it will help him," Candice concluded.

I was speechless. She took my moral and totally changed it into a way of how I could solve all my problems. My gut told me to stay strong and be mad, but now my heart was telling me stronger than ever to forgive.

"Think about it Anna," Candice began, walking up the stairs to leave. We used our whole lunch period.

"This can change your life,"

Realizing how much Candice was hurting, made me start to think. Maybe Candice was right. Maybe he was sorry. But was he that sorry? Or will he cheat on me again with Angela from the farm next time? I didn't know what to think. It was my decision. I guess I should know...

Forgiving Candice was a way of forgiving myself. I wanted her back in my life, so I saved myself all that heartbreak. Will being strong work? Or will forgiving someone change my life?

And you know what?

Forgiving someone did.


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