Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 81
Where's Lexi?



As soon as the ceremony was over, I searched for my parents amongst the growd of ecstatic newlygrads. I patted Jaycee's back, and bid him goodbye.

"See you 'round." He said as he patted my back too.

I searched for the familiar brown haired girl that I loved, that girl on the pink dress that walked away from the ceremony earlier. I was hoping that she just badly had to pee, like the way she always does whenever there was a special occasion.

"Mom!" I waved my hand at her as I saw her searching the crowd too. We made our way to the probably hundreds of people that was jeering and wailing.

Lexi wasn't with my parents. Where could she have ran off to?

"Where's Lexi?" I immediately asked my parents as soon as we got ourselves out of the pool of people.

My mom looked around, as if it was just now that she noticed that her daughter was nowhere to be found. "Oh my, she said she was just going to the bathroom."

I looked around and sighed. "I'm skipping the aftergrad party." I said. "There's nothing more important than being around my family than being with those people I'm gladly leaving."

My dad patted my back like he was proud of what I just said. "Well, let's just text Lexi for now." He said.

My mom looked at me with sudden sadness in her eyes again. "Our Lexi probably wants to be alone." She said in a worried tone. "But I'll go text her, let's head out to the parking lot for now."

I looked back at her like I understood what she meant. But right now I was so sure that Lexi did walk out of the ceremony. And I was pretty sure that she doesn't want us looking for her either.


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