Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 76
I smiled back, and gave him a thumbs up.



I sat beside mom and dad during the ceremony, and all I could do was stare at the crowd of seniors that was obviously so happy that they were finally graduating. I was happy too, sort of. I was proud of Ethan finally taking a step ahead-- close to reaching his dreams. And as for me, I'm being selfish because I honestly wanted to ask him to stay. But I knew better than that, I think. Today was something special, something I shouldn't ruin for my brother. If there was someone that would make things easier for him and I to move on and get our lives over with, it was me. I had to accept it. I had to let go.

Ethan looked back at mom and dad as soon as the crowd settled in as the principal stood up in the stage, ready to own the podium with his 30 minute congratulatory speech. I was sure that mom and dad smiled, because Ethan smiled too. His eyes met mine, and at that moment, I know that it would be best for the two of us to start moving on as soon as now.

I smiled back, I gave him a thumbs up.

He smiled back too, then looked away.

I bit my lower lip as soon as he looked away, trying to bite back the pain and tears that suddenly wanted to pour in. If there was something that I wanted to escape from this day, it would be the thought of Ethan attending this after-grad party that would probably last until morning, and I wouldn't even have the time to spend at least a dinner with him tonight.

Ethan would leave the next day. Mom and dad said he had to quickly find a place to settle in, and start off a new life by getting his part-time job somewhere.

I'm going to be okay. I told myself. And I surely hoped that my heart and mind would believe it.


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