Mortal Kombat
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 16
Chapter 16

Rose's P.O.V
I was fine.I had to call a meeting a VERY important meeting.
"Everyone!Dinning Room !Emergency Meeting!" Everyone came in running
"I bring sad news"

*6 hours Earlier*
Rose VS Reptile,Scorpion,Sub-Zero,Smoke, and Noob Saibot.
Round 1 FIGHT
I started with a powerful 16 hit combo that knocked out Reptile.
Scorpion threw his spear but i dodged and threw my sai's.
Sub-Zero made and ice copy and i ran into it .I Turned into water and knocked him out.
Smoke just fell over cause my mask was off.
Noob became Narcoleptic (falling asleep at random times-search narcolepsy)So easy win

Rose wins

Round two fight

Reptile did and Acid Spit and a Fast Forceball .I did a blood ball and uppercut followed my Leaping Lunch.
Scorpion became Narcoleptic and easy win.
Sub-Zero fainted
Smoke turned invisible but i won

Finish Him
I threw up my sai's and kicked them his way.One though his heart and throat.

*6 hours Later*

"I bring sad news" i say

Mileena's P.O.V
Rose,Sad news, not a good pair.

"i will be leaving,for good"
Everyone was mumbling and i hear Nudge scream along with Angel
"I have to,No one is to follow me or they will die because of me." Rose continued,"for your own good"
Room was filled of crying but most of it was the flock and I.
"Good bye" she jumped off the table and leapt out the window.

(So this was the end,I will write a good bye song in the next chapter i will write a new series of stuff,Same names not whats exspected.I will pick up here and modify it and turn it into a new series.Thank you for all my readers whom have kept reading from the first book.)


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