Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 19
Chapter 19

Hey everyone! If you didn't notice in my last chapter, I need more votes. If you vote for me, thank you. It means alot to me, and that I know for sure I have some fans out there. So if u vote, great! And thank you! Thanks for the reads as well. Every chapter I post, I love how the reads increase.

I hoped the last chapter was good. When I was writing it, I thought it would never end. So long! So yeah... This chapter I'm going to guess will be 2-3 pages? So.. about medium?

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Adam did something he may regret in the past chapter. Can you figure out what it is? (Comment it if you'd like!) And John will go farther than what Anna is able to handle.

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I entered class that following Monday feeling nervous. I left the party soon after the truth game was over, not seeing Adam or Candice again. What happened in there? I completely forgot about my promise to myself as well to focus on Adam and keep him away from Lucy. But I had no idea what Lucy tried to do. And I really wanted to know what she wanted to do.

I really wondered what would happen today. I wondered if Candice would remember anything, or if Adam would be mad because John came.

I never wanted John to come. He just did. Luckily Steven is so crazy in love with me, he had let John crash into his place last night. I practically had to beg him to let John stay at his place. It was either that, or John would crash mine. And I wasn't so sure of that because Adam could count that as cheating.

I breathed heavily as I sat next to Candice. The class was so quiet, too quiet in fact. They were all probably still drunk from the party.

I looked at Candice. She looked so hungover. She sat in her seat, her head bent in boredom, and her eyes, having zero expression. She looked dead tired. She still had the same make-up as yesterday, and her hair looked completely messed up. I was guessing she didn't take a shower. But it looked like no one else did either.

"Candice?" I asked, tapping her shoulder.

She blinked as an reply.

"What time did you go to bed?" I asked slowly, hoping she would be able to understand. Whenever I was hungover, I would never be able to make out what people say. It had to be slower.

"I was tah bed a fih," She slurred, not even looking at me.

"At five?" I asked, trying to make sure what I thought she said.

"Yeh," She put it simply.

She looked so exhausted and out of it. At this point, the best thing to do was sleep. She should've ditched school and slept. I knew she would've felt better. That's what always made me feel better.

"You need sleep," I sighed in frustration, my voice getting thick with worry.

"Nah," She slurred, her eyes fixed at the front of the room where a bottle of water was.


I tried to ignore Candice that day. I felt bad for her and how she was so hungover. I wanted to help her. But I couldn't. Dealing with a hangover person right now was just way too much. Who I needed to talk to right now was Adam. I needed to ask him a few questions. I was so worried. I wish I could apologize to Candice. I'll do it later today.

I walked to my locker, quickly putting in the combination. Once it opened, I filed my things in, taking other things out also for my next classes. I looked at a different direction, spotting Adam walk by. His locker was pretty close to mine. I can't believe I never noticed it before. I slammed my locker, not caring if the teachers nearby heard it.

"Adam," I nearly shouted across the hallway, rushing towards him. I stopped once I reached him, waiting for his reply. He didn't answer. He didn't even look at me. He stood there like an idiot for one moment, slammed his locker, and just like that he walked away.

I stood there barely able to breathe. I couldn't feel my lungs or throat. It just wasn't there. How could I be stood up twice? Was there something wrong with me? Why was Adam ignoring me? I couldn't face the fact that something was wrong. I was wondering why he had just ignored me. Obviously he heard me call him. He just stopped to look at his locker in guilt for ten seconds. What just happened?

I walked to my next class stunned. The whole entire day I was stunned... frozen. I didn't understand why Adam was mad at me. It couldn't possibly be because of Lucy. Her threat didn't work. But then again, I did leave the party early and didn't keep my eyes on Adam like I promised myself I would. Ruby had her chance. And I was scared because there might've been a time where she decided to make that threat happen. I wondered if she did... But at this point, I'll probably never know.

But Steven's words were carefully kept in my mind, "Well you better enjoy it because after tonight, you and Adam won't be together anymore,"

As I put the sentence together with information of what just happened, could it be? Was he ignoring me because of the party? Maybe this had something to do with Lucy's plan... Were Lucy and Steven working together? So many questions were coming up in my mind, and I wanted every single one of them to be answered.

Finally I was back at the dorm. Cortine's was becoming more like my second home to me. Lately whenever I came to the dorm, I felt this happy feeling of warmth inside of me. It was telling me now I could hide from all the stress, chill, and just relax.

I walked over to the brown sofa, carefully setting my feet up in the cushion in front of me. I grabbed the remote from the side table, barely able to reach it because of how lazy I was. I had to readjust how I was sitting before I was finally able to turn on the television.

"I'm leaving," Lucy said as she came in, grabbing a different purse.

"But you just got here, and what for?" I asked, suddenly interested enough to turn my head from the television.

"I need to talk to a friend about important things. I'll be back in a little bit," She reassured me, opening the door.

"Who?" I asked.

I was pretty sure she heard me because she even paused to hear what I had to say. But still. She turned, ignored me and left.

I was starting to get suspicious. She heard me, paused, and left with guilt. Why would she have guilt? This was Ruby I was thinking. She never felt guilty! She was a sour pack of gummy worms for all I knew. And it was crazy what I was thinking because Adam did the same thing when he ignored me. Were they on the same side? But, wouldn't that mean Adam, Lucy, and Steven were all on the same side?

I gasped. Everything was turning into my worst nightmare. Everyone was turning against me, and I had nothing to reply back with. Before I knew it, John would be on their side too. I was so lost and confused. But now I was incredibly suspicious.

I may have been jumping on conclusions too much, but you have to admit, this is getting interesting. I could feel the suspension building up as I watched 'South Park.'

Man, I loved 'South Park.' Stan was not only the main character, but the funniest. Everything out of him would make me crack up. Dad was the one who introduced me to the show, so I guess I knew it would be funny.

I missed my parents. Dad was always so laid back and chill. He'd keep quiet, and just agree with my mom on whatever she'd say. Mom on the other hand, was so sophisticated, and mature. She was way out of my dad's league, and made most of our family's money. They were complete opposites, but I loved them. They've been my family for as long as I could remember.

I smiled. It's been a while since I smiled it feels like. With all the drama going on these past few days, I feel like I haven't smiled in years. A year without a smile or you, is like a year without rain. A song by Selena Gomez.

I raised my head, hearing the bell ring. Lucy was back already? That was quick, I thought it would be at least thirty minutes.

I was right. Lucy would be back in twenty minutes, because it wasn't her. And of course you woud know that it was John.

"Hey," I breathed out, trying to make my nerves calm as I let John in.

It felt like a billion of years since we talked or saw each other even though it was just yesterday.

"Hey, can we talk? It's really important?" He asked, sounding nervous.

I hated 'important' talks. They were either serious talks where you get in trouble or talks where drama is brought up. My mom talked to me once saying how she was angry at me for ditching. Now John was going to talk to me for past drama... Cortine's just keeps getting better. Will this relationship last?

"Uh, sure," I said not really of sure of what I wanted now.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry,"

"Huh?" I asked, unsure with what I was hearing.

"I'm really sorry for what I said to you. What I said, was just unfair and cruel. I hurted my best friend, and I feel terrible. And the worst part is, is that I think I may be in love with her,"

I was speechless. Anything I could say right now would never match up to that. The truth was, I didn't think I loved John. I liked him, but not loved. Maybe if I didn't leave to Cortine's, I would've fell for him. But that didn't happen.

"Please say you're in love with me," John begged, ranting on.

"I-I-" I stuttered, so lost.

"Look Anna," John began, looking into my eyes, "I know I hurt you so much when I said our whole relationship was based on a fling. And I know you won't forgive me, but it wasn't. To me, our friendship was true... pure, and I would never want to loose it. Yes, I may have a crush on Angela, but that doesn't matter. I'm in love with you,"

As I heard John finish, I thought my eyes would fill up with tears. Listening to how we broke up, and remembering all those good times we had together was too much at this moment. I had to worry about Adam, and now this? I thought I'd start bawling. But it never came out. And maybe it was a sign I was getting over John. ...Not falling back to him.

"John, that's sweet, but I have a boyfriend now," I said, looking down at a bracelet Adam gave me. It looked so pretty. It's sparkling beads were dazzling around my wrist. I smiled as I fiddled with it.

"Adam Levine? The dude from the costume shop? Why did you want us to leave so fast? You didn't even know that was him at the time!"

"Yeah John, but something told me I shouldn't see his face. He helped me with my dress, that's why I didn't want you to know anything of what happened. In addition, I didn't think it would be good to let him see my face. And I was right! It would've been a bad idea because I came here, and hid my setting of where I came from! My mind told me to do this, God told me to do this!" I stated, trying to reason with him.

John didn't look surprised. It was like he knew I lied to him the whole time and how Adam did my dress, or how I first thought he was hot. He read my mind like he always did. I thought he would be surprised, but I was wrong.

"And look where that brought you to," John said angrily, making my eyes fill with tears.

And that's when I realized he was right.

Look at me...
I was falling over in heartbreak again.
Let me be...
As I die while someone tries to catch me.

But I fall and fall,
Because no one saves me,
And the circle starts again,
Because no one hears me,

Look at me.

Everything was not turning into what I wanted it to be...


Hey everyone, author speaking: What did yall' think? What is Adam's mysterious secret? Who do you think Lucy went to talk to? What did Steven mean? And most importantly, do u believe John's apology?


Thanks! -Pin3apple:)


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