Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 18
Chapter 18

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After my shower at Candice's, I decided it was time to go back and face Lucy. I wasn't just going to mope around in sadness and not go to her party. She may have threaten me about my relationship with Adam, but what can she do?

I was almost ready. I was just finishing putting on my make-up. I had to look good if I was going to impress Adam and make Lucy jealous. What was I thinking of that? Gosh, something is wrong with me. All I had to do after this was put on my lip gloss, perfume, and grab my coat. That's how close I was from leaving!

I couldn't wait to see Adam. Every nerve in my body felt like it was on a floating cloud. I was a princess in the castle on a cloud. I loved that song! Castle On A Cloud.

"There is a castle on a cloud,
I like to go there in my sleep,
Aren't any floors for me to sweep,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a room that's full of toys,
There are a hundred boys and girls,
Nobody shouts or talks too loud,
Not in my castle on a cloud.

There is a lady all in white,
Holds me and sings a lullaby,
She's nice to see and she's soft to touch,
She says "Cosette, I love you very much."

I know a place where no one's lost,
I know a place where no one cries,
Crying at all is not allowed,
Not in my castle on a cloud." I sang.

I loved that song. Les Miserables was an old favorite musical of mine. I remembered in fifth grade the city doing a play about it. I could've got it if it wasn't for Sauna. Sauna was just like Ruby or Mrs. Hall. A self-centered brat-to be specific. I cringed at the thought.

Speaking of a brat, I was really scared. I knew Lucy wouldn't be able to break me and Adam apart. But what was she thinking? She couldn't tell him my secret, she didn't hear me telling my farm secret to Candice. ...Or did she? Maybe that was exactly what she was thinking.

Fear quickly rushed from my head to toe. It covered my feelings, happiness, and any other thoughts from different things. I was so blinded at the moment. That's when the dorm bell rang.

Who would come over now? Wasn't everyone going to Lucy's party?

It wasn't Adam. It wasn't Candice. ...Or her boyfriend. And hallelujiah, it wasn't Lucy. But there was only one other option.



My mouth dropped as I saw him. Not because he looked different or any hotter, but because he was here. John was here! At Cortine's, after he said he never wanted to see me as a fling or friend again. At first, I wasn't fine with that, but after I laid my eyes on Adam, I said goodbye to John, and hello to Adam. Obviously it was going to take a while for John to lay off.

John stood in the doorway looking as confident as ever. He wore an annoying small pout on his face that asked for forgiveness. I stood strong as I looked through his features. The cute blond locks around his ears, the amazing blue eyes that always sparked through me, and his mindblowing muscles. Although I've never seen a guy with better muscles than Adam. Adam... What would he think if he saw John? I told him all about John already.

Finally I looked back at John. I looked at him wondering after we stared into eachother's eyes for ten minutes, what would we do after? I didn't want it to be akward. I wish at these times we could just stay like this, and not give any heck to what happens next. To John, he must think this will mean alot to me. And it does, but that's not what I want. To be honest, I'm not sure of what I want.

I thought it was John...

Then I thought Adam...

Now, well... I just don't know.

John looked me up and down too, judging my new features since I left. I layered my hair for the first time when I came, I got different brand of contacts that made my eyes blue, and I was wearing alot more make-up often. I tottally forgot how John didn't like make-up. He was probably going to judge me. But how was I supposed to know he was really serious about coming here?

"You look nice," He finally said, looking at my blue dress Candice got me.

I looked down. The new dress was now officially my favorite. The best part was the bow in the middle, and how it was placed so perfectly. It had two thin straps going over my shoulders, and it went just below my knees. Usually I would've been so uptight about showing too much, but I couldn't resist. I saw this in Candice's closet, and instantly fell in love with it. Then Candice later said I could wear it for the dance.

"Thanks," I said, looking back at him.

He was wearing his usual. Dark blue jumper with a yellow t-shirt, which now when I think of it... looks ridiculous. No wonder why city folks didn't like our outfits.

"Can we talk?" John said, a worried expression on his face, like he knew I was going to run.

"I can't, I'm going to a party. And how did you find out my room number? Wait, my mom told you didn't she?"

He stood there silently. I didn't know what to think. Did he not know what to say, or did he just not want to say it, knowing it would hurt me or make me mad.

"Don't be mad!" He said.

"I'm not mad at her," I simply put. Which was true. I wasn't mad at my mom. Why would I be mad at someone who comforted me and was being helpful to a guy who he thought he was in love with me? The only person I could be mad at the moment was John.

"Do you have time to talk before the party?"

"No," I quickly replied without hesitation.

"Can I come? There was a party sign next to the library. Anyone's allowed to come, right?" John asked, a playful smirk on his face.

I loved that smile. Whenever he was at his happiest, or whenever he was joyful, he had that sense of humor I always loved. It made me want to smile. And just the thought of him in love with me... I know I like Adam, but I don't know who I want.

I started thinking. Nothing would happen if John came. Sure, Adam may be a little mad or jealous but that was good. A little fiesty air was good, right? It was about time he starts realizing what he'll miss if he breaks my heart. But I didn't want to play John the way he played me.

"Fine, you can come. But we're from Sacramento! Only Candice, my best friend knows we're from a farm," I said, quickly grabbing my purse.

"Why would you lie?" I heard John ask.

"Because I don't want people making fun of me,"

"Well yeah, but if it means that much to you, you shouldn't have come here,"

"What? You're just trying to get me back home now?" I asked, my anger rising.


"Then stop trying to call me, text me, and try talking to me! If I wanted to come back, don't you think I would've done it by now?"

John's face fell. He looked so hopeful when I started talking back to him. It's like I just watched my mom stab herself with a knife, and just smiled at her shattering heart. I felt terrible. Was there anything I could do... to make it up?

"You can still come. You can crash at my-" I paused at the word boyfriend. I hoped John didn't take it hard. "Boyfriend's house," I said, stuttering at the word boyfriend.

John's face lit up a bit, but was still looking depressed. I don't think I could get his hopes higher than that. I told him the truth. I had a boyfriend here, and just the thought of him made me smile.



We arrived at the party a little later than what I told Candice I'd be there by. I entered seeing Lucy's face fall at my decision. She suddenly let out a devilish smile, turning around, and going deeper through the crowd. Where was she going? Adam? I had to follow!

"I'll be right back John," I said, following Lucy.

John was the first thing on my mind. He probably stood there, hopelessly confused, and wanting me to introduce him to people. I felt bad leaving him like that, but how was I supposed to say that Adam Levine was my boyfriend? He must've no idea what happened when I was gone, and now Adam will want to know what happened too. I needed to choose which guy soon, and fast before my secret fell apart.

I continued following Lucy. I almost had to run to catch up. I almost lost her multiple times over crowds but in every blink I'd see her and think she's right there. But the next crowd was too much. I tried pushing through, and finally this one drunk dude moved. But it was too late. I lost Lucy. She disappeared in here probably trying to find Adam.

"There you are Anna," Someone slurred behind me.

I turned, looking at the face of Steven, Lucy's practice boyfriend. I rolled my eyes. He was obviously drunk.

"Go away, don't you have that one girl who you were trying to make jealous?"

I watched his face fall. He suddenly looked so depressed like John. Was it the alcohol doing this?

"You don't get it," he began, grabbing hold of my wrists. He pulled me in closely right below his face. I could smell the alcohol in his breath as he spoke. I tried pulling away, but his grip was too strong.

"It's you" He slurred.

"What?" I asked, not sure of what I heard.

"You're so oblivious, Anna. Lucy and I were trying to make you jealous,"

I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing. How could three boys like me or love me? This was just crazy! I was dating Adam. John was in love with me, and now I'm hearing a dude I don't even talk to likes me. This was just too much.

"I'm sorry Steven," I breathed out, "I'm already dating Adam, and I feel like I'm in a major crisis,"

"Well you better enjoy it because after tonight, you and Adam won't be together anymore," He smirked, turning away and disappeared quickly.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, but it was far too late. He already went into the crowd too much, and I couldn't see him anymore.

What did he mean this was the last night of mine and Adam's relationship? I was getting worried. Lucy's threat, Candice nowhere seen, Adam nowhere seen, and John here telling me he's in love with the girl from the farm, and wants her to come back.

I should just tell him to go. I don't want to sound mean, but we were in the past. For all I knew, us wasn't happening for me and John again. He had his chance. But then where would I be? Dreading my loss of how I had the perfect guy in front of me...? What if that was Adam?

"Anna!" I heard behind me. It was loud shouts from a not-so-far-away distance.

I glanced behind me. A couple pushing through between me and the person shouting for me was coming through, dancing to the music, and holding their drinks up. Seriously, get a room.

In front of me was a girl with dark eyeliner, thick mascara, and blue eye shadow. Candice.

She looked fabulous tonight. Her bright teeth probably looking dashing to every boy and her dress definitley impressing her new boyfriend. What was his name... I couldn't remember...

"Where's Adam?" Candice asked, looking around our area.

"I feel like I've been trying to look for him all night," I said, my fear rising.

Candice shrugged, probably too drunk to care. "Want to play 'Truth' with us over there?" She asked, her head nodding in the direction towards other people.

I looked. There was some goth dude and chick holding hands, a fat guy eating pringles, and some other people I may have seen once or twice but never really talked to them. The only person there I recognized was John.

"Uh," I began stuttering.

Candice grabbed my arm with a tight grip as I tried the other way, going as much as I could against her to get her grip off of me. She finally let go. But I was already with the group.

"Sit," Candice said sternly which surprised me. Candice was always so nice, helpful, and gave people really good advice. Who knew being drunk could change a person so much...?

I loooked around the people among me. John looked so confident and pumped up. I didn't know he was into parties. Others around us just seemed bored out of their minds. It was either because they just got drunk, or just didn't want to come. Either way, I didn't really care. Besides everyone here, I was so nervous. I hated truth. It always hurted someone in the end. Especially when me and Candice played it with Lucy. Lucy! Where was she? Most inportantly, where's Adam?

"Now," Candice began, her voice shaking, "Let us wait as this other crowd joins us,"

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I turned, watching many people our age sit by us, with drinks and other people's hand in their hands. Some people I actually recognized. There was Julie, Sophia, Luke, Steven, Olivia, Lucy, and Adam.

My heart started pounding. Everyone was here... Lucy, Adam, John, and Steven. Everyone I was afraid of coming together were now coming together. Will they be a team and go against me?

"Welcome," Candice slurred, "As we begin our game of 'Truth'. I'll go first!"

I sighed. My heart was pounding so nervously, I could barely breathe. I could feel Adam's eyes on me. But then I felt John's and Lucy's. Would this nightmare ever end? Could they hear my heart pounding under my chest?

"Anna," Candice slurred.

I felt my head spin. I felt like I was going to puke. My intestines were like going to explode if I didn't get out of here soon.

I looked at Candice. Her face looked so pale which made me realize she must've drank way too much.

"Have you ever... kissed more than ten guys in a room before?"

I felt relief go through me, and the nausea disappear. This shouldn't hurt anyone. There were exactly ten boys here, so of course not.

"No," I said without hesitation.

"Ok," She grinned, "Well do it now. Kiss all of these guys," She smirked.

I felt the nausea come back up as my mouth dropped down. I could feel that John, Steven, and Lucy smiled at that. But I knew Adam was up with me on this one.

"You can't do that! This is 'Truth' not 'Truth Or Dare!'" I said angrily.

"This isn't fair Candice! How would you think I'd feel if Anna kissed everyone here in this game!"

Candice sighed, "Adam, don't worry, you'll get your kiss,"

I could tell Adam's face had a little bit more of a relief, but it was still really angry. I wouldn't blame him. Why would Candice make me do this?

I turned. The fat guy was first. I held in my nausea as he pressed his lips against mine. His kiss was terrible! It was sloppy, tasted like chips and burgers, and stanked like bad B.O. I forcefully pulled out of the kiss, gasping for air. And I mean like actual air. It was torture kissing that guy, whoever his name was.

The next guy was some goth guy. His kiss was much better. It was okay, but not my type. Although, as soon as I kissed him, he got carried away, and put me on top of his lap. I squirmed, trying to get away but his grip was too tight. I tried talking bad things through his lips but it was no use. I couldn't get away.

"Ok, my turn," I heard a voice next to me. Adam.

He grabbed me from the goth guy's lap, pulling me into a kiss. Although his touch was always the best. He held on tighter, wanting me all to himself. At least now this guy knew what he would miss. I deepened the kiss a little more, but not too much. I didn't want to go all phsycho at a party like this.

He finally released me and whispered, "Do you want to kiss them?"

"Not really," I admitted, "But I have to,"

And before Adam could say something else, Candice quickly said, "Ok! Let's keep this show going! Vamonos!" She said, saying the last word in Spanish.

I gave one more look at Adam, heading onto some random guy with blonde hair.

I passed a few more guys. Their kisses were alright, but the best so far was still Adam. There was one redhead, a brownhead, and a blackhed. Then there was Steven. Steven's kiss was no different than the other guys. Plain, simple,... and boring.

There was only one boy left. John.

I stepped up to him, my pulse beating, and heart racing. How was I supposed to kiss my ex-boyfriend who was in love with me, with my boyfriend in the same room. How was I supposed to act like everything was normal after we kiss? How am I supposed to tell Adam this was John? Would he count that as cheating?

I could feel his breathing against my lips, our foreheads were leaning on eachother's, his forehead was resting against mine. I looked into his sparkling eyes I once loved. Was it possible to fall for them again?

That's when it happened.

He kissed me.

His soft lips on mine were like petals on my lips... as soft as coconut chapstick on my lips. I missed his kiss so much! I didn't realize it. Adam's kiss was so different than his. I couldn't figure whose kiss I liked better or who made the sparks fly better. But with John... it was always passionate. Even when I think a kiss from him would be nothing.

I quickly deepened our kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck, breathing in the familiar scent that I knew for years, and how it smelled good like always. I knew Adam was probably wondering what was going on, but I didn't care. I never kissed John this hard before. I could tell John was surprised himself too. Was I falling in love with him?

I quickly released the kiss with that thought in my head. I didn't know the answer and for sure I was definitely not going to answer.

I looked at Adam. His shoulders were up in tense, and his face was red in anger. I thought he was going to blow steam. I shot him a dirty glare telling him to lay off. It wasn't John's fault. Mine either... It was Candice. Was Adam forgetting she made me do this?

"Woah!" Candice began, trying to blink to make sure what she just saw was right, "That kiss had some steam!" She cheered, holding her beer up.

Adam rushed over to me and John. I looked in him deeply, trying to give him a mind message quickly like those crazy love couples do. I was trying to tell him to leave the party. I didn't want to see Adam tear John. I didn't want John to be hurt. Compared to when I left, John was being so sweet. But Adam came over here anyway, and by the look on his face, I think he already knew what was happening.

"Get away from Anna," Adam said, throwing a punch at John.

"Whoa!" John said calmly, swooping underneath Adam's fist.

"Are you drunk?" I asked Adam.

Adam looked at me, a confused look on his face. I scowled at him. Why was everyone drunk here?

"Is this John?" Adam asked. His face looked serious, and I knew I couldn't lie to him. I already lied to him once. How could I lie to my boyfriend twice?

"Yeah," I admitted in a whisper and quickly said, "Don't hurt him,"

Adam stopped what he was going to do, and looked at John straight in the eyes.

"If you ever hurt my Anna again, and make her suffer through that kind of pain before she met me, you will regret it,"

I smiled at how Adam was protecting me. He looked so hot going all fiesty at some guy in jealousy. It's no wonder of how I fell for him. He was a whole package. The rock-hard abs, the muscles, the lips, and his scent of Hollister. It was the same every day, but I would've recognized it anywhere.

"Is that..." John started, stuttering, watching Adam walk away.

"Adam Levine from Maroon 5?" I asked, ready for him to say yes.

"Oh yeah! I just noticed that! But no... not that, it's... someone I recognize from the farm,"

I swallowed.

I knew what he was talking about. Adam was the guy who helped me with my dress at the costume shop the night I was accepted to Cortine's. I remembered the way his fingers sent a tingle through my spine. Sparks were flying and I could feel it just by his touch. All I wanted to do was stay in the moment.

"He's that creepy dude at the costume shop! No way! ...Adam Levine is Mr. Hallow's nephew?"

"Shh!" I shushed him, bringing him to a corner of the library in a hurry, "Yes, he's Mr. Hallow's nephew and now I'm dating him," I said in a hushed tone.

"Wow. You're dating a star," He grinned at me, making a small wink.

I quickly looked in a different direction, trying to pretend I didn't notice his flirty wink.

"Oh, by the way, you never did answer my question that night of why you didn't want to say hi to the nephew,"

"It was nothing," I said, pushing the answer through my brain.

"It is something. I can see it in your eyes when you lie to me,"

I stopped. I couldn't lie to John. Of course he'd know I was lying. He was my best friend. He knew everything including the fact that I can't look someone in the eyes, while telling them a lie. I swallowed, looking at his blue eyes.

"Adam doesn't remember us meeting in any way that day I don't think, so don't bring it up, ok? Adam is the one who helped me with my dress that night. He saw me really immodest,"

Instead of looking weirded out, upset, or angry, John actually looked relaxed compared to the last view of Adam. Right now John was acting like a friend. He laughed, "He got a sneak preview,"

I grinned. What a pervert! That was my best buddy John I missed.

Sometimes, I wish that our friendship could go back to the way it was. Rope swinging at midnight, watching chick flicks on Saturday, action movies on Friday, (To keep it balanced.) or car races we had early in the morning. Those were fun because usually roads were empty.

I bumped John by my side, playfully hitting his shoulder. John, that little rascal. The little rascal with the blue eyes that I knew my whole life.

...Who loved me...


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