Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 17
Chapter 17

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to say my new story: "The Last Summer" is out. I hope u can read it!!! thank yew for all my readers, votes, fans, and comments!! I can't believe I have over 1,000 reads now!! Thank you!!! And the 30 votes!! Thank yew!!!! I luv u all!!! *Kisses*

Obviously it takes a while to do this, and I'm just thankful for those who have helped me along the way!!! Shoutouts to: @ImaginationForever @CocoBandicoot @kingjames6 and @Creator43

This is a big chapter, and you may wanna be prepared for it lol. Here Anna tells Candice something big, and Lucy threatens Anna with something that could change her and Adam's relationship forever. Enjoy!:D

Adam's date was alot better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be just going down a slide, and into some boring pool, but no. It was all to ourselves. The view was amazing, and it was such a blast to kiss him underneath water and make out. We rope swung a few more times after and even went through a contest. I won like I thought I would. But it was my first win. And John at the farm would always win. He would tell me the tricks too.

Adam dropped me off back at the dorm around five in the evening. I was surprised to come in seeing Lucy make-out with a boy on the floor. I covered my virgin eyes, repeating the words, "I did not see that, I did not see that," Over and over.

"Relax Anna," I heard Lucy's voice say, feeling her touch as she forced my hands off my eyes. My eyes could breathe again but my nausea couldn't. I felt it coming back up as I saw the guy shirtless.

I covered my eyes again, this time with no words.

"Anna! We weren't doing anything! It was practice. Steven is paying me to make his girlfriend jealous,"

"Sorry," I said harshly, "I never was one of the 'populars'"

Lucy rolled her eyes at me walking back to Steven. She sits down on him, putting her legs around his waist making me feel uneasy. She cups his face and starts kissing him deeply, pushing him against the ground.

Steven pushes against the ground, trying to stay upright and hold Lucy in their position. I shook my head.

"This sure doesn't look like practice,"

"But it is," Lucy shot back as she continued to make-out with Steven.

"I'll just go to Candice's dorm," I said, grabbing my purse and shampoos. I had to take a shower. My hair was messy from the lake.

"Have fun," Lucy said through her kiss, as Steven started lifting and carrying her to the bed.

"Ugh," I grimaced, opening the door. This view was horrible and I was getting out of here.

I closed the door, and shut it, walking to the elevators. Candice's dorm was the next floor up.

The elevator doors opened. It was empty, which never surprised me. I walked inside, remembering my first time in this elevator. It was cold, there was a draft. I knew absolutely no one, and the library down the window was empty. But now, everything was different... Similar to that day, the elevator was empty. But now it's warm, cozy. It's part of my home. Compared to that awful first day, I now knew lots of people and actually found a 'close' friend. (Candice in mind.) And finally, the library down below me was full of people. Probably because tonight was Adam's concert. He gave me two tickets with backstage access. But I already knew why he gave them to me. He asked me to be his girlfriend officially when we left from the rope swinging date. It just made my heart beat so much to hear him ask that. John never asked me that... he just kind of assumed, and so did I.

I bit my lip, trying to think of a way of how I was supposed to break it to Candice why I was here. I needed to take a shower, but Ruby was making out with a boy...? No, that seems like the wrong approach... Maybe some big news! But there was only one new news that I haven't told Candice yet. And if I did, I didn't know what she would think.

Cool air brushed through me as I walked through the hallways of the dorms. Candice's dorm number was 123. Which was just so simple to remember, it made me jealous. It made me angry that she didn't had to care what anyone else thought. I always had a problem with that. It was why I always wanted to be friends with Angela and Lucy. It was why I wanted to be known for the school. I wanted to be known, but for popularity, not for being a loser like I am now.

I stood in front of Candice's dorm, the numbers of 123 right in front of my eyes. I closed my eyes as I knocked, trying to calm myself. I didn't want to snap my anger in her face right now. I was not in the mood for drama.

The door opened. Candice stood in a yellow t-shirt, black jeans, and wearing long mascara.

"Are you going on a date?"

"Yeah? So?"

"Why didn't you tell me? I tell you every word in my crush life!"

She rolled her eyes, looking annoyed and that she wasn't in the mood for us to talk.

"Adam told me that you're hiding something about his uncle,"

"Huh?" I asked.

Obviously I knew what she was talking about. Lately all Adam has been asking me is "So why did you keep asking about my uncle that one night?" I couldn't tell him. The reason why I couldn't say anything was because I really wanted to know if he was from the same farm as me or not. He was, I know that now. But Adam still wants to know why!

"His uncle," She said, her eyes still on me.

I didn't answer. I still didn't have to say anything. It was my secret. My secret only.

"That's what I thought," She said.

Why was she being like this? She was acting so unfair! Just because I didn't tell her my secret, she doesn't tell me hers? I'm sorry but this was too much of a secret. Couldn't I keep one secret to myself? I swear, if she was my real friend, she would respect that. But like I said, I wasn't in any mood for drama. And I was determined to get out.

"Candice, please don't be like this! I hate it when people are mad at me,"

"And whos fault is that?" She asked, her deadly glare on me.

"If I tell you, will you tell me your date's name?"

"Finally! Now tell me,"

"Ok, but you can't tell anyone! No one at school can know about this. Especially Adam or Lucy,"

"But Adam is the only one who told me about this. He has to know! He wants to know more than me!"

I sighed in deeply, trying to calm myself, "Do you want to know or not?"

There was no way I was telling Adam now. This was an actual relationship without a fling. I didn't want to start out my relationship with a lie. 'Where I was from' was one of the first questions he asked me.

Candice nodded desperately. I didn't think it was that big. It was just a little secret right? Nothing to worry about! I can tell her...

"I'm not from Sacramento," I began, hearing my voice shake. I watched Candice stand still with worried eyes, but she continued to listen.

"I'm from his uncle's farm..." I continued slowly, letting Candice take it in.

"That's it?"She asked in a tone like, 'that's the most dumbest secret ever!'

I nodded, scared to what she will think or say next.

"Why are you so scared of what people will think?"

It was hard trying to tell her this. The only other person I told this to was John, and I don't think he even understood.

"Last time I was in the city, I got teased from now living on a farm. My voice changed, my thoughts changed, and they teased me for it. I had this funny accent they would make fun of,"

Candice shook her head, "But you don't have a hillbilly accent,"

"I used to. My ex-boyfriend John helped me get out of it,"

"Anna, if someone is making fun of you just for how you sound like, that is just stupid. I would never do that!"

"Well... now you wouldn't, but what if you never knew and you would tease me for my accent?"

"I could never find that out, and even if I tried, I wouldn't want to," She said.

I didn't say another word. I just thought it be better if we had a moment of silence. Her last sentence sounded like she would've made fun of me, but I wasn't going to ask if that's what she really would've done. Now Candice knew, and only Candice will know. ...I hope.

As of reading my mind, Candice goes, "I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

I smiled, suddenly remembering about her secret date. I almost forgot!

"So..." I started, giving her a teasingly smile. "Who is he?" I asked, creating emphasis on he.

"Devon Whip,"

My mouth dropped. "He's frickin' hot!"

"I know right?" She gushed, "I wasn't going to tell you until Tuesday, but here you are..."

I smiled, "So you would've told me anyways?"

Candice grinned. I grabbed her newspaper on the table next to us, and smacked her with it.

"Stop it! Stop it!" She grinned mockishly, still laughing.

I pulled the newspaper away, dropping it back on the table, too careless to care what would happen to it. And from what I could see, Candice didn't care either. She didn't yell at me, so I was guessing it was probably her roomate's newspaper.

I sat down on the couch, and turned to Candice.

"What time is he picking you up?"

"Any time now," She says, her head looking around the room for a distraction. Her eyes turn back to me.

"What did you come here for?"

"Lucy was making out with some random dude in our room,"

"Like always," Candice laughs.

"So... I was wondering if I could shower here,"

"Oh go ahead! I'll meet you after my date at Lucy's party,"

"Wait! It's tonight?"

"Yeah!" Candice exclaimed, "It's going to be in the library,"

I stared stunned. I thought the library was packed because of Adam's concert. ...Maybe it was both...

"Why the library? It's a place of quiet."

"They never said we couldn't throw a party in the library," Candice grinned.

I tried smiling too, but someting about that bothered me. I loved libraries, and hated parties. Would this change my loving of reading?

"You're still coming right?" Candice asked, a worried look on her face.

"Oh yeah," I exclaimed, "We'll be boss crashing Lucy's party," I smiled.

That's when someone knocked on the door. "There he is," I grinned mockishly, as Candice rushed to the door.

It was Lucy, and she looked angry.

"I heard everything, everything you said!" She yelled at the both of us, her eyes only glaring at me.

"See you at the party, unless they have security," Candice said, rushing out as I saw Devon close the door.

"Bye Devon," I shouted cooly, turning my focus back on Lucy.

"What are you talking about? Why are you here?"

"I was here to get you because Steven just left! And then I overhear you're coming to my party?" She asked, almost shouting at me.

Wait! She overheard? Was that the only thing she overheard? Or did she overhear me telling Candice my secret? No! I could'nt let anyone else know!

"What else did you overhear?" I asked, suspicion rising in my voice.

"Nothing," She said cooly.

I breathed in relief. If lucy knew, she'd tell anyone! And once it reached Adam, I'd be an official loser for sure.

"But," Lucy began, anger rising in her voice, "If you show up to my party, you will regret it,"

"And how will I regret it?"

"Oh you'll see, but if you don't come... well, your little 'relationship' will be safe," She smirked.

Fear grew near my stomach and my lungs. My relationship? ...With Adam?

And with that I watched her turn around, her fat back facing mine. I looked at her with disgrace as she opened the door and left. Anger was rolling around in my stomach, I already felt it there for a long time, but I didn't feel like showing it. If Lucy was going to ruin my relationship with Adam, then my eyes won't leave him. And I will keep my eyes on him.

He was mine.

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