Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 16
Chapter 16

This chapter is the best! Romance with Adam, and a message you must read from John! Enjoy! :D

Adam's date with me was in two hours. I just got back from sneaking Candice back to her dorm. I still had to get ready, do my make-up, and take a shower.

When I came back, Lucy was still sleeping even at one in the afternoon, so I decided to stop waiting for her to jump in the shower and for me to just do it now. Obviously she wasn't waking up, and I had to get ready.

I checked the time after my shower. 2:30. I still had time to put on make-up, blow dry my hair, and get dressed.

"Anna!" Lucy shrieked. I quickly grabbed my jeans, hurrying to try them on. I threw my shirt over my head, not even caring if it was backwards or not, I'd check it later. Lucy's shriek sounded really important.

I rushed out of the bathroom to where Lucy was.

When I came, she was laying on her bed, reading a book, and drinking coco-cola. She looked so peaceful. What was the emergency?

"Can you hand me that blanket?" She asked, pointing to a blanket across the room.

Gosh, she scared me! She just screamed five minutes ago my name like there was some big emergency. I risked my shirt seen backwards, and all she needed... was a blanket...?

"Please," Lucy said.

I sighed, grabbing the blanket and tossing it to her. "You scared me, I thought this was a really big emergency!"

Lucy smirked, "Is that why your shirt is backwards?"

I looked down at my shirt. It was a see-through top, and Lucy was right. It was backwards.

"And is that a swimsuit?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, my date with Adam is a surprise. He told me to wear a swimsuit,"

"Probably wanting to see that hot body," She smirked, obviously lying.

"Ha-Ha, very funny," I said sarcastically, getting back in the bathroom.

I quickly switched my top from it's weird position. I knew Adam would laugh if he saw me like that.

...Maybe he did wanted to see my hot body. But still, I don't think he's that kind of guy who just wants to sit with me and make-out. I mean, I want to do that, but I also wanted a stable relationship. All me and John had was a fling, and I ended up in tears, coming here.

Only one hour. One hour until I could see Adam again. One hour until Adam will pick me up, and bring me to my surprise.

I checked my phone again, wondering if there was any other text from Adam. There was no text from Adam. But there was a text from someone else. John.

I haven't really sat down in a while to read all my texts. Most of them were from my family and John. I never really read them though because ever since I came here, I was trying to avoid John. I wanted to avoid drama and getting hurt again. But now since I was falling for Adam, the only one I'd be hurting was John.

I clicked his message, and read.

Hey Anna, It's me... John. Look, maybe you've already deleted my number, but I just wanted to say sorry. I tried your house today before school but your mom said that you just left to Cortine's. I don't know if your mom knew, but I was telling her I wanted to say sorry. You know what she told me? To get out of your house? Is that how much you hate me now? Why? Why do you hate me? What did I do? I just wanted you to stay!!!!!

Second message...

It's me, John. Again. Look, I am so, so, so sorry! Is there any chance that we could just... start over?

Last message...

Anna, I miss you so much! Why can't you just face your fear, and answer one of these texts? I'm dying to read your words, and for your touch! I miss you very much. Which is why I left. I just left the farm for you. I'll be in Cortines in just a few days. It'll take a while to drive. I'm on the road now. Nothing, can stop us from being together. I love you. Please text me.

My heart froze. I didn't know what to say. Was he really coming? Or was that a trap for me to answer? I decided not to, it was probably a trap. But I just wondered... does he really love me?

The bell to our dorm suddenly rang. I froze. Was that John? Oh my gosh, if he came, my lie would be out.

I walked slowly to the door, taking a deep breath, and opened it.

I sighed in relief that it wasn't John. It was Adam.

"Ready for our date, Mrs.?" He asked, acting so sophisticated.

I smirked, trying to hold in my laughter. John would do that too all that time. It always made me just want to smile and kiss him. And why was I thinking of John all the sudden? I was going on a date with Adam! I should be wanting to kiss him! I needed to get my mind off John.

"Awe," Ruby cooed, coming towards us. She snapped a photo with her phone and smiled. "That's going on facebook," She says still smiling.

Adam smiled back, grabbing my hand, and intertwining my fingers. But tonight it felt cold, lonely, and not right. Usually it would feel perfect. I didn't know what was wrong.

"Ready?" He asked.

I sighed, looking at him. "Ready,"

And with that, we left. Ruby closed the door behind us, finally accepting the fact that we were going out, and she and Adam weren't.


The ride to my 'surprise' was quiet. Adam nor I barely spoke, and Adam was just focusing on the road more than me the whole time. I clutched to my phone and thought about the messages that John gave me. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't get my mind off him. Everything that I wanted in our relationship was happening now. He wanted me more than ever. He believes that nothing could stop us. But, if he really was coming to Cortine's, that would end right away.

"Anna," Adam said, gently tugging on my arm.

I snapped out of my thoughts of John, trying to focus on Adam. His face was really close to mine, and his hazel eyes were sparkling like diamonds.

"We're here," He says, letting me out of his cozy car.

The car stood, parked nicely in the middle of the dirt road. We weren't near the city at all, and it didn't look like people came here often, so I guess it was alright to park in the middle of the road. I was a perfectionist when it came to these little things.

The place where the car was and where we stood, was the edge of a cliff. Below us was a tall drop of a waterfall. I leaned over, seeing the tall trees and bushes near the water down below. It wasn't a river. It was a lake.

The waterfall was huge! Against the back, gallons of water was poured down below into the lake. It splashed loudly every few seconds reminding me of the rope swinging me and John did every week. It was my favorite activity. The sounds of the waterfall, and my thoughts of John made peace in my mind. The view was breathtaking... Everything Adam showed me was breathtaking... It made me lose the ability to speak.

"Are you okay?" Adam asked me, making me turn back to the amazing view.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said.

The truth was, I didn't know if I was fine. I kept telling myself and Candice I was fine, but was I really just fine? John's messages were making me get really paranoid. Was he really coming?

"This is my favorite sport, rope swinging. Have you tried it?" He asked, his eyes gleaming.

I stood abruptly, letting time roll by slowly as my thoughts slowly soaked in. "Are you kidding? I love rope swinging! Where's the rope? I'm about to beat your best jump!" I said with confidence, looking around for the rope.

"Well take off your shorts and top first at least," He smirked, his voice sounding perverted.

"You pervert!" I laughed jokingly, "As long as you take off your shirt too," I said, making myself sound like a creep.

Adam grinned. He reached down, grabbing the edges of his shirt and pulled it off like a boss. He brushed down his amazing hair as he watched me gape.

I gasped. He was smoking hot! His abs were a six pack, his arms had muscles like grapefruits, and the tattoo on his arm made him look sexy. His eyes looked at me, waiting for me, to take off my top... and bottom. But he laughed instead.

"What?" I asked, biting my lip to stop myself from blushing. There was no way I was letting Adam call me cute again.

"Stop staring at my hot abs," He began with a smirk, acting like he was so cool, "-And take off your top and shorts. Do you want to rope swing, or not?"

I grinned and pulled off my top without hesitation. I quickly slid off my bottom too. My legs looked clean and hairless, I shaved this morning.

I looked back at Adam, my gasp now on his face.

I smirked, "Now who is the cute one?" I asked with a grin, Adam snapping out of his thoughts.

"You look h-h-hot!" He stuttered with a smile.

I smiled, "So do you," And quickly gave a wink.

I threw my arms over his bare neck, kissing him on the lips. I had to kiss him! I couldn't take it anymore! I missed his touch, and his lips over mine. He grabbed my legs, lifting me up as he started carrying me. I didn't know where he was taking me, and I didn't care, I was just glad to be in his arms again.

I felt something hard and thin near me. It felt like wool. A rope. I gasped, and immediately stopped kissing Adam. But it was too late. we were already in the air, above the waterfall, swinging on the rope, and about to fall.

"Adam!" I shouted, hitting him playfully in the stomach, still holding the rope.

"Hey, ready to jump?" He asked, a grin placed on his face.

"I still needed my goggles!"

"Eh, too late," He grinned, letting go of the rope, and pulling me with him.

First my toes, and then my face that splashed into the water. I fell deeper than I expected, and pushed myself back up. I gasped for air as I lifted my head out of the water. Where was Adam?

I struggled floating as I twirled around, looking for Adam, my stomach barely able to relax from my heart pumping. Where was Adam? I was getting worried.

"That was awesome!" Adam said, gasping for air as his head rose out of the lake.

"How deep were you?" I asked worriedly. I didn't trust lakes that were really deep. The waterfall John and I used was a river, which was more dangerous, but we had fun acting like it was a lazy river.

"Does it matter?" He asked, dog paddling towards me.

I wrapped my arms around him as he pulled me into another kiss. I could feel him smile against my lips and saying, "I missed your kiss,"

Good! He missed me too!

I smiled against our kiss, deepening it. I wrapped my legs around his shorts, rubbing his hair. It was really soft, and smelled like shampoo.

That's when Adam went on top of me, pushing me underneath the water. I then realized that's why Adam was waiting for our kiss, and that's why he brought me here, for a cool kiss. He cupped my face in his hands, kissing me right here. Underneath water!

It was weird... I could actually breathe in his mouth. And I could tell he could too because I heard his gasps for air. I let go of the kiss, swimming back up from underneath.

I breathed out, brushing the cold water away from my eyes, up to my hair. Adam came out three seconds later, also gasping for air.

"That was really cool," I began.

"The way we kissed underwater?" He asked with a smirk.

"Definitley," I said, a smirk plastered on my face as I cupped Adam's head, pulling him into another kiss.

I think for now I like my kisses above water...


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