Something Worth Fighting For
Author: Andene

Chapter 41
Fight For This Love

Chapter Forty One: Fight For This Love

Dallas entered the house. He saw Natalia's shoes in the rack. She's home, he thought tensely.

He kept himself from going to her. She was already angry at him as it was.

Sitting down on a couch, he noticed his foot was jittering from the tension. How was he going to explain what happened? How had Natalia even seen him with Mollie?

Dallas groaned. There was a theater right across the street from the restaurant where he and the team had been eating.

This is all my fault, I should have just left when Mollie came...Dallas thought. His head was in his hands. Why had he ever thought Mollie just wanted to talk?

I wouldn't be in this mess if I used some common sense, He thought darkly.

Dallas heard footsteps, he looked up. They were coming from the hall. Dallas got up to see Natalia walking sullenly towards him.

“Natalia...I think we need to talk...” Dallas said quietly. “Okay fine...let's talk...” Natalia said as she stood in front of him.


“I didn't plan on meeting Mollie. I was sitting at the table finishing up when she came. She said she got the message and understood I was with you...and she just wanted to talk.” Dallas explained.

Natalia sat on the single seat sofa, across the room from Dallas. Yea...she just wanted to talk, Natalia thought darkly. So far Natalia hadn't said a single word. She quietly listened to Dallas.

“I don't know what happened one minute she's telling me she gets it...the next she kissed me. I told her to stay away.” Dallas told Natalia. “I have no idea how she tracked me down to the cafe...” Dallas said, finishing lamely.

When Natalia didn't say anything, Dallas spoke again.

“'re not some girl I'm chasing. I'm not playing a game. I have feelings for you...I love you.”

Natalia wanted to believe him. Each time she thought she could, Mollie had been right there to throw everything in to chaos.

“Natalia...please believe me...” Dallas sounded as though he was pleading with her.

Natalia looked up at him. She didn't know if she wanted to do this any more.

“I want to believe you...but every time I think it's okay to love you...something happens and it proves me wrong. I don't know if I want to keep doing this...” She trailed off.

“So you're just going to give're not going to fight for what we have?” Dallas asked, sounding hurt.

“How am I supposed to fight against the Mollies of the world? It makes no sense that you like me...when you could easily have them!” She told him, finally letting out what she had been feeling for a while. “What fight? What is it that I should fight for, exactly? What do we have?” She asked him.

“Lia, I love you...I don't care about Mollie or any other girl...I just want you...” Dallas sounded honest. “I don't think you'll ever have to go against Mollie...I think you're fighting against yourself...” He told her quietly.

Maybe he was right...maybe it was a fight against herself. Who could justify Dallas Owen liking Natalia...let alone him telling her he loved her. She had liked him for so long...what was she going to do?


Dallas waited for Natalia to say something. Anything. She had been quiet too long.

What is she thinking? Dallas wondered. He was on edge. Why couldn't she see what he did?

Dallas had never felt this way about anyone. Nothing could compare to what he felt for Natalia. Why can't she see that? He thought.

“ you really love me?” Natalia asked quietly. “Yes...I do.” he answered. “Would you do anything for me?” Natalia asked. Where was this heading? Dallas wondered. “Yea...I would.” He told her, honestly.

He saw Natalia deep in thought.

“Dallas...I love you...I've liked you since forever...” Natalia started. “But I can't keep doing this roller coaster with you...each time I see Mollie...each time Mollie comes on to you...I can't help but think when the time is going to come where you'll give in to her...when you'll leave me...I'm sorry...” She apologized to him.

Dallas could feel his heart stop beating.


Natalia had made up her mind. She didn't want to feel as insecure as she did...but she couldn't keep this up anymore.

“If you really love me...then you need to leave...I can't do this anymore.” She told him. Her own heart broke with each words. Like glass being smashed into several small pieces...each fragment being pummeled to a fine dust...

Natalia could feel tears welling in to her eyes, she tried her best to keep them at bay.

Dallas hadn't said a word. She couldn't look at what she had done to him. After everything...this was it...they were finished.

She heard Dallas get up slowly. She looked up to find him standing right in front of her.

Tears fell down her cheeks.

“As you wish...” Dallas whispered quietly. He bent down. He looked broken...his eyes looked so sad. He placed a hand on her chin, lifting her head up.

Dallas kissed her gently. She never wanted to let him go...

When he ended the kiss, he walked away silently. Leaving Natalia, a lump in her throat growing. When she heard the front door close...she couldn't stop the tears that ran down her face.


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