The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 13

Early the next morning I was herded into Chris’s carriage and was saying my farewells to my family, whom I hoped I’d see again when this mess was done and over with. One by one I hugged and said my partings, taking the longest time on Daisy knowing full well that she and Rose would be the ones I’d miss most of all when I had departed. When I finally pulled away from my siblings I was feeling odd, I was actually leaving home to places unknown, most likely to other countries as well, and at the age of seventeen seasons no less. I slowly staggered toward my mam and da that were standing by the front of the carriage, Chris was already in it looking more poignant than I would have thought she would, she truly felt emotional about me being separated from my loved ones, almost as if she knew what I felt right now. My mam came over to me and hugged me first and then my da followed suit, we stayed in that embrace for a good few minutes before my da broke it to speak. "Kaine, I personally know exactly how ye must be feeling right now, for I went through the same things when I was even younger then ye, but know I’ll always be with ye and I’ll always know where to find ye if yer ever in very serious danger." He looked to me as if I was a prized possession and then he tilted his head toward my mam to which she began a speech as well.

"Ye know that we love ye very much, and we’d do anything for ye but sometimes we need to do things that we don’t very well like. Just know that we wouldn't ask this of ye if it weren't absolutely necessary...and if ye can st..." She was quickly cut off by my da who looked at her with a look of sorrow and knowing, he knew what she was about to say and why, but he also knew that things had to play out the way it should. I looked to them both questioningly, but I was rewarded to silence so I hugged them both once more and then I quietly lifted myself into Chris's carraige. Chris looked my way and in that one instant I saw that her eyes were moist, she was ready to cry because of this scene unfolding in front of her. Yet she didn't let a single tear roll down her face as she cleared her throat and asked me in a calm and as steady of a voice she could muster.

"Are you ready?" I looked deep into her eyes and then I switched my gaze toward my parents, they, or at least my mam, had something she was wanting to tell me but da was adament about keeping it to themselves. I could take it no longer, I stood up on the carraige and I stared deep into my mam's eyes, then before I could stop myself I started telling of the vision of my death, quivering, voice breaking, and eyes watering I began my vision. Before I got too far though my mam interupted and with glossy eyes and a wavering voice she said to me what I never would have expected.

"I know...I know and...we can't interfere, Kaine. We want to and we would glady help you but...just be careful, change it for the better, please, try." Then while I stared on at her and my da, Chris kicked the carraige into action and we slowly began to move, I slid down to my knees and I just stared on at my parents. They knew this whole time, they are sending me to that fate knowingly, it was then that I realized why in my vision of leaving home I felt like they were so distant to me. It was because at that moment, while I stared on at my parents while we were leaving, I felt like what they didn't tell had made something inside me snap. They felt so distant to me because in reality, I had made them distant to me, the part of my brain that saw them as my parents, my friends, or my whole world for most of my life had altered just then. I knew then that everything would change, but most of all I knew that I would probably never see my parents as I did before today, they would never be to me what they used to be and there was a good chance that I may never see them again.


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