The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 11
Accepting Fate

My plan was simple, in my vision of leaving home I was leaving on a carriage with Chris while watching my family stand waving their goodbyes, I figured if I changed that outcome my future would change, and hopefully I wouldn’t die in this one. I took off on a steady jog at first but then I remembered the graveness of what I was doing so I began to sprint. Once I had traveled for a good three to four hours I finally stopped for a break, I carefully made sure I didn’t leave a trail and then I eased myself next to a tree and closed my eyes for a very quick rest. I was out fast, as soon as my eyes touched together, and my dreams came on quickly as well, they were mainly a jumbling of the day’s events out of order. It finally leveled off to a single dream, about Chris, she was lying down in a place that seemed so familiar but I couldn’t place where I had seen it before, plus she had her head propped up by something she was lying on. So ye became too overwhelmed by everything today, ye believed the only option was to run away from yer destiny?

Isn’t it?

Maybe, but it’s not my destiny yer running from now is it?

No…I just…I just can’t except that I have to die, I have to leave home…I have to become…that…that…I just can’t see why…why me?

Ye’ll understand it one day, Kaine, for now ye just have to bear with the pain of leaving, and dying, and…changing…I drifted away from that dream but the conversation stayed in my mind, I am seventeen seasons old now I am old enough to handle my problems head on. Slowly I began to drift toward consciousness, bit by bit I began to see the trees of the spot I set up camp, my sack of provisions and clothes of to the side of me, and then, another sack? I jolted up right to find I could only jolt half way up, when I looked down I saw the last thing I’d expect, Chris had her head resting in her arms on top of my stomach and chest area.

"What are ye doing here?!" she stayed still, so I shook her shoulder which caused her to lift her head for a second, move her arms in a weird wrap around my waist and then she buried her head back into the same spot as before. "Chris? Ye going to wake up? I changed my mind about leaving." suddenly when I looked back down I saw she had her eyes open and she was staring right at me, slowly she rose to a kneeling position next to me and then she finally spoke.

"Kaine, I know ye are having…troubles, dealing with all this, but I promise ye that I’ll help ye in anyway possible, so if yer willing, are ye up for that journey we’re supposed to take?" I looked at her for a while and then I smiled and stood up, without speaking or explaining what I was doing I grabbed her hand.

"I will go on this journey with ye…on one condition…" she opened her eyes wide and leaned a little closer, "ye must let me steer the carriage." She burst out laughing and so did I; she closed the gap between us and gave me a tight embrace to signify that we were on the same terms. And in that instant I saw her future, it was about the same time as when my first vision took place, she was holding something that had a very intricate design. With tear filled eyes she finally looked down on the person she was kneeling by, it was me and I seemed bloody and beaten, she said something that I couldn’t hear and then she set the thing down on me and everything became immensely bright and I was screaming for her to get it off, then suddenly all was quiet…and I, was dead.


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