The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 10
Fast Learner...Fast Runner

Rose’s eyes widened, while Daisy moved back and fell off my bed, as if I hit her with the words I had spoken. I jumped out of the bed and gathered her in my arms, then I did the only thing that I could think of to calm her down, I hummed the melody mom hummed to me. Before I began humming she was already beginning to ball, but as soon as I began to hum she ceased immediately and just huddled in my arms listening to the tune that had great calming abilities. It took me a second to realize it but my humming felt like it was echoing with the wind, almost as if the wind were whispering a song to anyone willing to hear. After about a minute the hum became greater, it escalated to a whole new being of calm, soon I could feel that I wasn’t able to control this simple hum any more. My da, mam, and Chris came running in and when I saw them I felt this feeling of being something I always knew I was, and suddenly my hum ceased and the air became its normal airy self once more. When I peered down at my sister she was in a very deep and restful sleep and it was the same for Rose, I sat up and carefully picked Daisy up and set her on my bed, and then I followed my mam, da, and Chris from the room. Once out of the room no one spoke a word until we were all safely outside then my da spoke, but oddly enough, not to me, "So the hum can be used by others then as well?" my mam looked as puzzled as I felt.

"I hummed to him this morning; I didn’t know that he’d be able to recreate such a measly thing."

"Measly or not, he did just hum, and even without an ounce of training he was able to whisper it. Whether he meant to push it hard or not it was felt throughout the house and even ye aren’t able to do such a thing, I say this was the push we needed. Kaine, ye’re going on this journey with Christine, and ye will face yer destiny. I hope ye do better then when I did mine." With that he walked back toward the house and left me staring in a stupor at the ground, my mam walked by me and just patted my back and walked back inside. Until there was only me and Chris left standing outside, she was looking to me for anything that might give away what I was thinking, and I just stood stock still, calculating and evaluating all that has happened in this very abnormal and strange day. Finally even she couldn’t handle the quiet and she left me there standing dazed and beaten, once she was inside I gathered my thoughts together and I focused on the here and now. I took an inventory of all that I knew as of right this instant and then I pieced it all together to form some sort of working plan or something that I could use to make it through this mess I’ve been wrapped up into. Slowly, bit by bit I started figuring out my moves that would help me when the time came; I walked back inside with a plan made up and a goal set. I casually walked past my mam and da thinking about their conversation very strongly in my mind to make sure they wouldn’t realize what I was up to, and then I went into my room without another glance at them or Chris. Once I was inside I quickly ran to where I kept my clothes and I began stuffing them into a sack, as soon as I grabbed quite a few clothes for a few days I began to scour my room for provisions. Finally, after getting everything situated in my sack and giving my sleeping sisters a hug, I opened my window to my room, took a final look back inside and then I slipped away. Little did I know that someone wasn’t as unprepared for this as I thought, and soon I was going to find that I was running not away, but toward my destiny.


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