The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 9
Sibling Bonds

As I was walked to my room by not only my parents but Chris as well, I felt a sadness seep into me, deep down I knew that I was going to be going with her no matter what. Once they got me in my bed they walked to the door and began to talk as if I weren’t there at all, "Ye saw it, Aine, ye know he’s becoming more powerful everyday and if we don’t get him trained he’ll end up like I did without even touching the relic."

"I know…I know…"

"Wait, ye mean ye’re able to see his vision?"

"Yes, and I know ye were able to as well." They continued talking to each other but they moved out of my room and back into the living area, and as soon as they left my sight I began to feel the dizzying affect of the vision again. When that finally became too unbearable to handle I just let go of my thoughts and focused my energy on my dizzy feeling. Yet before I got too much into it, Rose and Daisy, my two only sisters, came into my room and jumped on my bed, finally settling down by lying next to me on either side. Rose was the youngest, being about nine seasons old, Daisy on the other hand was actually fairly close to my age, being almost sixteen seasons, plus she was the one I confided in with my visions.

"So, Kaine, what was that talk all about and who be the lass in the room with mam and da?" I moved my head over to look at Daisy, it was truly a shock how much she resembled mam, in fact, if not for them being a few decades apart they could have been twins.

"They are talking about my gift of sight that I have told ye much about, and as for the lass, she be here to talk to da and mam…about their gifts of sight." I kept a sturdy eye on her every reaction; at first I was confronted with confusion, then realization that I wasn’t the only one in the family with the gift of sight.

"Ye mean…and they never even told us!? My god, don’t they trust us? Anyway, what about yer visions, did ye get one today?" I looked down pondering what to tell her, she was my sister and the one I confided this kind of stuff to, she could help me make sense of it all. I took a few wavering breaths then I looked her straight in the eyes and I quickly looked away, she could tell something was up when I leveled my eyes with her, finally I got my wits about me and I explained.

"Yes…I did have…visions…" I waited and stared at her for a little bit before continuing on, "in little more than hours I have had not one, but four visions, and all of them much more serious and deadly than any others I have ever had." I didn’t realize it but by the time I had finished talking I was shaking and even breathing hard, as if it physically hurt just to say that much. Daisy huddled close to me and hugged me tight while Rose did whatever Daisy did, and then she leaned her mouth to my ear and asked the question that was expected.

"What were they?" So I explained about me in the Abbot’s castle becoming the apprentice to the Templar Alexander following up with me seeing myself three seasons from now and then leading into me leaving with Chris while the family, excluding Jack and Jason, watched. "What about the fourth vision?" I hesitated, she seemed freaked out just from hearing the first three, could she handle the one that scared even me? "Kaine, I know ye are debating to tell me…but I promise ye, I can handle whatever it is."

"Very well…the last vision, and the first I had today, was of me…dying."


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