The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 8
Fated Meeting

Exactly ten minutes after being stripped in public, we made it to my front door, and even though I have been through it about a million times, today felt like it would be different. I slowly reached for the handle and instead the door swung open and my da and mam were standing right in the doorway, each of them looking more serious than I had ever seen them. For only leaving about 5 hours earlier things seemed, strange, and living here my whole life, I know when something is normal and when it’s not, I became scared stiff but my mind hadn’t caught on because I just walked past them and pulled Chris in with me. She of course was gawking at the sight of, not only my da, but also Aine, my mam, my only guess was that she was also gifted or she was just envious that my mam got with my da. I quickly and silently pulled her onto a chair at our table and I sat next to her, as soon as I was seated my mam and da sat across from us and they seemed very focused on Chris. "Alright…well, this is…"

"Christine, ye have arrived a bit early but everything is working out just the same." I was wide eyed, and as for Chris, she suddenly became stiff as if shocked or scared. "I’m sure ye have already seen parts of what will happen next, so I ask ye, will ye take Kaine with ye on yer journey ye are already taking without knowing?" she stared at them for a bit and then looked toward me, then she looked at the ground and contemplated this unravelment. I just glanced at them all, they all understood each other without anyone talking but my da, and now they put the debating question of if, Chris, someone I met no more than an hour ago, will take me on a journey with her. I was also debating something, if I should sneak off and let my parents and the new girl talk or stay and continue looking dumb. I chose the first, very casually I slowly began to slip from my chair and; Don’t You Dare Leave This Table, Kaine; I swirled around to stare at my mom and caught her still staring at Chris. Had I just imagined my mom talking, it sounded and felt like she spoke directly to my brain though, I slowly turned away again and suddenly I felt an odd sensation. I wanted to sit and listen, I even wanted to voice my opinions, what was I wanting to do again?, I racked my brain but all I got in response was very quiet whisper. Ye’ll sit and rest, ye have no hurry and ye’re interested in this conversation…Ye may even feel the need to ask what ye’re thinking on the matter…no, I know this whispered voice. My da was the owner of it, I fought the urge to sit and listen and stood abruptly, causing everyone around the table to stare and to cause my da and mam to seem amused.

"Alright, I’ll be headin outside for a bit and I would appreciate it if ye wouldn’t whisper so loudly to me next time, it’s strange and makes my body shiver at the feel of it." With that boost of confidence I gave myself I took off toward the door, only managing a few feet before everything around shifted and moved and my hearing became acute to a new sound, that of some place unforeseen.

I was on a carriage staring back at a place I had known so well, when I searched my sides I found only Chris sitting at the reins and two distinct bags in the carriage, they were packed for a journey. When I gazed back again I saw six faces I knew very well and felt a longing for them to be with me, and two others that were once so familiar but now seemed as foreign to me as if I had never met them before in my life. I felt the familiar hum of a song in my head the touches of not one pair of arms or even two, but three pairs of arms touching me, as I came to, and yet even with those three, I felt completely alone.


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