The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 7
Caught Offguard

"Well here she is, as promised, but if ye need anything, feel free to see me, I’m just like ye, I swear." With that he went back to his shop next door, while I walked up behind Christine and John’s wife, Clare, who owned this shop for medicine and provisions.

"Well, hey there, Kaine, how are ye today?" Clare came around the counter and walked up to me and Christine grabbing mine and Christine’s hands while looking straight at me.

"I’m well Mrs. McHaven, I see ye have found Chris here." I did a side glance at Chris as if to say with my eyes, why did ye come in here, and she looked back and did a slight confused sorry look.

"I was just asking Ms. McHaven if she had some herbs and supplies I could get, I’m sorry I left without saying where." She gave me a half smirk half look you would give an infant, and Clare didn’t seem to notice.

"So, Kaine is this yer wife then?" both me and Chris got wide eyed, turned to look at each other, and then we both quickly looked away flushed red.

"No, Ms. McHaven, she’s but a traveler looking for my da, I just happened upon her and am but leading her to him." I spoke quickly and didn’t turn to look at Chris, I looked upon Clare and she was deep in thought, about a minute or so later she looked at Chris and spoke to her.

"Just cause ye say that, doesn’t mean ye don’t like her, I mean look at her, she is the most beautiful woman I have laid my eyes upon and I’m a woman myself," at this I saw Chris shrink lower and blush. "Plus, even if ye don’t see it, she likes ye a bunch and may have been sent as a bride for ye, especially if she seeks yer da." I took some time to think about that, it’s true, that could be a reason, but she explained it as something to do with our gifts. Suddenly I noticed that Chris became firm and got her resolve back, also some bravado and with it she spoke firm and to the point.

"Actually I have come seeking advice and wisdom from the great man known as Tormod MacLeod, Kaine did just happen upon me coming up the woods in my carriage and after I explained my journey he offered to help. Of course this means not about me liking him or not," with that she gave a small blush and then continued, "but that could be answered later on, this is strictly business. Oh, and I would like the wraps for wounds now because I had accidently collided with Mr. MacLeod here and I had promised to apply some medical wrapping to his injuries." And with that stunning show of bravado and resolve plus the extra bit of medical wrappings with us, we departed, once on the street she turned toward me and pointed down. "Sit." That’s all she said and I just stared at her confused. "Sit, now."


"Just do it!" With that I sat on the street and she kneeled beside me, "Take yer tunic off." I gave her a confused look but she just looked sternly at me so I did what she said. There I sat cross-legged, tunic less, in the middle of a crowded street and that’s when she revealed what she planned, carefully she began to bandage my bruises until all my wounds were completely wrapped. Afterward she tossed me my tunic and began to walk off; I got up, put my tunic on, and chased after her, and before I could voice what I was thinking she answered me with a grin. "I never say something that isn’t true."


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