The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 6
Personal Legends

"Honestly, it’s not a big deal…hell, I didn’t even know he had the gift I did, let alone that he was the strongest." We had continued on the carriage back to my small town and the girl had not stopped about how impressed and unworthy she was to be with the son of the great one. I had finally got tired of it so I asked the one question that had been eluding me from the moment I fell of the cliff and met her. "Ye know…I know not yer name, what be it lass?" she became flushed and she laughed uncomfortably.

"Oh yea, I haven’t properly introduced myself, I am Christine McMartin, and if ye would be so kind as to enlighten me with thy name kind gentlemen."

"Most certainly Ms. McMartin, I am Kaine MacLeod, at yer service." At which point I awkwardly stood up on the moving carriage and did a slight bow and she returned the act with a curtsey. Shortly after our greetings we arrived in my village, at which point I bid her to stop and we continued onward on foot, along the way I began giving her a general know all of the place. "Ok, well over here we have our blacksmith, John McHaven; he’s the best ye’ll find in this here parts, and that isn’t cause he’s the only one around. A few seasons ago all the blacksmiths in the counties surrounding this area came here for a contest, many blades were excellent, but John’s was able to break every single one, cut through a tree trunk four feet thick and pierce a thumb thick armor, without breaking." I had become so fascinated with what I was saying I nearly missed the fact that she was no longer with me, I turned around to find her entering John’s forge and nearly choked. Over thirteen seasons I had tried to build up the courage to go in and meet the master craftsman, and every season I wussed out because I saw him as not a man blacksmith, but a god blacksmith. I quickly rushed over to her but I was too late, she had entered John’s shop and for some odd reason that made me excited, for now I had a reason to enter. Slowly I pushed open his door and strolled casually inside, "Christine…Christine?" I walked around a corner and my heart stopped, I was in John’s weapon stash and every blade, bow, and shield was glistening as if trying to tell me something that I alone could hear.

"So, lad, what can I help ye with?" I froze, that strong, deep voice could only be John McHaven himself, without turning around or showing emotion I casually said to him.

"Hi, I’m just looking and also just looking for my…friend." I knew from the hesitation that I had betrayed myself, I showed emotion and it was a mix of scared and excited.

"Well, Kaine, I believe yer friend went into my wife’s shop, honestly, Kaine, living here yer whole life and ye don’t even remember that this be a joint shop!" he was chuckling at the thought of that and he gave me a hardy slap on the back, "Well I’ll lead ye to her if ye like…or ye can stay an’ visit, I see ye everyday staring here but ye never enter. I always figured ye weren’t allowed but I was told otherwise." He stooped over and fixed me with his dark blue eyes until finally I spoke.

"How did ye know my name?"

"Well we do live in the same town, Kaine, and also, ye may not know this but me, yer da, and this Templar guy would always train together back in the day!" I became silent, that meant the Templar Alexander and the Blacksmith John knew each other.


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