The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 5
Truths and Realizations

Have you ever been one place, fall asleep, and wake up in a totally different place, oh, and the new place is a moving carriage, no? Well let me be the first to say it’s very disorienting, especially when you wake to find that you’re bruised and beat from a fight you didn’t even get to throw one single punch in. When I lifted my head from my vision for the first time in, what felt like, days, I was rewarded to the massive pain of my body aching and my head throbbing and pounding. I immediately crawled to the back flap of the carriage and hurled my innards out, apparently waking or possibly just alerting the one driving, who stopped the carriage on my first helping of hurls. As I recovered I was met with another shocker, the driver was the girl who had beaten me and supposedly saved me from a fall off a cliff. To my relief though she seemed genuinely worried, scared even, and I knew why she looked that way too, she wasn’t just beating me up but I was also being dragged into a vision, in the vision state its almost as if I’m dead and add that to a beating and the one beating will believe they have killed you. "I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean ye so much harm. I was just under some stress is all, please, will ye forgive me?!" by this point I could see she had been crying, and most likely praying that she didn’t kill someone so I relented any wise cracks and I sighed.

"It isn’t yer fault, ye were but protecting yer feminism, and I was taunting and marauding ye. What I got was what I deserved…but there was another reason for my deathly look, a reason that ye may find hard to believe…" I stared her down for a bit before I continued, "Ye see, I was in a…I guess ye might call it…well, no sugar coating it, I was in a vision…and when I get them they become so intense I can’t tell what be up, down, right, left, forward, or even backwards…" I let the information sink in and not even a minute later she bursts out laughing and she runs up and hugs me, before I can ask why too, she explains.

"I believe ye, ye see I came to this land searching for the one known as, the Templar Tormod MacLeod, fabled legend of legends, the one who found the ancient relics and grew his mind to a far more superior one than anyone else alive today. I believed if I found him, he might be able to help me…with my visions…" this last phrase got to me, I never knew there were more like me, let alone my da being the most powerful. I finally got down from the carriage and stood my ground for a good few moments before addressing her again, she stood by me incase I fell over, but I held firm.

"Well it seems ye be looking for counseling on yer gift, but I wonder…why do ye think I can help ye if ye witnessed first hand that my gift isn’t well developed?" I saw her looking down as if pondering this question I posed before she looked up and met my gaze full on.

"Because, ye are powerful, I can feel it, and I know ye feel it too, and even if ye know naught of him ye can still help me and I can help ye. Just to have someone with a similar ability is more than enough for me to ask for, even if they aren’t Tormod the great."

"Well lass, ye speak true, and I’ve grown to like ye…come let us go to Tormod."

"Wait!? Ye know where he lives?! And ye have met him before?!"

"Well I better have, it would be a darn shame for the man’s son to not know his own da!"

"Ye mean…ye are the Templar Tormod MacLeod’s son!?"


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