Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 14
Chapter 14

I felt a hard slap on the back of my head, waking me up. I rubbed my messy hair, turning slowly to see Lucy holding a large, white pillow.

"Good morning sleeping beauty," She smirked, obviously trying to cover up her laughter.

I turned around, tossing myself to a nearby night table. I looked at my phone, turing it on. Ten new messages from John, and one from Adam. Adam gave me his number last night on the walk back here. He was so sweet. I couldn't get my mind off him! Wherever I was, I was always reminded of him. He kept my life moving.

I got up, walking slowly to the bathroom. I locked the door, putting my hair up, and jumped into the shower. The water burned against my skin, making my skin tingle in warmth. It felt like Adam's touch. I swear, I could not get my mind off him. He wasn't just a boy I'd easily forget. Maybe he will turn out like John... Maybe better!

I looked at my face in the mirror after my shower. I combed my hair quickly, putting on some make-up. I didn't put make-up on often. Mostly because John never liked it. ...I wonder if Adam would like it. I only wore make-up when I was in a relationship. And I had a good feeling that today I was in a relationship.

I was finally done with my shower, feeling fresh and new.

I headed out of the bathroom to the dorm silently. It was quiet, no one was here. Not Lucy or her stupid act last night of how Adam loved her. My anger boiled inside as I remembered what she said. What kind of stupid freak would make up such lies? It made me want to puke.

The halls were noisier than ever at school! I felt like the teenagers my age were screaming around me, and making me nervous. Why were there so many people here? Was Adam somewhere here? Was that why?

I kept walking, holding my head high and trying not to look around with my neck moving. I know that sounds weird, but I don't know. For some reason I felt nervous and uneasy today like I was uncomfortable. I needed Adam! I felt so protected with him yesterday. I yearned for him today. It was reminding me how much I loved John.

I entered first period, still feeling uneasy. Everyone's eyes were on me. Everyone. What were people's problems? Didn't they have lives?

I put my things down on my desk, seeing Candice's smirk as our eyes met.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" I asked, biting my lip to hold my blush.

"Well, everyone is talking about the new couple at school," She said, a big smile on her face forming as she gave a wink to me, "But for the real reason... The stalker behind you," She says, a sly smile replacing her smirk.

I turned immediately, knowing someone was behind me and it was weird. I had no idea someone was behind me, and just the idea of that really scared me. Not only was it weird, but just creepy. Who would follow you throughout the school? Was that the reason I felt uneasy since I opened the door to the school?

It was too late for me to see the person though. As soon as I turned, they slurred, "Hey-y-y ba-aby-y,"

They gave me a quick peck on the lips. I focused my eyes to see who the person was. I finally relaxed when I met his eyes. Adam.

The few seconds felt like forever. I thought I felt his tongue, but that might've been our kiss from yesterday... He finally let the kiss break, letting both of us breathe. I looked around, everyone's eyes on us. We were the hottest new couple.

"Hi..." I stuttered, a smile breaking on my face.

"Come on," He smirked, "You loved my sneak attack," He grinned.

I giggled. There it was...

The hypnotic spell was on me again. And suddenly I felt relaxed, and all stress was off me. Adam Levine was here for me. Me!

He grabbed both of my hands, intertwining our fingers. It felt cold... but right, like we were meant to be. I smiled at the thought of walking across my farm field, watching Adam from across, feeding the pigs. The thing was... I could really see him doing that.

He pulled me in for another kiss. I didn't care if others were around to watch us, I was just glad to be in Adam's arms. His breath tasted like mint. It was fresh, and his hollister cologne was freaking hot! I loved him and his kisses. I yearned for more, like I did with John. I felt Adam's tongue on mine, and it had the same effect on me like yesterday. Ew, but it's Adam's tongue. And it made me feel like the most special girl on Earth.

"Hey!" I heard Ms. Honeyberry shout. I could imagine her figure. Standing behind her desk, her hands down by her papers of homework to correct, and watching me and Adam as we continued to kiss.

"No kissing in the classroom," She said, shaking her head in dismay.

I pulled away from the kiss first, still holding Adam's hand.

"Awe," Candice slurred in giggliness, as my face started to burn hot.

"You still look cute Anna, even in make-up," Adam said. I blushed even more. Just knowing he liked me with or without make-up just made me feel more special. He liked me in both ways. Isn't that what every girl dreams of a boy to be like?

I turned my attention on the others, everyones' heads immediately turning in different directions. I smirked at the scene. Why did anyone care? Couples kiss everyday. Was it the fact that I was kissing Adam? He was just like any other boy...

"Got to go," I heard Adam whisper.

"Who told?" I quickly asked, still wanting to know how the rumor of us got out so fast.

"Lucy," He said, nodding his head in Ruby's direction.

My soul boiled in anger. How could she do that? She knew we wanted us to be a secret for now! Why did she have to ruin us so fast? I guess it was partly my fault. I was the one who told her about me and Adam, and snapped at her. I guess that's what bullies had on you. The juiciest secrets like Mrs. Hall did. Angela and Lucy could be best friends.

"Relax," I heard Adam say, as if reading my mind. That's when I notice I'm still staring. And that's when I catch Ruby's eye.

"Do you talk to her often?" I asked, my eyes still on Lucy.

"Alot last year," He began, "She threw herself at me," He said, a smirk forming down at his lips.

"Well who wouldn't? Your a whole package!" I exclaimed, forming a grin.

"What about you?" He said, another smirk forming as he leaned into me by the side.

"Ah-hem!" Ms. Honeyberry interrupted, making Adam keep his distance.

I frowned. I couldn't wait anymore! I longed for his touch, I felt incredibly lonely and distant the longer I was away from him. I used to feel that with John. Now when I think of him, only a frown comes up. ...And it never disappeared.

We finally parted our last pair of hands, letting them slip away from eachother's grasp. I sighed, watching him leave. That was just the thing. Every hello, ended with a goodbye.

I sat down in my seat, feeling like millions of eyes were on me. I lifted my head, looking around. Everyone immediately turned their heads as I looked, except for Candice. She had a sly smile on her face as she watched my puzzle expression.

"What...?" Was all I had to say for Candice to understand what I was asking.

"You guys are cute," She quickly explained, a smile forming on her lips.

I felt my cheeks growing a bright shade of red. I quickly looked away from Candice, trying to hide it.

"Adam's right! You're cute when you blush," She giggled, repeating Adam's words.

"Ok class, please take out your notebooks," The teacher, Ms. Honeyberry said.

The class fell silent as all you could hear were the noises of pencils, papers ripping, and big slams of books on their desks. I pulled out my new yellow notebook.

Yellow was my favorite color. It has been ever since I moved to the farm. Not only was it John's favorite color too, but it was just a reminder of where I came from. With that ability, I'll never forget my farm instincts. It mostly gave me a reminder of the sun. The sun was important to me because it reminded me of my favorite scenery. It used to be at the farm, me and John's favorite meadow. Now... It was the railroad track scenery Adam showed me. The way the sun's shadows were... is not just something you can forget.

"Yes Lucy?" Ms. Honeyberry asked.

I turned and watched as Lucy's hand fell.

Lucy looked at me, giving me a small smirk. "Why can't my boyfriend come and kiss me?"

I ducked my head in embarrassment, my cheeks growing more red. I heard the other kids snicker, which just made me feel worst. Her comment was just another embarrassing moment like what Angela did to me. Although what Angela did to me was worst. At least it brought me here...

"That was a one-time thing," She said, giving an angry glare at me, "It won't happen again. Right Anna?" She asked me, making the class snicker more.

"Yes Ms. Honeyberry," I said trying to hold my laughs from her name.

Thats when the class bursted out in laughter. I didn't though, I was keeping my face straight. I was just glad this laugh wasn't about me, but the teacher.

Finally the bell rang, and everyone rushed immediately to leave. I stood in my seat still, gathering all my things. I felt someone's eyes staring at me as I continued to pick up my things.

I looked up. From foot to head, she wore cute, sparkly white sneakers, black denim jeans, a white blouse, and a cute hat that you could get from Paris. It was Candice.

I got up from my seat as she said, "Rumor has it that Lucy is jealous of you and Adam,"

I smirked, "Trust me, I know! I told her last night and she was like... speechless!"

Candice laughed. "You're so boss,"

"I am," I sarcastically said in laughter.

We headed out the classroom watching Ms. Honeyberry glare at us out of the corner of our eyes. I swear, that woman was just creepy. Someone should give her a bell.

The hallway crowd crowded around us in a second, pushing me and Candice immediately into lockers. Snickers were made all around us. "Losers!" They yelled, making both of us frown. "C'mon," Candice said, grabbing my hand and pulling me away.

"What was that all about?" I shrieked.

"We're losers at this school," Candice explained, "That's me and now since you're friends with me, they think you are too," She finished, a frown on her disappointed look.

"Since when are we 'losers'?" I asked putting emphasis on the word losers.

"Since I broke up with a popular," Candice quickly muttered, brushing past me.

"Ooh," I cooed, following Candice in giggles.

"So their just holding a grudge about that?"

"Probably," Candice sneered.

"Don't worry, they're just idiots," I said, a smirk forming on my lips.

Candice grinned. How did she become happy so quick? Was I really good at cheering people up?

"We're going to Lucy's birthday party," She grinned even bigger.

My mouth dropped. Was she crazy? Lucy hated me! She probably wanted to destroy me now because of how I snapped at her in the bathroom. Now we're going to some, big crazy party of hers? So what, everyone's going to get drunk? I hated those parties, now Candice is telling me she likes those parties? And with Lucy? Seriously, that was the worst plan I've ever heard. She was jealous of me and Adam! I didn't want her throwing herself at Adam. My Adam!

"Are you crazy-" I began but Candice quickly interrupted me.

"No, it'll be fun. There will be food, games, drinks..." Just the word 'drink' grossed me out.

"Are we even invited?"

"Uh..." Candice stammered, trying to find the right word to say.

"Exactly," I said.

"It's an open invite. Anyone from this school can come. Plus, if you come, you can rub it in her face of how you have Adam and she doesn't," She smirked, as if reading my thoughts.

That would be fun. She was so angry when I snapped at her that one night, that it just made me want to do it again. I grinned, Candice was right. We should go.

I smirked, but finally nodded.

"Yay!" She shrieked, "Don't tell anyone we're coming though. They'll have guards there for sure then,"

"What about Adam?" I asked, before Candice walked off.

"He can know," She said, giving me a grin of how I wanted Adam to know.

I blushed. All I could think of was 'Am I really cute when I blush?'


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