Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Here is the next and epic chapter. I told you it'd be long. :D

I hated surprises. People always brought me to the wrong places, and something bad usually happened. I never would like the place. I would hate what they'd do to me. I tell them no, they say yes, and would push me in. Just the thought of surprises brought me back to the nigtmares. The halloween one mostly. The only one good thought surprises gave me was my surprise birthday. But that was when I was five, back in the city... before I left.

Adam held my hand tighter as we stepped down the stairs. "Can you at least give me a hint? I don't like surprises," I said, walking a bit behind.

"What is up with girls not liking surprises? And keep up!" He said, walking even faster.

He was fast. Faster than anyone else I knew... Why can my one cousin Josh, be this fast? He always complains how he wants to win our races. I literally had to run after Adam so I could catch up.

Adam pushed the front door, causing a loud bang echoing through the halls. The door opened, a long, great gust of wind blowing into our faces.

"Are we skipping school?" I asked, squinting my eyes through the wind.

"Yeah... ...Is that a problem?" He asked stopping for a minute, the door still open.

"No it's not, I do that all the time at the-" I stopped. My heart froze. Where was I from again? Definitley not the farm! I couldn't believe I was so close to telling him that! I think I told him where I was from already, but I couldn't remember. I told Lucy too, but suddenly I couldn't remember.

"My school in... Sacramento," I shouted with an excited smile, so proud that I remembered where I was from. Then I remembered Adam was standing there the whole time.

I looked at him, feeling my cheeks warm up in embarrassment. At least he didn't suspect I was from a farm. ...At least I hoped he didn't.

"Same here, I did it all the time in high school. Now," He suddenly whispered bending next to me, "We better run. Unless you want to get caught,"

"I'm good," I perked up, about to take a deep breath and run.

Instead, I felt Adam's grip tighten around my hand, and the loud slam of the door behind us. His hand was in mine... and it felt so perfect! I felt his fingers intertwine with mine, making my heart skip a beat again, and blush. I swallowed, looking away, trying to hide my blush.

I heard Adam's laugh, hearing him say, "You're cute when you blush,"

I couldn't help but blush again. But not in cuteness... embarrasment. I heard him laugh once again. But before I could say anything he took off, pulling me behind, hand-in-hand.

All I could think about as we ran out of the campus was him. Was that true? Did I really make him blush? Did he really say I was cute? I smiled at the thought, finally starting to focus on where we were going.

I stopped, letting go of his hand.

Gasping for breath, I lowered my back, touching my knees huffing and puffing.

Adam ran a bit further, but slowed down. "Tired already?"

I nodded, too busy gasping for air to reply.

Adam walked up to me, not even close to out of breath. He walked all confidently up to me, making me more out of breath.

"I'm surprised," He randomnly says.

I looked up from the ground, still catching my breath.

"Huh?" I say, trying to talk. It came more as a whisper though.

"Ditching school? Running off like this? Usually I asked my friend, Matt to do this with me alot. He always said no. He'd rather know his score on a math test,"

"Math can be fun," I said, finally managing to speak.

"Well... You know what I mean," He smirked, continuing to walk. Turning around, his hot back was in front of me.

"So...?" I asked, walking slowly to follow him.

"What?" He asked, sounding annoyed.

"Are we far enough from the school?"

"Oh yeah," He said, all relaxed about skipping like how I was when I was with John.

"Good. I don't want to run anymore,"

He laughed, his back to mine. I could already see that glowing smile on his face, that brought light to my life when it was at it's darkest.

"We're almost there, so chill,"

I sighed, hearing him say that. The longer I waited for surprises, the more nervous I was. Besides, whenever it was a longer way to that certain surprise, the surprise ended up really, really bad. Never once was I this nervous. What would I do if something embarrassed happened to me? ...Next to Adam Levine! Would he just sit and laugh?

I was worrying too much. I should be having fun.

We took a turn, Adam taking a step behind me, covering my eyes with his palms.

"We're here," He whispered in my ear, his lips touching my jawline.

I couldn't see anything yet, my eyes were in total darkness. I had no idea what was happening, and what it could be. But scared it would be bad, I braced myself. Mostly ready for Adam to laugh.

"Open your eyes," He finally said to me. His lips disappeared from my jawline, and I couldn't feel his palms on my eyes anymore.

I opened my eyelids, the sunlight blocking what I was supposed to see. But finally, I saw...

It was so clear... With such beauty, and such grace, only a princess could have better grace than this. I gaped at the powering sun, shadowing light and heat from up above. The puffy, white clouds looking like big globs of cotton candy were also up above. The trees around me... looking bright green, like the way they do when you edit a nature photo on Photobucket. The dead weeds high and tall in the ground didn't look so ugly like they were supposed to. They were bright; yellow too. A mist of clouds I could see up high in the highlands. Although from here, it almost looked like mountains.

I was so amazed! On the ground in front of me layed a long train track. Which was most likely the reason I felt like I was on the edge of a cliff. ...Maybe this wasn't such a bad surprise as I thought it would be.

And as if reading my thoughts, Adam goes, "See? That wasn't such a bad surprise, was it?"

I smirked, looking up at Adam with a somewhat of a glare.

He grinned in laughter, like his plan worked for sure. ...And it did.

We smiled at the view. I've never seen anything like this in the city or at the farm. I mean, at the farm there were lots of nature views, but never with this much beauty and grace. The city never had this kind of potential. Mostly with broken down buildings that stupid people called monuments. And yes, I'd be calling myself stupid too. Never once did I meet someone with the same views of nature I had. John hated nature. He hated how he was always around it, and how it always changed. He thought it was stupid. ...Which it is, but no need to be harsh about it.

I was speechless. Like I already said... it was amazing!

"It's..." I said, trying to find the right word...

"-Beautiful" Adam said, as if reading my mind.

I smiled and simply nodded still looking at all my nearby surroundings.

I could feel Adam's stare on me. It wasn't a cold stare, or a deadly stare, it was a warm stare. Those stares from the hottest boys that make you melt. The stares that make you fall in love...

I turned, seeing his stunning eyes. Green, hazel... it was all pure in my head. I stared into his eyes for what? A minimum of ten seconds before Adam looked away? Well, we were really close. Like... few inches...? I thought we were going to kiss for a minute. But once Adam looked away, I dropped it.

"So..." I started, trying to get my mind off Adam's perfect, blue hazeled eyes, and probably a size of six packs...

Adam was quiet as he walked to the side where we were nowhere near. Was he weirded out by me now? Did he want to leave? That's when a good question popped into my mind.

"Why did you bring me here? What does this represent?"

"How did you know it represented something?" He suddenly asked.

I sighed, "Because everything has a reason,"

I walked across the abandoned train track, sitting on a boulder next to Adam.

He shrugged, finally looking at me, "My brother died here,"

I didn't know what to say. I never had a dead sibling, or relative. I had dead ancestors, but I never met them. "I'm so sorry for your loss," I said, not knowing what else to say.

"Thanks," He said in a tone that sounded like, "Good! This conversation is over,"

But for the first time, we were having a real conversation, and he did say he wanted that, right?

"What happened?" I continued briskly.

He gave me a deadly glare. It looked really threatning. If I wasn't smart, there's a chance I would've been running off by now. But I didn't do anything, and Adam wasn't saying anything either. Was he embarrassed? Nervous?

"Adam?" I asked, my heart thumping with every sound I made.

He looked up, finally answering, "We were at the carnival just leaving.....

(Adam's P.O.V)

Four years ago...

I stood along the edge of the line, sticking my head out at the crowd. They looked pointless in their weird kind of clothing. Green plaid, red plaid, yellow, and so-and so. I didn't bother to tell them though that their clothes were disgusting. They were, but even four years ago I knew I had to be nice.

My one year younger brother stood beside me, as I looked through everyones' shoes. Why those shoes? Did anyone ever care to look at a mirror? Maybe I was just acting stuck up because of where I came from. We just came from visting my uncle, George. George Hallow. He worked at some farm near some village... (Can't remember what the name was.)

Anyways, the day was ending, and we hopped in line right where everyone was, waiting for the train. The view here was beautiful, even though all there was, was a train track. I knew if I saw a sight like this once, there was no way I could ever forget it.

"What is up with everyone's shoes?" My little brother asked my mom, who was standing between us.

"That's exactly what I said!" I exclaimed.

"Shh!" My mom hissed, turning to talk to my dad.

I watched my brother lean over the tracks, looking at the loose hills below it. I wasn't worried though, he did it all the time. Why worry when he's done it so much, right? That's when he started loosing balance. I quickly caught him before he fell in luckily, making it no percentage that he'd die that day.

But... he leaned over again. This time though... it was too late. I couldn't catch him.

"Peter!" I yelled!

I raced to the tracks, trying to see if I could somehow pull him out. There was no way I was leaving him here to die. And I didn't see any train yet, so we'd be fine. ...I hope.

Mom came out sooner than I expected, and of course she went frantic.

"Peter? Adam! Get back Adam! Now!" She ordered.

"No," I called back, feeling a tear spill down my cheek, "I'm not leaving Peter here!"

"Peter?" She asked, in a tone of, "What are you talking about?"

I guess she didn't see what happened. I pointed below the train tracks. But mom didn't have to go across the red zone like I did. She already knew what was going on. And my dad was finally catching up. I watched her hold her face with the gloves on both of her hands. She gasped frantically, already in tears.

"Tell Peter I love him!" She shouted.

"Why can't you come here and tell him that?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? There's no way I'm going out there!" She shouted, refusing.

"I love you Peter," I whispered, hearing the roar of a train.

"Promise you won't forget about me?"

"I promise," I said, keeping that promise, and never letting it go.

"No," I began, grabbing his hand, "I'm not letting you die! You can't!" I said, frantically pulling him.

"Adam, you're hurting me," Peter said, the roar of the train coming closer.

"Can't. Leave. You!" I whispered, still pulling him.

"Adam, I had a good life, and I don't want you to die for me. Don't. So while you have the chance, get out and let me die,"

I sniffed, suddenly gorging in tears.

"You'll be ok without me. I can already predict your future. You'll find true love, with a sweet girl who is beautiful and has brown hair."

I shook my head, more tears falling through my face.

"I'll always remember you Adam." Peter said.

And because Peter was so prepared, he layed down, ready for Heaven and afterlife.

"No! I'm dying with you," I said, hearing and seeing the train louder than ever roaring towards us.

"No," I heard Peter croak.

"Adam, no!" I heard my mother's shriek.

And that was it. Bright lights flashed, and the loudest sound I've ever heard, came roaring towards us. And I liked it. I liked the feeling of me and my brother both dying. Because even though we were dying, at least we were still together. ...But it didn't last long.

I was somehow pulled away, and I was trying to get my very last chance to jump in and die with Peter, but it was too late, all I heard was Peter yell, "Goodbye."

My family and I haven't talked of him since the funeral....

And sometimes I feel like it's my fault, and that I am the one who let him die, because he was under my watch when he fell into the hole...

(Anna's P.O.V)

"... And that day... when Peter guessed my future... He was right. I did meet a girl who was beautiful." Adam said, finally ending his dramatic story.

"Really? Who?"

"You," He said, a pure smile wrapped around his lips.

Did Maroon five, Adam Levine, just call me... beautiful?

I ended up giving a blush. I couldn't help it. ...He made me so... comfortable.

"Thanks," I said trying not to get a kiss. The last thing I needed was a romance from a new boy right now after the break up. And of course with Adam Levine. It was better to avoid drama.

"And, it is so not your fault for the whole... Peter thing! You were going to risk your whole life for it! Why would you think it's your fault?" I asked.

When I looked back at Adam he looked so stunned... speechless, shocked. I didn't know what to say. Did I say too much?


I turned my head enough to face Adam. It wasn't enough for a conversation, but it was definitley enough for what he wanted.

He touched my soft cheek, turning it more to the side, kissing me. It wasn't slow or emotional or anything. It was just like that! Out of nowhere! Yet it was passionate. If I closed my eyes, I could see sparks... fireworks!

I wrapped my hands around his neck, as he pulled my legs around his waist. He held me close, against his chest, as we still held that same kiss. I didn't know how long that kiss was... All I knew was that once this kiss was over, what would we do? I'll sit in his lap, and we'll all be akward? Gosh, I hated those kinds of fuzzy romances!

We pulled out of our kiss. But his hands still held me against his chest, and my arms still wrapped around his neck. I wanted to lean in and have another kiss, but I didn't see that happening.

"Should we get back? It's getting dark now," Adam said, releasing his arms from my back.

I quickly let go of his neck, taking my legs off of him, which quickly brought me to my last fight with John. And I thought, that was it. We tried our magic, and we had nothing. But before I could think anymore weird ratios, Adam grabbed hold of my hand, intertwining my fingers. And it fit perfectly!

We walked hand-in-hand in the sunset back to the school. School ended two hours ago, we skipped the second day. But no worries, we'll tell them we weren't there because we were either sick or a family emergency. It always worked at the farm, so it should work here!


Adam pressed the elevator button for me, which I thought was really sweet. On the walk back, he kept telling me how cute I was when I blushed, how cute I was when I got worried, and how beautiful and amazing my personality was. It really made me feel special. Especially from Adam Levine. But that was the thing! It was Adam Levine! What if he tells that to girls everyday?

"So... you know how you were telling me the story of how you're brother died?"

"Mhmm," He sighed, too busy playing with my hair to even listen to what I was saying.

"Who was your uncle again? Hallow...?" I asked.

"George," He put simply, "George Hallow. ...Why?" He asked, his tone turning serious at the last part.

The way he was treating me, was so hot! I swear, I feel like I am melting right now. It's like he put me under a spell. I don't remember anything. I can't even remember what we were just talking about! That's how much Adam affected me.

Hallow... George Hallow. I remembered that name. ...Especially Hallow! Where is that from? Maybe from the farm...?

I turned to face Adam, but he violently grabbed me pulling me into a kiss. I was under his hypnotic spell again.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, as he did the same with my back, pulling me closer to his chest, so there was no space between us. I felt his tongue sliding into my tongue. It was weird, but it was Adam Levine's tongue, so... it was okay...

He pushed me out of the elevator finally, lifting me, so we didn't have to break from our kiss. He finally put me down, once we were right next to my dorm.

He pulled me out of the kiss, motioning for his jacket back. I got cold halfway back, and asked for his coat. He was fine with it, as long as he had it back once I left. Which was fine, since I was only using it for outside. With that, I gave him a long kiss on the lips goodbye. His cologne smelled fresh, like the honey scent in Hollister. I breathed in his wonderful scent, as he wished me goodnight.

Damn, he was a better gentleman than John ever was...

I grabbed my keys, and opened the door. I walked in, watching Ruby as she read her book, "The Encounters,"

"Hey," I replied casually, putting my coat away.

"Who were you kissing outside?" Ruby suddenly asked.

I failed trying to hide my blush. I tried looking away as my cheeks swelled up, but it was too late. She saw.

"Was it too obvious?"

"No, but I could hear your lips smacking from across our dorm!" She said, rolling her eyes.

"Why did you ignore me today?" I asked out of nowhere and curiosity.

Ruby shrugged, "You're new and a loser still, so please don't talk to me," She said walking into the bathroom, slamming the door in my face.

I stood still, so shocked a looking, innocent person would do something like that.

But Candice's words from yesterday were still very clear in my mind.

"She'll only be your friend if you impress her and her friends,"

I sighed, knowing what I'd do next wouldn't be good. I couldn't have any chance of people finding out my secret though. Its what they say, you handle a lie with more lies, and a big juicy truth. (I may have added that myself...)

"I was making out with Adam," Which was true, but I didn't know if Adam wanted anyone to know yet.

Ruby opened her door immediately, the biggest smile spreading across her face.

"You... with Adam Levine? No way! He thinks I'm hot," She said, a big smirk on her face.

"Then why did he kiss me?" I asked, her smirk replaced with mine.

She stuttered, trying to find what to say next, "Listen sweetheart, you saw him in the concert today, I understand. But that lie won't fool anyone. I'm the biggest fan of Adam and he has been crawling after me, and everyone knows it," She said, continuing to take off her makeup.

"Did you know his brother died-"

"Yes," She said rolling her eyes, "Everyone knows that."

"Where did Peter die?"

"No one knows that!" She said, her tone full of envy.

"By a railroad track," I said simply, "Oh, and by the way, his uncle lives on a farm. And you called farm people stupid," I said, the biggest smirk on my face.

With that I watched Ruby turn, her mouth dropped open from how I fired at her. I guess she wasn't used to that. How could no one ever stand up for themselves? And Ruby was the weakest bully I've ever met. And with that, I slammed the bathroom door, right in her face. I never saw her shocked expression disappear. It just showed how much I was stronger than her.

But then I realized that was why Adam was at the farm. Before this year, he must've visited his uncle, George Hallow. George must've been Mr. Hallow, the sleepy man in the costume shop. It's a good thing I had that feeling not to show my face to Adam. He would've recognized me the second he saw me. He would've laughed in my face too. But I didn't have to worry about that now.

All I could say was that right now, I was the happiest girl in the world. Besides the twenty messages of John asking me for forgiveness, Adam Levine just made out with me.

Oh my gosh! I made out with Adam Levine!

I hoped you enjoyed this chapter, they finally kissed!!!!!! What if John finds out? What side are you on? John or Adam? And what if everyone finds out Anna's secret?
Interesting huh? George Hallow is from the costume shop, at the farm where Anna lived. Anna and Mr. Hallow knew eachother for a long time. And Ruby/Lucy? Sensed jelousy????

And I have no idea if Adam does have a brother, so don't judge me for that!!!

Anyways, hoped you liked it! Read, vote, comment, and rate!


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