Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 11
Chapter 11

I left the cafeteria out of breath.

What was I supposed to think? I was falling for a boy who not only was in a band, but one of my favorites. If I told him I was interested in him, would he think it's because he was famous or...? I don't know! All I know was that my suspicions came true!

I did recognize him! He wasn't the Adam I met in the elevator, he was Adam Levine! Adam Levine pulled up my dress at the costume shop at the farm! Adam Levine was that hot boy I met in the elevator. Adam Levine was the guy who blushed over me. Me! Why me? I was a girl from the farm, that boring girl everyone made fun of! ...If only I could tell him that... Gosh, I made matters worse. How will he be able to trust me once he figures everything out? Once he knows, I will always be that girl from the farm!

Why was I worried about this? Adam didn't care for me. For all I knew, he probably had thousands of girls in line for him. ...And I was probably in the end.

The second bell rang around my ears, giving me the idea that it was time to find my class. My first hour was science. Not my best class.

I hated science. I got bad grades, bad report cards, bad quiz scores... Everything was terrible in that class. How was I supposed to survive with it as my first hour? At the farm, my first class was study hall. That was a lot easier. Everyone always just read a book or took naps. Besides, the teacher never looked up from her desk, even when someone was snoring.

I opened a door with large letters that said campus. I was guessing I was entering the other half of the school, where all the classes were.

Crowds of people were walking past me, and I stood watching bullies torment the little ones. I swear I saw the girls from the Maroon 5 concert. How did they get here faster than me? I did walk a long way but it was the way they said to get here. Was there a short cut...?

A group of boys my age were laughing loud, passing by me. One of them bumped into me.

"Whoops!" He screeched like he was on a rollercoaster. I rolled my eyes, not even bothering to reply. If that was his apology, it was low.

"I'm sorry," He said, a pleading look in his red eyes. He looked tired and restless. ...Was he drunk?

"Are you...?" I whispered, too scared to ask. I didn't want him to think I was in his buisness or something. Obviously I hoped I wasn't, but I'd really like to know if he was drunk.


He burped in the middle of his smirk, laughing even harder.

"Yeah... I am," He shyly said, waving goodbye to his friends.

"I think you need some sleep then. Go to your room, and get some rest," I nicely said, pushing him in a different direction.

"Wait!" He said, running back to me.

"You seem unfamiliar, but I know everyone..."

"Oh, this is my first day," I smiled.

He grinned.

"Good luck. Those guys over there? They'd do anything to get you into their rooms," He laughed.

"To do what..?"

"You know," He winked at me.

I gasped in horror, pretty much running off. I think I was scarred for life. By these days, probably four year olds would know what that means.

I walked by my classroom, realizing that was where I was supposed to go. I quickly stopped, and ran inside it. The room was quiet. The teacher was printing out sheets. She looked really nice. She had long strands of dirty blonde hair with golden eyes that sparkled like lights. Her dark eyeliner made her bright cheeks blush as more students came in behind her.

She finally saw me out of the corner of her eye and stared at me, like she knew I never been here before. She gave me a quick smile as I continued walking towards her.

"Hi," I said shyly, looking at my new surroundings.

"Hi! Are you Anna?" She asked like she knew I was already.

"Yeah," I answered anyways.

I go, "I'm new here, I know nothing about this school, but it seems really cool,"

That's when the teacher looked up at me, finally making an effort to smile.

"I'm Ms. Honeyberry," She smiled welcomingly.

Honeyberry? What kind of name was that? For winnie the pooh?

"Please take a seat," She said a little bit more sternly.

I turned around and headed for my seat. Seats near me were empty, but as time passed more people came. That's when I saw Lucy enter.

"Hey Lucy," I said walking to the front of the room.

"Who are you?" She smirked, looking right at her friends, watching them laugh.

"It's me, Anna," I said. I knew she recognized me. Why wasn't she showing it? Was this the beginning to everything? Was this my fate? To be broken in front of everyone by my new roomate...?

"Stop looking or talking to me freak," She smirked at me, grinding past me.

I felt my lip pout, and my cheeks flush red. I was embarrased, humiliated... I felt someone just bullied me... which was new. No one bullied me at the farm. ...So, I guess for the city, it's normal.

I went back to my seat, feeling someone's eyes on me.

"Hi, you must be Anna from what I heard," She said, referring to the scene five seconds ago.

"Ya," I go, still letting things slowly slide into my brain.

"I'm Candice," She says, holding out her hand.

I took it, shaking it firmly.

Once I let go, I quickly say, "I don't know what happened. I guess she just doesn't remember me, even though we're roomates,"

Candice shook her head. "She's a popular at this school, she would've done it on purpose,"

I watched her take a quick peek to her and her friends. "They're not worthy of your friendship Anna. Once your popular over something, then they'll want to be your bff," She said, turning back to me.

I didn't know how to explain it. Lucy looked so nice to others, and other friends. Why wasn't she being nice to me? Was it because I wasn't true to myself or because I needed to be popular?

Class went by really slow. Everyone was forced to introduce themselves to me. Lucy and her friends otherwise, looked pissed. Candice says she hasn't seen them look this angry since Lucy was turned down by a boy.

I had to laugh at that. No boys ever turned me down, they were the ones who asked me out the most.

But otherwise, everything went fine. I made new friends, got some work-sheets done early, and met really funny people. One was named Anthony. He seemed really kind. He reminded me of John but ugly. Which was good. There was no way I was dating another John again.

"Here," Anthony said, passing me a small book of his.

"What's this?"

"I want you to read it. It was my favorite book since kidnergarten,"

"Wow," As much as sweet as this was, this book probably had lots of value to Anthony. I couldn't just take it away.

Anthony was really sweet. His brown eyes looked like chocolate and whenever he said something nice, I felt my heart skip a beat. I'd blush too sometimes, but not always.

"Look," I go, "This book probably means lot to you. I should let you keep it,"

"You sure? It's an one of a kind book...?"

"I'm sure," I said, feeling my lips pull into a reassuring smile. This boy was just too sweet.

I went to the library during free period at my lunch. Only a few people were here, not many. And I don't think people would want to come here. I mean, let's be honest, everyone loves outside where recess always is, right? To compare, I rather sit here, in a quiet library. Unlike outside, it was always cozy warm. It was full of books, my favorite things. I loved just coming here, sitting down in a warm chair (They even offer blankets.), and just having the library to myself with John. Like everything I do here, it was always the same on the farm. Nothing changed for me.

I entered the large, double sized library, feeling a bit of a draft. The room was quiet and gloomy. It was cold, and everything just seemed to hold still.

I grabbed my "Dark Moons" book I was still reading, grabbing a seat at a large table.

As I continued reading, I began to realize this had nothing to do with the problem me and John had. From what I could recall, John never cheated on me. But I guess that's what happens when you're heartbroken from love.

"Hey," Said a voice beside me. I looked up, a shadow above my shoulder.

It was Adam...

Adam Levine.


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