Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 10
Chapter 10

Thank you for another fan!! One fan makes a HUGE difference! So thank you, gracias' or whatever your language is! I'm glad people are reading this!:D

So this is the tenth chapter, and Anna goes to her new school, meets her horrible roomate, and of course sees who Adam really is. All of her "recognizing" questions will be answered. Plz read, vote, fan or comment! Thanks!!! *Hugs*

Enjoy!! ;D

I woke up by my alarm clock that morning. It interrupted my beauty sleep, and it didn't make me feel good. But luckily, I forced myself to get off my bed and haul myself into the bathroom. The bright light and the water that I splashed on my face woke me up.

I quickly dried my face, a large and terrifying knock on my door.

I opened the door, still half asleep, looking upon my twin. She had messy hair, just like me. She had bad b-o in the morning, just like me. Although she did not look joyful like me... She looked terribly grumpy.

"Who are you?" She snarled.


She looked me up and down as if judging my character and what I was wearing. I was wearing a small yellow tee, duck pajama pants, and duck slippers. My hair was messy like hers too, so like that would matter.

I could already see the stupid smirk on her face, following with a huge pit of laughter.

"Nice slippers," She smirked, "What are you? A farm girl?"

I looked at my shoes, asking myself would these really give me away?

"Seriously," She laughed, "Where are you from?"

I sighed. She didn't think I was a farm girl. I was already saying thank you to that. But now I had to come up with a lie...


Gosh! That was the biggest lie I've ever told! I live across the country compared to that!

She nodded, believing my obvious lie.

"I'm Ruby, but call me Lucy. Ruby is embarrassing," She laughed.

Ruby was a pretty name. Why was she embarrassed? There was no reason to be embarrassed. Besides, my middle name was Corduyous. That was embarrassing...

"Why is Ruby embarrassing?" I blurted.

She smirked, "You just answered your question,"

I still didn't get it. There was nothing wrong with her name.

"Why are you getting up so early?" She asked me.

"I want to take a shower and go to the library," I replied, grabbing some clothes I was going to wear after my shower.

Lucy raised an eyebrow at me.

I shrugged with a smile.

"I guess I'm kind of a nerd..."

"Nerd," Lucy smirked at me, heading back to her bed, closing my bathroom door.

So that was it. I was from Sacremento, California for now on. And I think I just found a new best friend. Ruby. Or Lucy. It depended which one you like more. I like Ruby better. It was such a pretty name. Why hide it?

I headed down the hallway, the school map in my hands. Obviously, I still didn't know where I was going. I could be heading this way, but what about the other way...?

"I see you're having trouble," A deep voice popped up from behind.

I jumped, clamping my things onto my chest. "You scared me," I say.

"Sorry," He said, a teasingly smirk on his face. It was Adam.

"Why are you up so early?" I asked, continuing my walk to the library.

"Funny," He grinned, "I was going to ask you the same thing,"

I didn't know what to say, I didn't have things in common with boys very often. Well there's John... but still.

"You first,"

"Autographs," He smirked.

"Your band must be very famous at our school," I grinned.

I wondered what his band's name was, or who he really was, and who his friends were. If I told him who I really was, would he trust me forever? Or tell everyone including my new friend Lucy?

"Not just our school," I barely heard him say.

"Wait, what?"

"Adam!" A boy yelled across the hall, waving his hands, "Over here!"

Adam bended his head down a little bit in a cute way, waving his hand towards him.

"Am I going the right way Adam?" I asked, starting to get impaitent.

"Who's she?" The same boy asked, a friend of Adam's.

"Just a girl, no one," Adam said, pushing him away, waving at me goodbye.

In the midst of what just happened, I swear I saw him blush. And it was adorable.

John always used to tell me how cute I was when I blushed. On our afternoon walks, when he was leaving me, he'd always give me a peck on the cheek. I'd blush and he'd start singing his song. "I made you blush, I made you blush," He'd say, sing-songing. It would always make me laugh, and push him into the nearby lake. Those were our regular afternoons.

But what did that blush mean? Blush of, "shut up," or blush of "She's no one, I hate her," Did he really think that I was no one? That I was just a piece of dust? Or that I was just too embarrassing to tag along with his friends? Who was I kidding, it was probably all of the above!

I walked into the library, looking at the large room. There was an escalator, leading to another floor full of books which was unbelievable. It was like the size of Forever 21 at NYC. I gaped at the amazing stones on the wall, and the check out counter. There was even Starbucks! It was heaven.

I wasn't there for very long though. It took me a while to find a good book, but I finally found "Lovers and Weasels," It seemed pretty interesting. ...I think.

The first bell rang around my ears. There were still three more other bells, so I had lots of time to find my class. It was a big school anyways, probably took a while to get around. But right now, the only place that was crowded was the cafeteria. ...Compared to yesterday when I was in the elevator.

This was the same place Adam went to when I left. Was he waiting for this? Kids our age were screaming at the top of their lungs yelling "I love you," and all of that when you're in a concert. Wow, Adam must be really big at our school. Signs were held up, blocking my view. I wondered what they said, that way I could find out what the name of the band was. Obviously Adam was in it, but he never told me the name. I really wanted to know!

Finally the lights dimmed, and the stage lights went brighter. The screaming got louder too so I was guessing someone was on the stage. I fought back, trying to see the person, but I couldn't.

One person was nice enough to get me a peek. It was Adam on stage.

"Hey everyone," He grinned, making the audience screamed more.

Adam was so cute. He was so cute that whenever the room was dark, just the smile of his would make light.

"We're Maroon 5, and we hope you enjoy," He smiled, making me blush, as if he was talking to me.

But that was it. Suddenly my ears went death, I couldn't hear, my vision was blurry, and I felt sick. I needed to get out of here. I was falling... for a guy I shouldn't be falling for.

Did he just say...

Maroon 5?

dun dun duuuunnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! So Anna just figured out who Adam really was. She now realized he is an overnight sensation across the globe, and doesn't believe in their magic anymore. She is stunned, and confused.

Will she continue to realize their magic next chapter??? Read to find out!:)

Post, comment, and rate. Thanx fur all fans and support. Luv u all!!!

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