Mortal Kombat
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 13
Okay,What Happened?

Mileena's P.O.V
Rose jumped over Max and i followed.The Room where Shao Khans throne is was filled with soldiers and the Rose saw the flock.She ran over to them to see if she can defend them for a while.Me on the other hand I went to someone and ate their face.
Iggy's P.O.V
Okay I maybe blind but i am winning against these soldiers.I heard Rose calling for help I went over and the whole room went silent.Someone was holding her and had a knife to her neck.her feet were tied so were her hands.Gazzy ran up and so did I but we were blown back by some force
Nudge's P.O.V
I ran up defenceless but i did manage to go air borne.I threw the two knifes that i had then I aimed since Rose taught Me killer aim (book 1) I cut the rope surrounding her and Fang ran up.
Fang's P.O.V
I got Rose out of the grip.She removed her mask to reveal ugly Tartakan teeth.She backed up and ran i grabbed her waist and i turned quickly she opened her wings and went into him headfirst.He tumbled back and Rose got on his back and bit at his neck then did a handstand on the shoulders and pulled down to hit his stomach then did it again but let go.
"Not so fast."
Rose's P.O.V
Sheeva,Goro,Kintaro,All the four armed people.Attacked Me,Fang,Nudge.I will spare details but we won.I was stumbling around like a complete idiot.
"Okay,What happened?" Mileena Asked
"Well we were eating lunch,I was eating a light  hmph"Fang covered her mouth
"We were eating, the guy that was holding you captive came with a bunch of people"I am Pacing.

Angel's P.O.V
"Rose,Mileena.Who told  you?" She looked over to Max who still looked dopey.
Rose,Someone's in your room,A dangerous someone.I saw her look to me she put her mask on.Her fangs went away but she went in search of the person in her room
Max's P.O.V
I was finally comprehending
"What the hell happened."They told me i then said
"Where's Rose" Angel said her room.We all went to her room.We opened the door and rose was tied down to her closet door and had a gag in her mouth she was bloody
Gasman's P.O.V
I Have never.When i find them.Haha.


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