Poems about Love
Author: Terra Blake

Chapter 38
In person.

I could never do this in person

All it would take is one look and Iíd change my mind
But to stay in this relationship would be unkind
See were hurting each other
Lying that we care about one another
But really all you want is success
And lose me while trying to be the ďbestĒ
While I just need attention
And trying everything to get it from you is my affliction
Maybe we would do better later
At this point we just donít have what it take to cater
To the inís and outís of each otherís life
There just arenít enough joys with the strife

I could never do this in person

It would just be us in an empty hall
And I would find every excuse to stall
Because honestly I donít want to be over
Would take the luck of a four leaf clover
But I just want things to change
That doesnít seem to be capable in your range
You would just pass the conversation on
Too busy to even notice Iím gone
Then I would get upset
And you think ďIím sorryĒ is an issues reset

I could never do this in person

I would think of all the time I wasted on you
With all the ish you put me through
And then I would start yelling
With this whole elaborate speech derailing
Eventually I would start to cry
And you would already know the reason why
So you would hold me until I stop
From that point the argument would drop

I could never do this in person

Because as quickly as we fought
The ending would be brought
With me still being in-love with you
And the make-up would be swift yet true
So we would think this argument was the end
Until it all happen again

I could never do this in person

The cycle would never stop
And my love for you I could never drop


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