Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 9
Chapter 9

So this is the chapter where Maroon 5, Adam Levine comes in finally! Hope you enjoy<3 :)

Btw, Thanks for all the readers and votes!:D Honestly, thank you for continuing to read this story! If u don't like this book so far, it's ok. It just started. Enjoy!!!!

I approached a large, tall building, towering over me. It's many windows along the sides were showing my reflection and how messy my hair was from sleeping on the train. I did not look great. It was my first scholarship interview. They were supposed to give me my schedule, tell me my yearly expectations, and all that stuff no student really cared about.

I looked at all the views.

No doubt, the city ever disappointed me with it's amazing sites. The amazing sculptures around me were just so spectacular! The perfect 90 degree angle running east, the perfect ruled out line that was planned so magnificently, and of course the perfect pattern of triangles running along the edge somehow cruqid or straight back onto the ground.

I knew what people would think if they heard me say that though.

So yeah... I was a nerd. But I wasn't just any nerd, I was a math nerd. Mr. Ross would always tell me how splendid he was to have me there. I was glad too. Math was my favorite class back at the farm. John was always in it, I always got perfect grades, and I never even tried. It came so naturally to me!

A large bill-board sign was held in front of me as I got closer to the school. It was the same picture I saw on the website. This time it was bigger, more HD like, and had autographs written all over it. Was that Taylor Swifts?

Finally I had enough of standing in the cold air outside. I finally walked in to the warmth entry of my new school, passing tall roses in a small bouquet. How cute! I wonder how many people came to this school every year...

I walked up to a lady sitting in her desk. She looked like an office worker, typing really fast on her computer like she was typing a long page essay. Her dark skin had a few pimples on her forehead and she was very tall. Her blue eyes were as sparkly as the silver necklace around her thin neck.

She looked at me with her bright blue eyes.

"Is there anything you need?" She asked, looking partially annoyed.

Gosh, everything here was so much more professional than my old school. The walls here were painted a beautiful white, and the glass floor just looked... so clean. A spiraling, white, glass staircase was to my right, a large sign that said girl dorms.

This place was so cool! Just this whole place seemed so prepared for the year. The only thing that was so special about my old school was how the principal gave us one yearly party. The Halloween party. There was also a valentine's party, but that was for the town. Some students aren't even allowed to go.

"I'm here for my interview with Mr..." I struggled, trying to figure out who the name was.

"Mr. Strauss?" The young lady asked.

"Yeah!" I exclaimed, watching her continue to type.

"Please wait until he arrives," She said to me, her eyes on the computer screen.

I sat down on a chair nearby, waiting. What was this? An appointment to the doctor's?

I looked at the large tray of cookies in front of me. Each were in sections... I'm guessing for flavors. Chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter cookies. I stared at it eagerly. I wanted one! Problem was, I was on a diet. I tried keeping myself focused, I was going to try not to eat it. I couldn't! I promise my mom I'd be more serious here, and more like an adult. Part of that was not ditching school... even though I may. Finally, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I grabbed a cookie, jamming it into my mouth.

I didn't know or care what flavor it was. It was good, and that was all to explain it.

I continued chewing, not even worried that Mr. Strauss would arrive. I wanted to look good at this interview though. My mom says, first impressions are always the best.

I looked up from my amazing cookie, spotting a man's face. Finally I realized it was Mr. Strauss.

I quickly wiped the crumbs on my jeans, wiping the chocolate marks with my wrists, and making sure I didn't embaraas myself. I stood up forcefully, and made a nod for Mr. Strauss to go on. My first impression got off in a rough start.

"I'm Mr. Strauss Anna," He said offering his hand. I took it, and shook it in a professional way.

"Nice to meet you sir," I stammered.

"Please follow me. I will take you to my office," He said, grabbing a few suitcases of mine.

We headed across the lobby, to the elevator. The elevator was old fashion but still as shiny as the rest of the room. The color was a golden orange, it was really pretty. I went inside, noticing it was a very usual city elevator. One side of the elevator, you could see through. It was a view of their cafeteria. It was really empty right now, it only had a few people my age sitting and eating. Some were even studying.

I followed Mr. Strauss as we walked out of the elevator into a narrow hallway full of doors on the sides, like it was some big thing to hide. He opened a door with a key, letting me in.

"Please sit," Mr. Strauss said, helping me into the seat.

"Thank you," I said, sitting down. I looked around for the files my parents and I signed, putting it on his desk.

"Thanks," Mr. Strauss smiled, making me feel more comfortable.

I felt like he wouldn't like me like the people my age. He knew I was from the farm. Why wasn't he making fun of me?

"I was very impressed by the video my supervisor showed me. You have a spectacular voice! We thought you weren't going to come. We have a low amount of people who come here. We're trying to raise that up, you might be our big hit!"

"What about Maroon 5?"

"That's just something to get visitor's attention," He replied naturally looking at my files.

"So... he's not coming?"

"Oh he is, don't worry." He laughed, like knowing that was the reason why I came.

I hope he was right. That was probably the only reason why I came. If their not here, I might as well go back to the farm and see John. Even if I never talk to them, just their hotselves is all I need to get my mind off John.

"Here's your info. This is floor 2. Floors 3, 5, 7, and 9 are girl dorms. Ok? The rest which are floors 4, 6, 8, and 10 are boys. Don't risk seeing a boy that way. I know what they think their age,"

I know this was a counselor/stranger person talking to me, or giving me a warning but did he realize how much that scared me? I know what they think. I think that just scarred me for life!

I thanked him quickly, knowing what he was thinking when he said that. My first impression of him was not good. Mr. Strauss is a creep.

I walked into the elevator, not really paying attention to who was next to me, like I'd care.

All I could think was what I'd do? When I see a city folk do I just say what's up or do I go, howdy partner? They could either laugh at me or join my weird talking ways like John did. Why was I thinking of John so much? Why did I miss him? I was supposed to hate him!

"Hey," A deep voice said beside me. It was the stranger next to me.

I sighed. I didn't want to talk to anyone right now. Especially a stranger from the city. Eventually, he'll ask who I was, where I came from, and all that. Until I figure out what to say to all that, it was the best to ignore.

"Hey," He repeated.

I couldn't stand ignoring this stranger. It was killing me already! Even if it was only like... five seconds.


"Why did you ignore me?" He asked.

"Oh I'm sorry," I exclaimed. Now I have to come up with a reason. Now I had to lie! The whole point of ignoring this stranger was so I didn't have to lie. Now I was lying sooner than expected. So this is what they mean by: Lying means more lying.

"I have hearing problems sometimes," I lied right to his face.

I wanted to apologize so bad for lying to him right now, but I knew I couldn't. It was too much of a risk.

"Oh that's ok. Me too in fact, I'm a musician, I'm in a band,"

"That's cool. Aren't most people here musicians?" I asked, still not really looking at him.

"Well yeah, but I'm not exactly a student. Well I am but... sort of."

I finally looked away from the buttons of the elevator, looking at him. He looked hot. Like... really hot. He was tan, muscular, strong, like he was built like this when he was born. He looked familiar too, like I've seen him before. I turned away again thinking of all the similarities. The dude who helped me with my dress... gosh, that really looked like him.

I looked back at the stranger and smiled. He looked like a nice teen.

"I'm Anna," I said offering my hand.

He smiled back, shaking it. "Adam," He replied.

I nodded, looking back to the elevator buttons. But I couldn't help it. He was so attractive, I couldn't get my eyes off him. He, himself was attracting me like a magnet. Especially his tattoo on his arm. It was large, really big too.

Oh my gosh! Was that... no it couldn't have been!

I saw his face turn to me a little, his sly smile turning into a smirk. That same smirk of that same boy who helped me with my dress.

It was him! Did he recognize me? It didn't seem like it... Which was odd because our eyes connected so naturally. It was like fate. ...Or the knowing.

I just wasn't going to say anything. Besides, that would just be akward, plus I don't want to tell anyone I live in a farm right now. Especially... Adam.

The doors opened, and I grabbed my bags, walking out.

"Anna!" Adam stopped me.

I turned, my heart turning into a wreck. I hope he isn't going to say anything of how he was the one who helped me with my dress. Not only would he tell that embarrassing moment, he would tell I was from a farm. That would ruin my city reputation!

But all he said was, "Bye,"

And that was it.

The elevator door closed, seperating us for all eternity.

For a minute, I felt alot better. Why? Because, in all those lovely minutes with that handsome stranger, I've tottally forgot about John and how our sixth year anniversary was today. Not once did I think of him until I stopped talking to Adam.

Adam. Is that a name that I'll just easily forget, or is it a name that can just stay in my brain forever?


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