Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 7
Chapter 7

Copyright 2012 Natalie Elle Tyler - All Rights Reserved

So in this chapter, Anna feels heartbroken again when someone comes to apologioze. (Read to find out) And this is the chapter where Anna is finally starting to let go.

"Anna! Anna wake up!"

I opened my eyes, the irritating sound of my mother next to me.

"Yeah?" I asked her.

"John is here," She replied leaving my bedroom.

John? What is he doing here? Aren't we done? With our fling, friendship, and everything we had? What was he here for now? Will he be begging for forgiveness because he feels guilty for me not being in school?

He should feel guilty. He deserves every bit of my broken heart.

In fact I was so over him, I didn't even care if he saw me like this.

I wrapped my sweater around me, putting my fuzzy slippers on. I stepped outside a little bit, already seeing John's van. Another place of memory between us...

He was looking the other way, which was good. I was nervous to see him too. I could feel my heart ripping apart with every step I took.

I finally watched him turn, looking at me, right at me. His eyes widened like he made a mistake, like now he was getting nervous inside. I knew he was, and he could tell I knew too. I took a deep breath, seeing it in the cold air. John and I were still in the same spots... doing nothing differently.

What did he came for? Why did he come? What did he want?

I glanced at my barn way across the field, trying to find a distraction. I finally felt like I was getting over him. This cannot ruin it!

I finally looked back at John. Nothing changed, he was still staring at me. I took a step back, and turned around heading back to my cabin for more sleep. If John wasn't going to say anything, then why am I still here?

I kept walking even after I heard a car door open. Expecting it was John's I even walked faster.

"Anna, wait!" I stopped, recognizing John's voice.

It was the voice... The voice that was incredibly hot, it was my best friend's voice, and the boy's voice whom I fell in love with. I felt my throat quickly tighten. Suddenly I lost the ability to breathe. Everything inside me was finally coming up... now.

Why is it, something that you don't want to happen to you at a particular moment, happens at that particular moment. It happens to me definitley, and it embarrasses me.

I felt water filling up my eyes. I didn't want to do this. ...Not now.

"Hey," John said huffing over running, tapping on my shoulder.

I didn't turn. Trying to act strong, I say, "What is it?"

"I was wondering why you weren't at school all week. People are starting to worry about you Anna. Teachers and counselors are noticing you've been ditching. Look, you may want to feel the rush of ditching school again like in middle school. I mean, I know I do too, but you could do it once every two or one week, not every day!" John said sighing, "Anna, be careful,"

"What about you huh?" I snapped back, whirling around.

"You're the one who ditched me, broke my heart, and went after Angela. Now what? You two are dating? When I get back, I'll be humiliated, and everyone will laugh? This is all you're fault and you know it! You're just trying to let your pain go away easily, so you can come here and start acting like you care about me. Well, you don't! You never listened to me! You were either checking out other girls, or making out with me when we were alone! Why couldn't we go out in public? Angela knew about us! Why is that so bad? Why did you let our friendship go? Everything we had? Ever did...?"

"You don't think this is hard for me? You're my only friend! I have no friends, and this english accent that we stuck to doesn't work out! And you never trusted me!" He fired back at me.

"Oh please! You never trusted me either! That's the only reason we had made out in the car!"

"Yeah, why was that so important to you? I just wanted you to stay, so I gave you kisses! We make out in the car all the time!"

I felt my face burning. I thought he knew why it was so special and why it hurted me! I guess he wasn't as close as a friend as I thought he was.

"If you knew me so well, and listened to me, you would've known that that was the first time I've ever, ever, came so close to doing something more,"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Gosh I hated repeating myself.

"I never took my shirt off in front of you before..." I said awkwardly, looking away.

John's face fell as he blinked awkwardly.

"Oh," Was all he could say.

"I can't believe you didn't know that..." I said shaking my head in disappointment as I walked back to my cabin.

I didn't hear anything behind me. Footsteps, voices... nothing. Just silence, like he was just standing there helplessly.

I blinked away the tears, and they never came out. Because I let my feelings out. And it was everything I wanted John to hear... but not to feel.

All I can do now... is pray.

........... ....................................... ................................................................................. ............ ...

I went back in my bedroom, and sat on my bed.

I loved my bedroom. Every one inch of it. Except for all the walls and how every side had like a thousand pictures of me and John. It made me want to scream, yell, cry, laugh, and of course prank call him. I haven't done a prank call in forever!

My face scrunched tightly with all my anger held in together. Knowing I had to let this anger go, I knew only one thing to do.

I walked up to one photo of me and John. It was at a christian camp two years ago during the summer of eighth grade. Back then he wore glasses and had crooked teeth. No girls liked him then.

I was giving the brightest smile with my hair in a ponytail. I wore my daily eyeliner and little mascara. I looked good. John was my best friend that day, no doubt. There was no fling yet. It was after our fist kiss, yes, but it was before our agreement to a fling. Those days were fun. There were really no rules.

My face scrunched up in anger as I tore it apart. I ripped it in half, throwing John's part away. I looked at the other half of the photo. Just me smiling with someone's arm around me. I didn't know who the arm was and I was trying to forget them. I could feel it.

My ears were suddenly alarmed with a knock on my bedroom tone.

"John, if that's you, we are not making up," I said sternly, tearing another photo of us apart.

"It's me,"

I looked up. My eyes meeting my mom's.

Oh gosh. Why did I say that? I should've asked who it was!

Now my mom is going to ask a million of questions. She's going to start with, why are you mad at John, but he's your best friend, and la-di-da-di-da! And yeah, that's how my mom talk goes.

"You're mad at John?" My mom questioned.

There was no point in lying at that question. She'll have to find out eventually.

"Yes," I admitted.

Mom grabbed John's halves of his photos out of the trash, with a shocked look.

"You must be really mad," She stated.

"Yes," I repeated tearing another photo.

Mom quickly stopped me.

"Why? You two are best friends! He's your only friend too!" Mom looked worried. Probably because now she's worried she may have to go shopping with me.

"Something complicated came up," I said.

"By the way, I've heard you've been ditching school too. That's why I came here to talk to you for."

I swallowed. She knew? I should've took John's advice when I had the chance!

"Is this about John?" She asked, looking concerned.

I swallowed. I didn't want to lie, but it's kind of hard to tell your own mom that you've been dating your best friend for three years, and that you're so upset about it, you've decided to ditch school.

"You know you can tell me anything right?" Mom said, grabbing hold of my hand.

Holding her hand really did help. It's one of those daughter and parent things that never gets old. The love and the comfort.

I looked up at her, and told her the closest thing possible to the truth.

"Our friendship failed. I wanted to be his girlfriend, and all he ever wanted was a fling. He wanted to talk today of why I've been ditching school," My voice cracked, "I told him he never listened to me anymore, and he kissed me, and I said no to our relationship, and that was it! He broke off our friendship."

My eyes filled with tears as I watched my mom's face. She looked hurt, as if she knew exactly how I felt.

"Come here Anna," Mom said reaching me for a hug.

I dived into her arms like a little girl, and cried on her shoulder.

.............................................................................. ................................................................

(Two hours later...)

"Anna," Mom called across the house for me.

"Yeah?" I asked, finally ending my sob of tears.

"I finally decided about the school,"

I looked up. Mom was standing right in front of me, holding the stack of papers from the school's website I printed out. Her face looked really serious. Like the time we went out on a picnic, and discovered my first allergy. I guess her face was that serious but a little bit frightened too. You could see it in her eyes, although she never gets frightened. My mom is brave.

I was expecting a no to the school. For a minute, I actually thought she might've said yes, but that changed as soon as I admitted how I was ditching school. I told her the reason I'd like to go to the school was to get better grades, and good scholarships. Obviously she wasn't going to believe that now if she knew I was ditching school.

"Yes," My mom told me with a slight smile.

"Wait... What?" I asked.

Did I just hear my mom say yes to a new school that I wanted to go to even though I'm pretty much failing my old school?

"Yes," My mom said, answering my thoughts.

This was really happening. I was going to the school of my dreams!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I said repeatedly over and over.

"You will not regret this!" I quickly exclaimed, gushing over my application.

"Look, obviously I can tell you're not interested in this for grades. I would like you to actually go to school, and get good grades. But, for that to happen, I'm probably going to have to give you this opportunity. Not only will this be your fresh start with new peers, but this is the school of your dreams! So there's no way you'll ditch, right?"

"I promise! If it gets boring, I'll tell you," I said, watching my mom smile.

"Thank you mom! I love you!" I said, attacking her with hugs.

"We all love mom when we get what we want, don't we?" My mom asked grinning.

I smiled and nodded.

"Tomorrow is your last day of your old school. And I am going to make sure, you don't ditch."

I sighed deepily. Why was my mom making me do this?

"Ok? Just because I'm letting you go to Cortine's, doesn't mean I'm letting you ditch. This is for good grades, and a fresh start, ok?" She asked.

I nodded.

What did I have to worry? I could ditch whenever! Besides, my mom didn't even find out until the school was suspicious about it. I've been ditching three years! Why stop now? I just needed to remind myself of John's advice every once-in-a-while.

But until tomorrow, I'm just going to continue my book of how men are dirty, spoiled, and rotten liars! For now on, I was a man-hater...

I was absolutely freezing that morning. I pulled my comforters over me like ten times overnight, putting layers of thin blankets on top. I shivered, feeling a rush go through me, making my arms fill up with goosebumps.

Ehhhhh, Ehhhhh!

I opened my eyes, blinking. Was it six A.M already?

I wasn't used to getting up in the mornings anymore. Usually once I was across the school at the playground, further away, I'd just go back to bed until the end of school. In the rain, I made sure I brought an extra sweater so I could use that as a blanket and the big coat as a cover on top of the playground toy, to cover the holes so I wouldn't get wet. But my coat was always soaked afterwards.

Same routine as every morning. Wake up, wash face, get dress, and go downstairs. Then it was eat, brush teeth, brush hair, and go get shoes and coat.

"You look great," Mom said which was really rare.

Why was she telling me this? Was it because I was having a rough time right now? Was it John...?

I said "Thanks" anyway, running out to the car.

I promised mom I'd be at school today. So I was definitley going to try, but if anybody even says one word, I'm out the doors like that! And because my mom knew of my ditching, she decided to even come inside the office with me. She better not admit I was really ditching.

I led my mom inside, watching many body's turn. Everyone wanted to see who everyone else was staring at. We walked past them into the office. Even though I was safe in the office, away from the new rumors, I still didn't feel exactly safe. I could already hear the giggling, the gossip, the rumors, and the laughters. I could already see each having a debate on why I was back so quickly.

"Mrs. Coraline!" The principal welcomed us almost as if cheering.

Our principal was weird. He was an dark-skinned, black haired, brown eyes man with an big, large, brown, bushy mustache standing in the place where his lips were supposed to be. He always spoke spanish, never once did he stop, which creeped me out even more. Me and John used to make fun of his mustache too, because it was like a squirrel's tail.

"Hola! Como estas?" He smiled, guiding us to the seats.

"Thank you," My mom shyly smiled, sitting down very professional, like those dolls I was saying earlier.

"So, I've been expecting your prescence. Many people and teachers may think you're ditching. You've been gone way too often, and you never call,"

"I'm sorry, I've been really sick and-"

"Look Mr. ...whoever you are," My mom said, interrupting and grimacing, "I assure you my daughter would never ditch. Me and my husband were down in the city all week, and Anna got sick. She got really sick, and tried finding the number for the school but couldn't. I'm very sorry, I'll remember to leave it out next time," My mom said with a kind smile.

Finally he smiled, looking from my mom, and back to me.

He stood up quickly, offering his hand to shake. My mom took it and shook it firmly. "Mr. Dasien," He said smiling, showing his bright teeth.

I looked away quickly. All I saw in those teeth was food, plaque, and DNA all over. Didn't he wash his teeth?

Mom pushed me out the door too like that, with no other words to Mr. Dasien.

"Mom-" I began, but she quickly interrupted.

"Your welecome," She replied, giving me a kiss on the forehead, knowing what I was going to say.

We walked off in different directions like always, pretending we never knew eachother for my sake at school, because at school, we didn't really know eachother.


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