Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

I hoped chapter 3 was really good! It's probably where the story most intrigued myself. lol. Chapter 1 was boring, 2 got better, and I really hoped you liked chapter 3!:) Chapter 4 is the beginning for Anna to get over John. Some old memories in her head are told, and right now she's angry but also depressed. Chapter 5 and 6, (Mostly 6) are her really depressed. So I didn't really write much. If you'd like to, read chapter 5. I'd just skip 6. It only has 2 sentences. So ya... enjoy!

This morning, mom had dropped me off at school. Usually it would be John the one who'd drop me off although because of his "morning plans" he told my mom he couldn't pick me up. It was because of our breakup. I knew that for sure.

Not only that, but I didn't even want to go to school. You think I'd go to school after a fight with my best friend, and boyfriend, and in the end he tells me all we ever had was a fling...?

Well news flash, we've been friends for a long time, but I have to admit, he did kiss me the next year when we were still friends. But he said that he only had a crush on me a week before. Was that a lie...?

"I wonder how long John will have those morning plans... Do you know?" Mom questioned me.

I shrugged, not wanting to answer a question about my ex-boyfriend. Like I'd tell my mom what I thought. Oh yeah, he's just not picking me up until we're getting back together again. ...That'll be the day.

Besides, I was too upset to talk about it. You could've seen his face.

"Angela would've been more mature about this," He said.

Angela? Where the heck did she come from? I shook that feeling off, trying to get my mind off John.

What will I say? I'd be known for sure as the girl whose relationship and fling didn't work. I'd be quiet as much as I am today! Angela will be his and I'd be a loner. Especially if I went to a new school...


That was it!

Going to a new school was perfect!

That way I could have a total fresh start! I can meet new people, find a new best friend, find an actual guy friend, and get a better boyfriend than John. I couldn't believe this, it was my perfect future! I just needed mom to let me go to the school.

But for sure I knew, I was not going to school today.

"Have a nice day! You're going to be late!" I heard my mom shout as I began walking to the main doors.

No one was looking at me as mom drove away, and I walked to the doors. So far, so good. But there was no way I was taking further humiliation.

So I did the old thing me and John used to do in middle school.


Me and John used to skip all the time in eighth grade. From second period to fifth period, man, we always had a blast.

"Where do you want to go?" I asked, walking him down the stairs outside our middle school.

"I'll go wherever you go," John said following after me.

I smiled brightly watching him grab at my wrists. He held them tightly, pulling me closer.

"That was sweet,"


"You'll go wherever I go," I repeated, blushing.

"Can't a man be sweet?"

"Yes, but it's not usual," I replied grabbing his hand.

We walked to the playground across the street next to Diamond's Farm Elementary School. I've never been there, I've been living in the city those days, but John always told me how amazing Elementary School was here. The more he told me about it, the more I wished i've lived here my whole life.

I took a seat on the highest swing, pointing to the seat next to me, where I wanted John to sit.

He didn't sit there. Instead, he stood right in front of me. I kept having to shorten my legs as tightly as I could to avoid hitting him.

"Why won't you sit next to me?" I asked, my voice sounding depressed.

John stopped my swing and told me to stay still where I was.

He kneeled down to the ground, wrapping my legs around his waist. I guess it went well, he was the tallest in eighth grade. He then wrapped his strong, muscular arms around my waist, making me blush as he pulled me closer.

And that was when it all happened.

Our first kiss. He pulled me in, our lips crashing onto eachother. It was everything I hoped for since I moved here in seventh grade, it was everything I wanted, and it was everything we wanted. Around the playground, around the trees, it was perfect. The only thing we needed was a waterfall.

He licked my lips gently, like asking if I wanted a tongue-kiss. I never opened though, telling him no. But I did give him a kiss back again, telling him I did like him, and probably would want him someday. That was my first kiss. And I always hoped it was his too. I've always wanted to ask if that was his first kiss, because then I'd know for sure.

The cool air hit my face as I walked through the streets to the playground where me and John kissed. First hour would start any minute now, and there was no turning back.

I sat down underneath the big toy where there was only limited space underneath. I could barely put my head underneath, trying to avoid the hard piece of wood that would slam onto my head.

I unzipped my backpack looking into my things. I didn't have that much stuff right now, and this wasn''t exactly planned. But to be honest, there's nothing I could do and wanted to do.

Everything I did, everything I said, everywhere I was... It all reminded me of John. Our first kiss, this playground, the first day we met, across the street, and my house... the first time we made out. These past hours, since our breakup last night, I've been holding it all in. I felt like I was holding everything back, like I was a fraud. It was time for me to stop holding still, the time for me to let it all out.





But nothing came out. No tears, groans, screams, or anything.

I was too scared to let it all out. No one should know about this.

And I was holding still... just like a statue.


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