Ladykiller (A Maroon 5 Fanfiction) ~Completed!~
Author: Pin3apple

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction ever! I love Maroon 5, and if u read this, you must love them too!
I just want to say I got this idea from Maroon 5's song: Ladykiller.
At first, I didn't think I wanted to write a fanfiction. But on Wattpad, many writers have fanfictions of One Direction. I LOVE One Direction, but I'm not crazy enough to write a book of them. Then i realized I'll write something different. So I decided to write Ladykiller. Not about 1D but M5 :D
Please read and enjoy! If there's something odd, just say so! This is my first fanfiction and I'm thirteen!:)

For all I knew, I was a farm girl. I grew corn, vegetables, made the chickens and the cows pee and poop their eggs, and milk. I made lots of confetti eggs when I was bored. There was no television, just a teenage girl with a dream. Just me.

Ever since I was young, all I ever wanted to be was a singer. Dancing too, but I was never good at it. Whenever I slept over at a friend's house, they would always tell me I was good. But that was something I was going to have to figure out myself.

The cool air threw itself at me as I opened our cabin's back door to walk outside. The sun was shining brightly at me, but it was already windy. It blew my hair back as I looked up in the clouds. The sky was a light blue always with perfect little white clouds. The sky was always the same, never different. We never had any storms I could recall, so why would it change?

"Anna!" John yelled, rushing over to me.

I looked over at him, my thoughts now disappearing.

He ran wearing his light blue jumper like always with a different t-shirt than yesterday, blue. His dirty blonde hair never covered up his sparkly blue eyes. Pale peach skin, lips pink as a flower petal, I always liked him. We had a fling ever since the seventh grade.

"Howdy partner," I smirked, going all country at him.

"Please! When do I ever say that?" He laughed in a country boy accent.

I laughed along with him and said, "I hate when people make fun of us,"

No one really seemed to care if we were poor or not, they cared about our accent. If we had just a bit of the tiniest accent of a hillbilly, everyone would laugh. Knowing the city because last year I visited, I saw my friends again, and they bursted out laughing whenever I spoke.

So ever since then, me and John coached ourselves so we'd stop talking like that. Before we knew it, people were asking, "What happened to your accent?" I couldn't believe it! They wanted us to have it. But me and John, no. We've been buds ever since I moved here. We agreed on everything. He was pretty much my twin... but a boy.

"Same," He agreed wiping the sweat off his forehead.

John was like my best friend, as I said before. We do every thing together. From making out, playing in the feilds like we were kids, and rope swinging into the water.

"What's for today?" I asked trying to grab hold of his hand.

He clutched my hand tightly as we walked, making our arms swing back and forth.

"I don't know... The halloween party is tonight though."

"Tonight? ...Already?"

"Mrs. Hall is organizing it this fall." He said giving me a wreary look.

I moaned loudly, "But I don't like her,"

"I know. That's why I metioned it. We don't have to go if you don't want to."

No way! Did John just tell me we didn't have to go...? To the best yearly party at this farm...? No way! We were so going. Me and John are best friends, he's not deciding this by himself. Besides, I love the halloween parties on this farm! They were so much better than the city's. Scarier to be exact. We always went to them. It was our annual thing. No one, not even Mrs. Hall could stop it.

"Well...?" John asked, still waiting for my reply.

It wasn't like Mrs. Hall was really mean or anything. No, she was actually nice. In fact-way too nice, she acted like a suck up at times which truly annoyed me the most. She was never cheerful, and every time you talked to her it's like talking to a drunk man. She always taunted me as a child, and she said I was always too immature, and too stupid to make it through school. Though I did, so that told her.

The weirdest part was that we actually used to be friends. One day though she turned her back on me, and now we never talk. And when we do, she makes fun of me. Twenty-four hours, on the hour, it drove me nuts. That's when I met John.

And once I met John, suddenly Angela, (Mrs. Hall's first name) wants to be called Mrs. Hall. She said it was because she didn't have time for child things anymore, it was too immature. I found it ridiculous. If anything, she was immature.

I finally snapped out of my thoughts when I remembered John asked me something. Finally I piped up, "Yes,"

John looked at me confusingly, stopping in his tracks like he forgot what he asked.


"We're going to the halloween party." I piped up.

I watched the smile spread across John's face. I knew he wanted to go! It almost made me want to smile. And when I did I said, "John, we are best friends! Going to that party is our annual thing. No one, not even Angela can ruin it,"

"You just called her Angela...?" John asked with a worried look.

Whenever Angela got mad, she got angry... very fast. Very. So when she said to officially call her Mrs. Hall, no one stood in her way. So I guess ever since then no one dared to call Mrs. Hall Angela anymore because they were too coward.

"Yes, and I like pie," I smirked.

John smiled at me like he was going to laugh. ...But he never did.

Those were the disappointments in my life that made a difference. Was I not funny? Was I not normal? Of course I wasn't normal! I have a silly hillbilly accent that everyone likes to make fun of, so I try not to show it. I'm a farm girl! It was how I Iived. ...For four years.

"In that case... we need to hurry. It starts in less than two hours,"

"But, I don't even have a costume," I winced worriedly.

John flashed a smile at me, grabbing car keys out of his pocket.

"Your dad gave his old car to you? When?" I asked, the brightest smile on my face.

"Last night," John replied looking away from me.

I was now confused. John got a new car from his dad on a regular day? ...That's not right. There must've been some special occasion.

"What was the occasion?" I asked still obviously confused.

"Birthday," He muttered.

My eyes widened in disbelief. No way! Yesterday was his birthday? And I forgot? How could I? I was his best friend! I should've known! And just the part that he would remember my birthday, made me feel like a terrible best friend. Especially for tonight... when he said we didn't have to go... to our annual thing.

I sighed and finally replied calmly, "John, I am so sorry,"

Knowing I was going to say that, John quickly shook his head as no, it's okay, but I interrupted him again.

"No it's not! It's a terrible thing, I am a terrible friend, just terrible! I don't deserve to go to this spectacular party, and buy costumes with you. I don't even deserve you anymore! You remembered my party, and I forgot yours, and I feel so bad, and, and-" Realizing I was stuttering made me stop and think. John was covering my mouth with one hand from speaking any further, and with his other hand, he held my right hand.

"Look," He said looking into my blue eyes, "We don't have time for this. You'll remember next year, and you'll give me two presents ok? I already forgave you for this. But, I will be mad at you. Unless... you come with me to the halloween party,"

He let go of my lips and hand, giving me space to think. It almost made me blush and giggle from what he said, but I understood. Man, John was such a good friend to have a fling with.

Finally I nodded, "I'll give you two new presents next year then," I smirked, smacking his stomach.
"What a terrible friend I am!"
"No you're not!" He replied.

I don't know how many times we repeated those two sentences. I was just blaming myself. But tonight was the halloween party, and I was looking forward to it too much to care.


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