The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 4
Future Mirror

After some further examination I realized I had aged to a good twenty seasons old making this vision nearly three seasons into my future and I also realized that if this was three seasons into the future then the girl must be the one that is or was currently beating me. I took a long hard stare at me from the future and I gathered that, aside from being older, there was also a presence about me now, almost as if I was more than one being trapped in one body and mind. My hair had grown to past my collar and it went uncombed but not unnatural, the look suited me well, spiked forward and back and to the sides as well. Somehow it had gone from lighter black to even darker than panther haired girl, and my face had six scars on it now as well, three on my right cheek and three on my left, they shaped almost like whiskers on a feline or something like that. My future self moved his eyes almost as if to prove the gold and green in them, including the glow, were real. As I looked at what I wore I nearly chocked, I was wearing the suit only a templar can have or even wear, and what’s more is that I had made adjustments to it to fit my certain likes. Pure steel chained together as a chest garment, and then a steel plated chest piece that covered both front and back but not my arms, steel plated arm clamps had been placed in a way to still show my muscles off. I had wool semi-thick gloves with the fingers cut off and they were faded black, there was also steel attached to the backs of them in a very intriguing design. As for my slacks they were loose and faded black as well, but you couldn’t tell they were loose, attached to the thighs was steel plated leg clamps and on my waist, wrapped around it, was a steel chained together garment like my chest one. And over that a steel plated belt designed with chain and plates, as for my knees and lower there was steel plated leg clamp on my shins leaving my knees open, on my feet were solid steel plated boots that were in a design that matched perfect with the armor covering my legs. One extra catch that got me was that all the steel plated armor on me, besides my belt and the chain steel on my chest and waist, were pitch black and a design of a wolf etched into my chest plate, belt, and glove plates were gold trimmed, except for the belt, it was a black trimmed wolf. The chains and belt were pure silver still so it matched, yet I could tell that there was something more to the symbol of the wolf, almost as if it were a sign to me now of what happened to my future self. Attached to my belt was an intricate looking dagger, and strapped to my back was a giant sword that was as wide as half a foot at the base. I also noticed that other than the dagger attached to my belt there was also a rather heavily concealed good sized money sack, below that a small bag was strapped to my top thigh, concealed. The shape of the contents in the bag appeared to be just like the ancient relic my da had found when he was a kid and he had always told me to stay away from it because it caused him to become uncontrollably strong. My future self slowly moved to a view of my vision that I couldn’t see the bag with the relic in it; after he did that he looked straight into my eyes and spoke to me. “Ye are witnessing something that hasn’t and could change, stick to yer instincts and ye will live the life ye see…Focus…” slowly the vision became hazy and my future self continued to speak, “...Ground…” the field disappeared and so did the people until soon there was only my future self left and smiled and said to me in my mind, “Live well, Kaine, and strive for this futureShield…” suddenly I was gone from the vision and waking to the feel and sight of a carriage carrying me away from a distant memory.


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