The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 2
A Chance Encounter

After that strange confrontation and the feeling of the daydream making me really light headed and dizzy, I decided to go for a walk and try and wrap my head around all my mam had said. Ye have the gift that me and yer da have…what did she mean, she never told any of my brothers or sisters this, and da never likes to talk about the future really. And what of this, ye’ll be headin on a journey stuff, I mean yes, I may be seventeen seasons old but I’m still the third to youngest out of nine kids, and seven of those were boys, me being the seventh. I’m still contemplating this when I find that I have walked all the way to the edge of the cliff overlooking the ocean, and I notice then, a little to late, that my eyes are swimming with light, and sound is filling my ears, that not of the ocean or forest. My daydreams had come at me again, and twice in one day was abnormal, I tried to focus on my surroundings but I’m gone into my daydream leaving the ocean billions of miles away from my mind.

            I was in court, or maybe a room, either way it was huge and in front of me was a few soldiers and a person that I soon realized I knew, the Abbot, and next to him a man I have only heard about by my da, the Templar Alexander Sinclair. They seem to be welcoming me, the Templar steps forward and pulls his sword out, he stabs into the ground and announces to everyone around. “I, Alexander Sinclair, mentor to yer father an’ aid to the Abbot an’ the Archbishop, hereby proclaim ye, Kaine MacLeod, my new apprentice…” the Templar’s voice started to fade out but for a very strange reason I was still able to hear him but the words didn’t match those of the Templar in front of me. Focus! Suddenly everything seemed to stop in my vision and was slowly gaining some control. Ground! I could feel the vision or daydream building up inside me and it wasn’t painful anymore. Shield! Finally everything in the daydream suddenly flew out of me through my body and away toward the world, leaving me feeling woozy and very faint, but most strange of all was the fact that I was on the ground entangled with someone else’s limbs.

            “Hey Moron!?  Aren’t thou going to thank me? Or at the very least, get off me!” I slowly look behind me to find a girl of about my age, possibly even a season above, laying there pushing and punching me to get off her. I stumble clumsily off and I face her face to face, she has hair darker than night and eyes as blue as the ocean, she stands maybe a half foot or so less than me and I knew instantly that she wasn’t here on accident. “Ok, well ye are fine, so, I bid ye farewell.” She starts to turn when I finally caught my words and said aloud before I could stop myself.

            “Ye aren’t from here and ye are definitely looking for something in particular…but what I wonder?” she stopped mid stride and turned toward me with a look of both amusement that I’d speak to her as if she were a thief and interest as if I may know what she seeks.

            “Well, ye are right, I am no’ from here but I do seek some…one.” She spoke this last bit as if she were wondering if she should say who. “Anyway, unless ye want to thank me for saving yer life then I’ll be heading out.”

            “Wait! What do ye mean ye saved me I was fine!” I was exasperated that she would think a headache was something to save me from, that’s when she looked at me funny and spoke.

            “Ye mean ye don’t remember falling off that cliff?” 


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