The Chronicles Of The Wolf
Author: Kaine

Chapter 1
The Vision

Red, that’s the most noticeable thing I see, everything else is blurry but I can sort of make out the outline of shapes on the ground around me. I feel heavy and sore, not to mention tired, very tired, it’s almost like I’m on the verge of death and that’s when a figure appears in my vision. I try to speak to it but my throat and body ache at even the thought of moving, the figure stops above me and points something glistening with the sun shining off it at my body. “Well lad, seems that ye have met the end of thy road…in yer next life, stay out of my way.” And before I can ask what it means the glistening, what I realized then, sword came toward my body and my vision was filled with red and black.

            I open my eyes to find I’m facing the ceiling of a building, my own home from further examination, and I’m being held by a pair of arms and a song is being sung to me that, oddly enough, is soothing me. I realize then that it was my mam who was holding and singing to me and that I had tear streaked eyes for some unknown reason, that, for some reason, my mam knew why. “Mam, I’m sorry for scaring ye…but I am better, see.” I slowly untangle myself from my mam and I turn to look her in the eyes, and that’s where I see that she had tear streaked eyes as well.

            “Oh, my boy…” she says through a small sob. If a person that didn’t know our family saw me and my parents and siblings, they would say I was adopted, for I had dark black hair and brown seemingly turning green eyes. And yet my family all have red hair and bright green eyes, strange, more times than I can count I have been asked and reasked who my real parents were and every time I say it’s them I get laughed at for thinking that that was the truth. Anyway the way my mam looked at me now was that of the people who seemed unsure of my answers I gave and with a hint of the time when my da had lost his brother, she was looking to me as if I were a dead person or at least some person she wasn’t sure she could trust.

            “Mam, I swear I’m fine…” I say but she just gets up and holds me to her in a hug, and that’s when she whispers to me.

            “I knew ye special as soon as I laid my eyes on ye…ye have the gift that me and yer da have, and ye also have the burden of it.” She keeps telling me this as if I expect to understand but I don’t, is this cause I fell over in one of my vivid daydreams again, of course this would be the first time she’s seen it happen to me. She holds me at arms length as if to brace me for some sort of terrible realization, and then she speaks again in a tone that symbolizes that she is serious. “Ye da and me are gifted, and ye are too. For we have the sight of future, past, and present, but that is not all we are able to do. Kaine MacLeod, ye have a journey ahead of ye and I expect that many things are going to change. And neither Tormod nor I can help ye.” I was in a shock, never before has my mam entrusted so much information to me and I haven’t ever heard her refer to da in his first name before. That’s when her words started to sink in and I suddenly felt faint, many things are going to change. And neither me or yer da, can help ye.


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