Mortal Kombat
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 9
The Meeting

Fang's P.O.V
Me and Max were waiting for Rose to come back.And Mileena.When they came back Rose saw me and walked over to me.she said,
"I am SOO sorry,I have been so busy in the tournament that i have lost time with The Flock."Angel Nudge and Gasman cam to Rose and hugged her.Iggy was a little lost
"Iggy! 11 'o clock not nine" Rose shouted and she hugged him Mileena called
"Group Hug!" everyone comes in except Mileena.I call her in.She is kinda family.Max said
"Rose,Dont we need a meeting." Rose agreed we got everyone down and introduced everyone.
"Fang's an EMO CHICKEN" Jade said.
"I am NOT AN EMO CHICKEN,seaweed" that started a fight.Rose goton the table everyone held their heads she sang
"You must stop this childish act." We both fell unconcious.
Johnny Cage's P.O.V
Rose is cool,Sonya elbows me and says
"Pay attention to Rose,She never calls a meeting."
"As you may know,This is the 10th tournament.It is a very hard job,How many of us have died."Everyone but the Flock raised their hands. Mileena was playing with a bear. Kitana raised a hand for her.Angel Stood next to Rose and said
"We may not have competed,But we have watched and we greatly respect all of you,Good or Bad." Mileena said
"You would do good if you tried." Angel is only 6? wow,
"I am leaving in 3 days.I will return in 7 days.Not six" Rose's eyes began to look glass.Max got up and Rose left.Fang and Jade wake up and walk to the other sides of the room.
"Rose is leaving for a very important trip back to EathRealm or whatever you call it.She needs to find her origins.The reason she said'7 days not 6' is because Alyss known as Alpha at the time.Hung her self because she missed rose very much.Rose wants to know about her blood history since she was vampire.She also needs to find Katherine.Her true sister." Max sat back down.There was a loud scream.Skarlet,Sonya,Mileena,Jade,Kitana left after the scream.
Skarlet's P.O.V
Oh,no.We all screamed


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