The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 28
chapter 28

The blue and white energy surged toward the sorceresses, drawn to them like a moth to a flame. They braced themselves as each of the tentacle like arms found their mark, exploding and sending the women flying. They went soaring through the air, ripped from their camouflaged hiding places like rag dolls.                   

The sudden appearance of them caught the attention of most of the people fighting and they stopped, dumbfounded by their abrupt presence and the flash of magic.     

Their attention to the sorceresses took their focus away from the fighting as they all stared in awe, weapons were dropped to the ground or limp in forgotten hands as they looked around in hushed silence at the sorceresses who were fighting painfully to regain their feet.                                                                        

Gorden, not the least bit surprised by the sorceresses or the magic took the opportunity to quietly nudge several of his fighters, indicating that now would be a good time to take down a sizeable chunk of Haden’s army.

They attacked the men who were unaware and unprepared, taking them down before their comrades had a chance to notice what happened. Like a plague, more and more of the rebel army grabbed their swords and lopped off heads, staining the ground red.  

By this point, the king’s army stated recuperating their wits and began to fight back, starting a massive, bloody brawl behind Datameon, Taddy, Haden and Brine.

Datameon waited patiently for the sorceresses to plot their next move. He could feel them through Taddy’s connection as he held the thin knife to her fair throat. Some of the women were severely injured, barely able to stagger to their feet.

In the direction of four or five of them, Datameon could feel nothing besides the calmness of the dark. He grinned his wicked grin as he kissed Taddy’s thick locks. Those corridors of magic were dead ends, their links to the sorceresses who only moments ago commanded them laying lifeless somewhere in the bushes just beyond the field. 

 Lauranna staggered to her feet, blood running down the side of her pounding temple, making it hard to think above the screams of the fighting men and women. She felt around in her mind for her sisters, relief flooding through her as each one’s soul called out to her.

When she came upon the dead corridors, sadness flooded through her and her body ached for them but she swallowed her tears, held her head up high and waited until the rest of the remaining sorceresses did the same.

Once they were all on their feet and encircling the mortals in front of them, they walked out of the cover of the surrounding forest or from wherever they stood and into the open field, focusing   all of their energy in the direction of Datameon and Taddy.  Anger, sadness and stone hard resolution flooding through their eyes as they slowly advanced. They knew what they had to do. Taddy swallowed. She knew too. 

Datameon sucked in a deep breath of air, pulling Taddy closer to his exposed ribs as the knife threatened to cut into her soft flesh. She strained against him, completely helpless as he pressed tighter and tighter, bracing for the next round of attacks from the remaining sorceresses, thinking about how he would use Taddy’s magic to destroy them all in one hit this time. He tapped himself into her flow of energy and listened for the sorceress’s thoughts to one another as they continued to slowly advance toward him, drawing closer to one another as they did.  

 He found the thick thread of thoughts as they communicated. He smiled as he cleared his own mind to allow a better transit for the intercepted information to reach him. As he listened intently, eager to hear their stupid plans, his eyes grew large in anger and he pulled Taddy’s hair hard in anger, screaming out as he did.

“Stop it, Stop it! All of you! Stop it now! I’m warning you!” He screamed in a fury; spit flying in every direction as he shouted. Still the sorceresses continued to advance. He realized now that they did not have their eyes set on him, they were looking at Taddy, their faces set in menacing scowls, cold, hard death rank in their eyes. “I command you to stop!” He shouted again, standing up in his saddle as spit continued to rain from his lips. The horse whinnied in pain as it tried to buck, but stood instead rooted to its spot by a thin strip of Datameon’s magic. 

Taddy whimpered as her fellow sorceresses continued advancing, their eyes boring into her like spears though a pig ready to be roasted. They raised their fingers, blue and red light crackling as the magic poured forth, connecting with each other’s in a deadly rope of energy. A thick wind picked up as the women began to chant the spells out loud that they had already been saying in their heads for the last two minutes. The fresh gust of air lifted their hair and it went flying all around and above them. 

 Their dresses rustled with the air, trembling with their slight movements as they continued to enclose around Datameon and Taddy. 

He continued screaming at them, trying hard to redirect Taddy’s magic. Magic that she shouldn’t of been able to control but somehow had managed to do so anyway. Datameon was just barely regaining his powers and while he could already feel them bubbling inside of him, growing by the second, they were still a good distance from their full potential. He was too weak to fight of this many sorceresses without Taddy’s magic. He had to stop them before they were able to complete the ritual. He didn’t want Taddy dead, not yet anyway. He needed her to kill the rest of the sorceresses. They weren’t as stupid as he originally thought them to be. How could they of known that he was relying on her magic to shield himself?  

“You insolent fools!” He screamed as he started sending out spells of his own, trying to counter act their death grip. They were planning on killing Taddy. Already she was beginning to turn red as the magic of their spell slowly crushed her heart. She squirmed in the saddle in front of him, letting out painful wails and gasping for air as her heart slowly suffocated. 

His spells had no effect on the Sorceresses. They were already too far into their spell. Their magic was still too strong for his own. There were just to many of them. He shouted curses and obscenities as they continued to advance. 

Haden drew his sword, ready to strike at them if they came to close. Brine followed his lead, ready to attack Haden if he so much as moved a muscle in their direction. His heart felt like it was going to break as he watched Taddy writhe in pain, almost falling out of the saddle as she continued gasping for air. Sweat ran down her pale, dead skin in torrents and her eyes; cold and grey looked as though they might explode.  

The Sorceresses were almost on top of them now. The magic at their fingertips crackled loudly as Taddy screamed in agony and fell out of the saddle, smacking hard into the ground where she continued to flop like a stranded fish. Her face contorted as she desperately gasped for air, her red dress and black hair picked up every loose blade of grass. They stuck to her like a bug caught in a spider’s web as she twisted back and forth, her screaming drowned out only by the chanting of the women standing over her, staring at her with hard, cold eyes, their fingers glowing with the red and blue flames as they worked up and down in the air, every last one of them aimed directly at her. 

“Stop it!” Datameon screamed from atop of the horse, as he leaned forward, smacking at the closest of them. They ignored him as he continued screaming. Haden slowly started moving toward them, the sword brandished sheepishly in his shaking hand, unsure if he was making a good decision or not as he continued his assault.

Brine also drew his weapon, lifting it above his own head as he followed Haden forward. Haden had his eyes fixed on the sorceresses; Brine had his eyes fixed on Haden’s fat neck rolls.                                                 

Then, without warning and unnoticed by a soul, a thin veil of white light cast itself upon the scene, glimmering in the afternoon sun like a guiding light.  

 It rest there for only a moment before sparkling a little brighter. Still, no one noticed as it enveloped them all. Then, as suddenly as it had appeared, it was gone along with everyone but the sorceresses.  

They stood looking around in shock. Taddy sputtered on the ground, gasping as air suddenly came flooding back into her lungs. She chocked on the blood as it frothed from her pale lips, the sudden onslaught of air ripping through her body as she tried desperately to stop.


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