The High Queen Sorceress (complete)
Author: jessicaw

Chapter 27
chapter 27


Dana’s breath caught in her throat as she leaned over the table and stared intently at the glass, using her long arms to prop herself up. “Who is he?” She demanded. Her back to Falfa. Her golden yellow dress shimmered in the sunlight that streamed from the open window, casting it’s glow upon the floor.     

“It can’t be.” She muttered to herself; not giving Falfa a chance to reply as the thin man in the glass threw the sorceresses’ magic back at them. She watched in horror as the blue and white light exploded with power. 

“But we eradicated that blood line over five thousand years ago. This cannot be happening. Who is he?” She turned to face Falfa, the rosy color in her cheeks and the redness of her lips had abandoned her.

Falfa shook his shiny head slowly as he cast his gaze upon the ground. “I don’t know majesty.” He said in a sorrowful tone. “It is possible that some with lower strengths of their blood escaped from the extermination.” He offered.

 “It’s not possible.” She muttered to herself as her lower lip began to tremble. “If this is true. If he really is of the Gatapean blood line, then there is nothing I can do to stop him. I am not strong enough for that.” She whispered. Turning away from the seers glass as she folded her thin arms across her chest.  The sleeves of her dress twinkled with the movement.

Long ago, many powerful beings walked the earth. They fought each other viscously for power and control. It was a dark time of great peril and death. Men and women fought over the lands constantly. They banned together and great wars constantly ran rampant. They fought until the ground was black and charred, the rivers dry and most of the people dead. On several occasions, their fighting almost ended the world.

 After hundreds of years; the sorceresses came together and began fighting those that tried to take control for their own selfish reasons. They were able to stamp out most of the threats and quell those who thought to harm others; however, there was one blood line that the sorceresses could not stop. An evil woman by the name of Otahna Gatapea and her three sons dominated the lands and forced the sorceresses into hiding.

For several hundred years, Otahna ruled the world of magic with an iron fist, doing as she wished and laughing at other’s misfortunes. Under her rule, nothing flourished. The people were enslaved to her and anyone caught using magic was stripped of their powers and killed.

On several occasions, the sorceresses tried to stop Otahna and her sons, but each time they were unsuccessful. She killed dozens of them and her sons killed hundreds more. The sorceresses had no choice but to retreat and wait until one with the powers to stop them had been bred.

One day, a seer by the name of Halvet Lilithin was traveling to visit his ailing father when he got caught up in one of Otahna’s eldest son, Ratama’s raids. Unable to protect himself, he was hurtled into the air and sent flying. On the verge of dying; a sorceress came to his rescue, pulling him out of the way as Ratama’s magic came flying at him. Right where he had been  just seconds before, the ground caught  fire from Ratama’s magic. Blue and red flames spread across the ground and jumped high into the air, climbing higher still toward the sky as they incinerated everything within close proximity.                                  

Halvet was so grateful to the sorceress for saving his life that he gladly accepted her invitation and allowed her to escort him back to their camp. That night the two of them laid together and in time, a baby girl was born. Her name was Amalia Lilithin and as she grew, so did her power.                                                          

It was still a great number of years before Amalia came into her own. By that time, she had suffered the tragic loss of both her mother and father as well as many close friends. Heartbroken by their deaths and devastated with the knowledge that others could be so cruel in the battle for power and control, she knew she needed to put a stop to the Gatapean rule once and for all.   

She and the rest of the sorceresses marched into battle, flocking across the landscape in a thick haze. They were ready for both pain and death. It was to be the last stand.                                                               

The sorceresses met Otahna and her sons head on, their magics erupting and ripping in to each other in such ferocity that that sky turned black, red and orange from the tinges of their magics.   Many sorceresses failed and died before they could even truly begin to fight. Still more did everything they could to protect Amalia, gladly sacrificing their own lives for her. For days the fighting continued as the sorceresses struggled in vein to stop the Gatapeans. On the third day, they celebrated a small, bittersweet victory with the death of Otahna’s youngest son.

His death enraged his mother and two remaining brothers so much; that they did something the sorceresses could never imagine doing. They streamed their magics together, each son draining every last bit of power he possessed into his mother he loved so dearly.    

She grew with the added power, towering high over the sorceresses’ heads. Her sons lay dead at her feet; they gave her every last bit of strength and life they possessed so that she would be a fearsome and indestructible enemy as well as ruler. She used her new found power to create a massive red and yellow fireball. It crackled with electricity as it grew, sending deafening sounds across the ruined black landscape and bathing everything in its fiery red light.

The sorceresses tried desperately to wound Otahna, sending powerful magical spells into her massive frame, but every time the bolts of energy hit her, they dissolved and she would laugh as the fireball crackled with the new surge of energy.                                                                                                                  

Then Otanha threw the fireball, aiming to destroy the sorceresses once and for all. Amalia screamed as she dove in front of it, chanting a protection spell as she did. The spell jumped from her body, almost as if planted in her stomach. The blue light enveloped her fellow sorceresses as the red and yellow fireball crashed into her at full speed.    

She screamed in pain as she used her bare hands to push it off of her. It connected with the blue light of her magic and sizzled angrily before she was finally able to disconnect it from her middle.                              

  The fire ball dashed away from her protective magic and smashed hard into Otanha, obliterating her where she stood laughing, unaware that it had rebounded from her intended target. The sorceresses stood in shock for several minutes, each as still as statues.                       

Amalia wailed in agony on the ground. She was badly injured and every breath brought her more pain. For three days she lay in misery. Her face completely flushed as she constantly howled. The sorceresses did everything they could to soothe her, but nothing helped for very long.  

On the second day, the seers arrived. They came to show their respect to their new queen and their gratitude for stopping Otahna before she destroyed the world. She cried in pain, begging them to help her. Although they tried, her wounds were too great and there was nothing they could do. 

They were so appreciative and felt so sincerely indebted to Amalia, that they stayed with her through the night, doing their very best to lull and comfort her.

  Knowing that she would never again walk with her fellow sorceresses, she pleaded with the seers to protect them and help them heal the lands. She cried bitterly as she grabbed at their hands and robes, begging them to promise her they would do anything to protect the sorceresses from ever facing such a terrible threat again.

When the last of her tears had fallen and the rest of her strength deserted her, she fell back against her pillows in a deep, deep dreamless slumber.         

It rained heavily throughout the night and when morning finally broke and the sun began to rise, when birds sang for the first time in hundreds of years to welcome in the new day and the first sprouts of grass started to poke their heads out of the barely healing ground, she was gone.                               

The seers and the sorceresses wept in bitter sorrow over her loss. She was their friend and comrade. She was their equal and protector. She was their Queen and now she would forever be still.                     

Knowing that the lands, though healing were still immensely vulnerable to attack, the seers kept their promise to Amalia and created the seer’s glass. Each gladly sacrificing himself so that the whole could flourish. The glass was a very powerful and dangerous tool. With it, the sorceresses could watch their world as well as the mirror lands so that they could do what was necessary to keep them safe.                    

If the glass fell into the wrong hands, however, then mass chaos and the destruction of the worlds became eminent. To stop the likelihood of this happening, it was decided that only the most powerful line of sorceresses would control it. Since Amalia’s only daughter had been obliterated in the war and therefore had no known survivors; the glass was passed to the second most powerful bloodline of sorceresses. They belonged to the house of Mauna.      

It was decided that the most powerful sorceress would be the one to take control of the glass. She would then also receive the title of High Queen Sorceress, meaning that not only was she a queen and a sorceress, but she was the queen of all the other queens.                                                                                                    

It was because of this ruling that Dana’s mother was teaching her to relight the glass the day she died and not Lauranna. When their mother died, Lauranna took the throne by default, but as soon as Dana came of age, she seceded the crown, relinquishing her rights to her baby sister who was much, much more powerful than she had ever been.  

Dana wished that her sister never stepped down. She did not want to be a queen as was her duty, and to be the the high queen was a chore she did not relish. She never liked fighting or having to handle unpleasant issues. All she wanted to do was surround herself with happiness and peace. She wished people could control themselves and that violence did not exist.

For the most part, Lauranna stuck around and handled all of the unpleasant affairs for her. She was rarely called upon to deal with the day to day issues, most of which were to relight the glass. She liked it that way, but now she had to step up. Now Lauranna was not here to fix her issues and put things back in order.     

In fact, from where Dana stood, Lauranna wouldn’t be around much longer at all. She sobbed anew as she watched the electric lightning winding it’s octopus like arms in the direction of each of the sorceresses. “Oh Falfa!” She wailed as she turned to him, the tears flowing freely down her perfect, snow white complexion “What have I done!”

“It’s okay” Falfa said, patting her back as she cried into his shoulder. “There was no way to know that a sorcerer of such great magnitude could have survived this long. Obviously he is a Gatapean who crossed over into the mortal world the last time the portals were open. If he wasn’t, then even if he had such great magic, he wouldn’t know how to use it.”     

“I should have known.” Came her muffled voice as she inhaled against him, the dark blue material rising toward her mouth as she did. “We saw this coming! I should have listened. I should have done something when the warning appeared in the glass. We saw the sorceresses fighting to their deaths. How could I have been so naïve? How could I of allowed them to go fight that man? I should have seen the signs. I should have known they weren’t in the mortal world. I thought they went through the portal. It never occurred to me that they were in our world.

Falfa, if he really is a descendant from the Gatapean line, then I’m afraid that my power isn’t strong enough to stop him. He is going to kill my sister sorceresses then use his magic to catapult across the country side so that he can get to me before I have a chance to escape. He will kill anyone in his way between here and there. Oh Falfa, what am I going to do!”  

Falfa stared across the seers room at the pale grey wall stroking Dana’s long red tresses as she continued to weep on his shoulder. He didn’t know what to tell her or what to do. She knew the severity of the situation far better than he could have ever imagined. She might of acted like a carefree, clueless young girl, but she was in fact a powerful and wise sorceress.

“You’ll figure it out.” He said in a reassuring tone, trying hard to force himself to believe it was true; wanting to believe that it was. “No Falfa.” She said, straightening herself up as she wiped away tears from her swollen green eyes and sniffling profusely.                                                                                                     

 “I have failed. We are all going to die and it’s entirely my fault!”


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