Crystal Lined Life
Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 4
Time to go

“Absolutely not!” demanded Seelight. He wasn’t seeing reason.

“But if I don’t then who will?” I asked pleadingly.

“No Keira, you’re still a pup, I can’t have my baby sister out there alone in a jungle full of horrors that even dad couldn’t handle!”

“I’m not a pup anymore, Seelight, so stop treating me like one!” I cried but he just snorted.

“Maybe if you stopped acting like a pup then maybe I’d stop treating you like one. But until you grow up and stop being so self-centred you are not leaving this camp and that is final!” I dropped my tail. Whenever he used that voice it meant that the conversation was over and the subject forgotten. I sighed and walked away.

‘If he wasn’t going to let me, I would go anyway,’ I thought to myself as I headed to my den to get ready.

Well the day past quickly and I was ready by sundown. First I checked that my brother was asleep before heading out to the gates of the pack camp, ‘Good,’ I thought, ‘the guards are asleep.’ I smiled to myself and quietly slipped by the sound asleep wolves. I stopped when I reached the end of the clearing and peered into the shadows, was it just me or were they moving? ‘No it’s just me,’ I tried to reassure myself; ‘there is nothing there.’ I walked on through the night, peering over my shoulder every minute or so and only stopped when I saw an overhang of rock and decided to go to sleep.

Well that thought was harder than I thought it was, trying to sleep, there were animal sounds everywhere and the owls wouldn’t just shut up. Finally though I managed to get used to the noise and fell into a deep sleep. But it wasn’t long before a deep rumbling could be heard, the ground moving as it got closer. I peeked through my eyes and I could have sworn my heart stopped for a second there. Because in front of me was the biggest black bear towering over me.


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