Crystal Lined Life
Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 3
Reality and Decisions

The next morning was like usual, tend to the pups, feed the elders, be a good royal and help the Omegas, blah blah bloody blah! Quite honestly I had much better things to do, like brushing my hair and hunting with fellow royals, not hang with Omegas and care for sick who we all know won’t make it. Besides my brother has a very boring voice when it came to meetings and I kept finding myself staring at Joke, I don’t know why but he seemed so handsome. I sighed, I was obviously going sick, an Alphess even friends with an Omega was without a doubt unacceptable.

Even though these unwritten rules existed, I just couldn’t help but stare at his fur, laugh at his easy going attitude and admire those green jewels. He was always cracking jokes in the middle of class, hence his name, and could always be found helping his little brother with homework. He was sweet but still, he was a peasant. His mother had brought him from a human residence, his father a house pet, but we accepted them still. His mother was dying and it was obvious what were we supposed to do leave him to die as a pup? I had to get him out of my mind and focus on more important subjects, like what to hunt for tonight and what patients to look after and when was my father getting home? Did they miss mum as well?

I sighed, ‘Well that was a stupid question!’ I thought. Of course they did! So remember how I mentioned my mother was murdered? Well Mum and Midnight were killed in a fight against the Blue Rock Pack. Midnight was my uncle, you know Thaylah’s husband. Anyway those brutes mauled my mother thinking that we were stealing food from their territory, “Why would we? Our food is plenty here!” I could still here the argument Maria had with the Alpha of the pack while my father had been sick with Gueismas, a disease that came from blackberries.

I shuddered remembering her body after the fight and seeing my dad crying for the first time. The trees and rocks surrounding the area were splattered with both Blue Rock and Red Moon blood as the two pack fought for territory. Bodies would be laid out around the place, some mauled beyond recognition and some suffering only just being alive. Joke was in the fight, heck if it wasn’t for him I’d be dead also. That’s how he got the scar running over one eye, he was lucky not to be half blind. Crap I was thinking of him again!

“Keira! Keira come quick!” I heard Shaila calling for me, I sighed and heaved my body from my bed. It had been a very long day, “Come on you slow poke! They’re back!”
“Wait, already?” I asked confused, it took three days just to get a quarter ways into that jungle and the crystal was said to be in the middle of it. I looked towards the entrance of the jungle and I could see five figures, no six. I moved forwards and pushed past the crowd to get a better look and gasped.

Nightshade was limping; three large gashes oozed crimson across his black fur.  Tila and Grueney were helping each other along, Tila, her blonde fur stained red and Grueney, his tail was in tatters. Halo seemed to be the only one who didn’t have an injury. Meekal leant against a tree, one of his blue eyes almost gauged out and only just hanging by a few optical nerves and a small black figure strewn across his back. I could hear Thaylah crying as he set Fisa’s still body on the soft grass.

“What happened?” asked Seelight.

“Bears,” said Nightshade limping, he looked at me then at my brother, “He didn’t make it.” And with that he left followed by Tila and Grueney. The crowd dispersed leaving Meekal, Halo and Thaylah whimpering over Fisa.

“Is she going to make it?” asked Meekal, his voice trying to hide his anxiety.

“She’ll be fine, but it’ll be a while before she can do anything,” murmured Thaylah. Oh did I mention that she was the pack doctor. He nodded and closed his eyes, lying next to her and falling asleep, it was obvious that he liked her.

“Why aren’t you hurt?” I questioned Halo; he was just off to the side observing with hardly any interest at all. He grunted and coughed, blood dribbled down his chin and he closed his eyes in pain, Come on then, you need help,” I sighed nudging him towards the medical den. The plague had come quickly taking the elderly and the pups first before hitting the older ones, so the den was practically full. I scanned around the room looking for someone who could help but I knew there was no point, “Well I’ll be seeing you,” I muttered to Halo but he was already asleep

 I sighed and walked out towards my own den only to be caught up by Joke, “Hey,” he murmured, obviously worried. Worried? Joke was never worried unless it was something to do with his brother Mwaski.

“What’s up?” I asked him.

“Mwaski,” was all he said. I nodded; he must’ve caught the plague. This was all happening too fast, first Mum then Dad, who next? Seelight? “You know, were more alike than you think,” His voice broke into my thought.

“Hunh, how?” I asked.

“We both lost a parent when we were young, we both lost a parent recently and our brothers are sick,” he murmured.

“Seelight is sick?” I asked.

“Yeah, well he never shows it, so now one else knows,” he said, “It’s not too serious so don’t fret,” he was talking too casually.

“Don’t fret?” I screamed at him, he took a step back looking quite hurt.

“Hey now I didn’t mean it like that,” he murmured walking away into the den.

“Don’t fret he says,” I snorted and walked back to my den. What the hell was he talking about? What did he know about losing family? I stopped in my tracks. What did he know? He lost his mum when he was a baby and never knew his dad leaving him to bring up his little brother. I was overreacting. But there had to be something I could do. The plague will take most of the pack, storms will take the lives of others and bears, bears haven’t been seen for years, the brutes were monsters that tore apart innocent wolves and disturbed the peace in the territories.

‘That’s it!’ I thought, ‘I’ll have to go find the crystal.’


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