Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 3
The First Challange

The next morning Nick climbed into the closet and tried to go back to
Kid Island—before 11:00.

“What are you doing?” I asked him as if I didn’t already know.

“Nothing,” he replied simply as if I were an idiot.

“No…” I said. “You are going back to Kid Island. I am never going back
there and neither are you!” I thought about how much I sounded like a
coward but I did not care. I never wanted to go back.

“What?” Nick asked me “Why? Now I can’t get more Yu-GI-Oh cards!”

“Yes you can—if you save up enough money like a normal human being!”

“Ok… but I still want to know what the challenge is.”

To admit it, I wanted to know what the challenge was too.

“All I wanted was to see it at least one more time before the
challenge,” Nick explained.

“Fine,” I sighed. “I will do the challenge with you, but I don’t want
you going back there before eleven. Clear?”

“Ok,” said Nick. “I’ll go tell Ubba!”

Ubba is Nick’s stuffed unicorn. Someone got if for Nick for his
birthday because they thought his name was Nicole. He loves Ubba,
strangely enough… but that’s my brother fo
r you.

“Ubba is asleep,” he whispered when he came back.

I asked.

likes sleeping,” continued Nick.  “Oh wait I spelled it

are you doing?” I asked him, a part of me not wanting to know.

saying words while I write them in this journal. It’s good practice.”

I didn't even want to know what it was practice for. The
doorbell rang and I pushed Nick out of the way to get to the door. I
opened it
to see Nathalie.

“Hi, Melissa” she said cheerily.

“Where  is Molly?” Nick asked in his best singing voice.

is wrong with you?” I asked him.

want to sing like Hannah Montana!” he said. “Oh I spelled that wrong

him,” I said to Nathalie. Molly walked up the steps and came inside, her
dripping wet.

was swimming,” she said when Nick looked at her as if

almost 11:00,” said Nathalie. “We should get upstairs."

Nick ran into the closet and
moved the football cards. We all crouched down and went inside.
Katherine was
already on the screen as if she was waiting for us.

you made it,” she said to us. Your first challenge will be an obstacle
A green flash blinded us and we arrived in a mysterious, urban place
something mysterious.

to the Moon,” said Katherine. The T.V. was transported there with us.

cannot be happening!” I said “This is impossible!”

“It’s happening," said
Katherine. “Don’t question it but there is a magic in kid Island that
has the
ability of transport.”

said Molly

said Katherine, “Your challenge is to get through that obstacle course
in less than ten
minutes. If you do not then your air helmet will disappear and you can
try the
course again or go back to Earth and quit the challenge any questions?”

“Yeah I
have one,” said Nathalie. “What does this have to do with Kid

“I cannot tell you until you win the

I thought it would be easy until I saw the obstacle course. It
looked like it was two miles long. With spikes on the ground and a
climbing wall.

your mark, get set, go!” yelled Katherine.

The first obstacle was a giant brick
machine going up and down hitting the ground with a thud. I ran as fast as possible and dodged the brick. Looking behind me, I saw Nick huffing and
puffing, almost not making it under the brick. He just in time decided
to go under.
Next we had to hop over a couple spikes, and I jumped with ease and
kept on running. Then was
the climbing wall. My stomach knotted at the thought of climbing up
that high, but I took a deep breath and started climbing. I went up and
closed my eyes then hoped off the
other side. I ran very quickly to the finish line. I finished in eight
Nathalie made it in six minutes and Molly made it in nine - but Nick’s
time was ten
minutes, eight seconds. Just then Nick’s air helmet disappeared.

        “So what do
you want to do Nick?” asked Katherine. Nick ran over to the starting
line. It
was the fastest I had ever seen him run in my life! His cheeks were
puffed out
so much; he looked like red puffer fish. He ran faster than I did! When
he came to
the finish line Katherine told him to go into the magical room beside
her. If he
made it Nick’s helmet would re-appear. Nick ran franticly through the
door.  When he came out…he was breathing.



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