Kid Island
Author: Colleen Miller

Chapter 2
Kid Island

It wasn’t a normal door; if you wanted to get inside you would have to crawl.

We all looked at then at each other—apart from Nick; he was still screaming and kicking his feet in the air. I told him to stop but, as usual, he didn’t listen to me.

“Look,” I said.

“At what?” His tone told me that he really hadn’t noticed the door. He glanced up at me, rubbing his eyes. I pointed to the door and his entire face seemed to light up.

“Let’s go inside!” Nick exclaimed. I hesitated, but ultimately gave in and crouched down near it. Nick was the first to go in. Molly and Lilly followed him. And then I took a deep breath and crawled in.

“Oh my golly gosh gosh!” Nick cried. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked around. “A flat screen TV, snacks, bean bag chairs, and look! A pile of Yu- Gi—”

Lilly cut him off. “There are no cards!”

When I stepped through the door my jaw dropped. This was no attic. I looked around and saw a giant television screen mounted to the wall, a filly equipped kitchen with pretty much any food you could possibly want, an arcade and even a basketball court.



“Hello,” I heard a voice say.

“What Nick?” I asked, though it didn’t really sound like him.

”I didn’t say notin’,” he said, stuffing his mouth with candy.

Suddenly a TV. screen turned on in front of us.

“Hello,” said the voice a second time. A girl appeared the screen. She looked to be one or two years older than me. “You have made it. For centuries we have been waiting for kids to enter this place!”

“Who are you, and who is we??” asked Nathalie, stunned.

“I'm Katherine and I will tell you about the we… eventually. Onto the more important  matter... All this can be yours--this entire place. And more.”

“More?” asked Nick. He dragged out every letter like mmmooooorrrrrreeeeee?

“If you pass,” she replied. She sounded like she was one of those people that would try to assign a secret mission in as few words as possible. “If you do not take up the challenge this entire island will fade in thin air."

What challenge? What island? I had to be missing something. Lilly and Molly looked just as lost as I did, but, surprisingly, Nick seemed to understand perfectly well.

“So,” asked Nick, “If I win can I have Yu-Gi-Oh cards?"

"Of course," she said

“When are we going to win?” Nick asked, looking towards me.

“Win what?” I asked.

“The challenge! Duh! And if we don’t accept it the island will fade in thin air so we have to accept it!”

“What island?” I asked.

Nick looked as if he was about to answer but then realized he didn't know.

“Kid Island," Katherine responded. “The island you are standing on right now.”

“So if we don’t take up this 'challenge' this will disappear in thin air?"

Katherine nodded.

"And if we do, we get to hang out here?"

"And more," said Nick.

“Yes,” said Katherine. “I will pretty much give you anything to see this place stay up. You will all get one thing that you want and you will be able to go into even more secret rooms in Kid Island."

“Wait…what’s going on, I’m so confused” said Nathalie

“You will have a challenge, If you win then you can enjoy Kid Island, if not it will fade.”

“What do we have to do to win it?” asked Molly.

“Come back here tomorrow at 11:00 and I will tell you."

I looked at Molly, stunned. Why is she agreeing with this girl? All we knew about her was her name. We knew nothing of her Kid Island, and challenges. I had no idea if what had just happened was real or fantasy.

When we arrived back in our room the mover guy was gone and our room was set up. Nick started running around looking for something. He found it in his toy chest.

“My YU-Gi-Oh cards!” he squealed, picking up two cards and rubbing them on his cheeks.

“Where's the rest of them?” asked Molly.

“There are is no rest,” I replied. “That’s all the cards he owns."







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