Mortal Kombat
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 4
Uhhhhhhh *confuzuled*

Max's PO.V
I saw Rose i swear to the Elder Gods.Wow,This place is rubbing off on me.I was getting cold and i realized i couldn't walk my feet were implanted to the ground.I looked and i saw my feet were frozen with Ice.I saw Sonya tense up and Kitana said
"Sub-Zero,You have no right being here. Explain Yourself!" He said
"I mean no harm," I cut him off i said
"Yeah Right,You want to kill her again you piece of sh-"
"Max" i heard fang whisper then my feet were hot i looked back again and saw Scorpion and i said
"Oh No...." Then a fight broke out.So.Much.Blood. I wanted to turn away but i couldn't.I felt a tug on my arm and i ran to the Flesh Pits ready for attacking.Jade joined us and Johnny said
"Wha's up with them.And WHY are we goin to the Flesh place. That place is weird."
"It's where Rose and Alyss are." we got their and then i saw two people lying across from each other. Alyss had the scissor mouth and Rose was normal.
"Sister!" I heard Rose say.Alyss said
"Sister." She got up and said "So Fair.So Pretty.So sad and Alone.Come!Let us be a family." Rose glanced down and then glared at Alyss and said
"Your not my family,Your a monstrosity!"
I looked around and Sonya said
"Get used to it." Rose won and then the voice said
FINISH HER! she cussed that voice OUT i tell ya'. Rose backed away Kitana gave her the Fan blades and then Rose cut off Alyss's head.
"Don't worry she will be back." Rose said.She was looking down then she looked up i screamed and so did Mileena. Rose had a scissor mouth now.Rose had a funny voice.She ran to her room but Mileena followed.


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