Crystal Lined Life
Author: Wolfeygrrl

Chapter 1
Red Crystal of Gatamoleigh

“Marshe!” cried Marshe’s sister, Catalina.

“What is it?” asked Marshe grumpily, opening his eyelids to glance at his younger sister. Like always, her soft brown fur was smoothly brushed back and away from her face, only a single lock was ever let to fall across her face.

“Papa’s calling for us!” Cat sighed, her green eyes looking out of the cave where we slept. He followed her gaze and looked out into the field, Locus the Alpha, or rather Marshe’s and Catalina’s father was standing on the largest rock in the Red Moon Territory. His black fur dancing in the breeze as he howled for the morning pack meeting. Wattle, Marshe’s mother, was sitting on the grass a little further back down the rock grooming her yellowy-white fur.

“Marshe! Catalina!” called his father called with great confidence. Catalina followed Marshe up the steps towards their mother and father’s green eyes where they were waiting patiently for them, “These two young wolves have done a great deed for this pack and for that they are to be congratulated for their bravery!” barked Locus as the pups reached the top. The pack below cheered and whooped for the two heroes, “These children were the only to believe we could survive! The left this dying land to find a cure for this great plague that fell upon us. They ventured out into dangerous woods and hostile human land. They survived and brought back a cure and a power source! The red crystal of Gatamoleigh has been returned to us!” The crowd cheered louder and howls erupted amongst the once sick elders.

“Long ago our ancestors discovered these lands and brought a crystal for each pack, a crystal that would provide us light and energy, the red was ours and it was stolen, years ago it was stolen!” growls could be heard amongst the pack now. Marshe shifted nervously and wondered how his sister could be so brave in front of the entire pack, “Marshe, meaning the great black and Catalina, meaning Pure! These two great and wonderful wolves brought our pride and honour back, a fest is to be held tonight in their favour,” howled Locus to the pack, turning to look into each of the pup’s eyes, “I am very proud of you two, my children, I have you two to thank for the survival of this pack, again, thank you,” said Papa.

“We love you both,” whispered Wattle from behind a huge grin spreading across her yellow snout.

Marshe smiled, ‘Today is going to be the best day of my life, how can it get better?’ thought the young male to himself. Keira, Marshe’s crush, ran over and rubbed her snout to his. The two followed the rest down towards the plain where the whole pack would hunt for the feast tonight, ‘Wait it just did!’ thought Marshe happily watching the young she-wolf play with his sister.


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