Mythical Creatures (Undergoing Edits (But hey you should still read it))
Author: Soupcan Sam

Chapter 8


Creature: Asrai

Attitude towards humans: Reclusive

Origin: English folklore

Habitats: Pools of water, waterfalls, occasionally irrigation ditches

Magical abilities: Some talent in controlling water/ water creatures

Weaknesses: If caught be a human or exposed to sunlight melts into a pool of water that never evaporates. **So don't go around drinking random pools of water you might happen to stumble upon. Who knows what they really are**
                      Peaceful to a point of ridiculousness

Strengths: Voluntarily melt themselves into water (Camouflage)
                   Have no enemies **Just very, very ardent admirers**

Appearance: Young adults, beautiful
                       May or may not have: wings, webbed hands, gills
                       Blue/green tinged skin
                       Large, liquid eyes
                       Clothed in sea foam/ loose fitting silken garments

Characteristics:  Very shy and reclusive

Diet: Water plants

Lifespan: 300-580 years, at which point they melt into magical water.

**I know this one is a little confusing so I'll just clarify: There are three reasons an Asrai will melt into a pool of water: 1) They're kidnapped by a human which takes away their magic that keeps them alive, or their whole body is exposed to direct sunlight. In both of these cases there is no return for the Asrai and the water they leave behind never evaporates and it causes cool skin to whoever touches it. 2) The Asrai melts itself to hide or defend itself. Though it will still cause everlasting coldness if someone touches it, the Asrai has the opportunity to return to human form. 3) The Asrai dies a natural death. When they Asrai die their true death  their spirit is released although a pool of water is still formed. This is the only case in which the lingering water won't cause any ill effects to those who touch it. For this reason, as it is still highly magical, other being use it for spells, potions and such**


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