Mortal Kombat
Author: EvanescenceFreak

Chapter 3

Kitana's P.O.V
I was up and i saw Sonya peeking around a corner she said
"Have you seen The Idiot lately" i shook my head I think she uttered a swear word.I looked to my left and saw a figure move quickly across to the other side.I went to investigate.My fans at hand i was prepared for battle.Nobody was anywhere.I jumped back when i heard a voice
"Your Kitana,Right?" i looked to see who approached me.It was Fang.I nodded he continued
"So,How much do you know about Rose?" i started to say something when Mileena came and said
"Sister,Something in the Flesh Pits,you need to see."I went and so did Mileena Fang and Sonya we Found The Idiot. So we were stuck with Johnny.I feel bad for Fang,Who had to listen to him talk non-stop.Until.Fang knocked him unconcious. Mileena laughed and she talked to Fang,She was no where near as annoying as Johnny,Not by a long shot.
Max's P.O.V
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I saw Rose.I ran into Fang and said.
"I-I I just S-saw Rose,S-She is still al-l-live." Kitana said
"Where?" i said
"The Flesh Pits." We walked down there and lemme tell you.Those were some ugly mistakes.Then there were 2 familiar figures.But one has Scissor mouth,Like Mileena.


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