reality nightmare ( chapter 1 and 2 in middle of a MONSTER editing job!!!!)
Author: It's just Me

Chapter 13
truth or dare?

Chapter 13 Truth or Dare?

“So you want to play truth or dare?” I say. I was over turned on my bed, looking down at him. He was on the carpet. “You know you can come up here. It’s a king sixed bed. There’s enough room for the both of us.” I say kindly.

He hops up into the bed and throws a pillow at me I laugh. “So what is truth or dare?” he asks.

“You are really out of touch with the real world.” I say. “Was it hard growing up here alone?” I ask. “Did you have any friends?” if he didn’t that was sad.

I did when I was little, and he’s back.” He smiles. “Now that you’re safe.” He looks at me seeing if I get what he’s saying.

“Hey you guys...Um…I was wondering if you were doing anything.” Chris-the one who kissed me a long time ago-is standing there. He must have been watching me in high school. I guess he was trying to use his “kissing skills” to lure me away from Kyle. “But…” he starts to leave. I think it is because we were both on the bed, alone.

“I’m sorry, and you can stay. We were about to play truth or dare?” I invite. He still starts to go. “You’re welcome to join us.” I say happily.

“Well, I guess.” He hopes on. The bed shakes a little. “So who goes first?” he sounded so exited. They both must be lonely here.

“First we have to explain what truth or dare is to him.” Chris laughs. “I’m serious.” And I sounded it to. We both look over at Joshua hopelessly. I tape my manicured fingers on the bed. Which by the way did I mention there was a spa here? He looks at both of us funnily.

“it isn’t my fault.” He claims.

“Sure it isn’t.” Chris teases. You could tell they got along- before Chris was sent away to watch me.

We explained what truth or dare was…

“Ladies first!” I yelled and they both laughed.

“Yes, Chris, it’s your turn.” Joshua plays around. I get the joke but Chris looks at us blankly, not getting the joke.

“Oh whatever. Truth or dare Joshua?” Chris says.

“dare!” he yells happily. It was so cool seeing him happy, like a kid on Christmas day.

“I dare you to…” Chris thinks for a moment. “Yell banana peels really loud!” Chris laughs. We don’t

“You call that a dare?” I ask sarcastically. “That is so lame!” I play around “Joshua, I dare you to kiss the cook on the cheek when she comes in here to check if were hungry.”

“I’d rather do Chris’s…” he says with a snicker.

“Chicken!” I start making chicken noises. “I smell a chicken. Chicken! Chicken!” I yell.

“Fine!” at that very moment the chief walks in.

“Are you guys hungry at all?” he asks. I smile, because Joshua is walking over to him.

“No thank you.” Joshua starts. “You’re so nice for always feeding us.”

“That’s my job…no need to get all gooey.

Joshua kisses him on the cheek. “Thank you so very much.” He says kindly. The cook runs out of the room.

“Smooth,” says Chris.

“Samantha I dare you to kiss me.” Joshua says.

“I didn’t even say dare, but all right.” We kiss and I hear Chris say yuck in our ears.

“Truth or dare Joshua?” I ask.


“Are you kind of mad at me because Chris had to go away in order to protect me. Do you wish you had him your teenage years?” I dint mean to sound so interested. This was an intense truth.

They both look at me cross-eyed.

“While sometimes I’m a little mad, but he helped protect you, and if you died you wouldn’t be with me today.” I creep up on his lap and we start making out even though Chris is there.

I was lost in romance as I heard Chris sneak away and quickly turn out the fluorescent lights.







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