Mythical Creatures (Undergoing Edits (But hey you should still read it))
Author: Soupcan Sam

Chapter 7

Creature: Amou

Attitude towards humans: Harmless unless provoked **And yes, hunger counts as provoking.       Stop looking so delicious you**

Origin: American folklore

Habitats: Forests; nomadic

A humanoid creature with a large, basketball sized mouth containing needle-sharp teeth angled inwards toward it's throat. Pretty much like a glorified zombie minus the undead part. It's torn skin peels off of it without much pressure, often falling - unnoticed - to the ground, leaving the only vestige that the monster was ever there.

Magical abilities: Altars sound frequencies to paralyze victims

Weaknesses: Feels nothing; does not defend itself
                  Rots as it goes
                  Relatively easy to kill **If you can beat the sound waves then you can use a
sword or a stick of dynamite or a large butter knife to finish it off**

Strengths: Large mouth with sharp teeth angling inwards
               Sharp claws connected to long arms
               can change the sound frequencies around their prey ** making prey unable to fight as it consumes them in a horribly slow manner, tearing off flesh and limbs with it's sharp claws and stuffing them into it's large mouth filled with equally large teeth....What? You didn't want the graphic version?**

Appearance: Shambling human
                   Large, basketball sized mouth with teeth like that of a shark
                   Torn and rotting skin that peels off at the slightest touch

Characteristics: Reclusive and shy unless provoked or in a state of famine.

Diet: Humans ** guy that you hate that sits next to you in math class who won't stop making lame jokes about standard deviation and pi**

Lifespan: Undead - lives unless killed by another being or until it rots away


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